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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nera'thor-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nazhk  Nera'thor-EU104Not updated
2Rândle Kranker StolzNera'thor-EU103Not updated
2Sayia SinityNera'thor-EU103Not updated
4Zarpa Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU96Not updated
5Dúnadan Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU94Not updated
6Côrnugon  Nera'thor-EU91Not updated
7Dynamicoria Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU87Not updated
7Waliska  Nera'thor-EU87Not updated
9Religion Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU86Not updated
9Tyo Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU86Not updated
11Kalai  Nera'thor-EU85Not updated
11Daliska  Nera'thor-EU85Not updated
13Knocko TempestNera'thor-EU84Not updated
14Teza TempestNera'thor-EU81Not updated
15Tippsi Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU80Not updated
15Winter Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU80Not updated
17Kúron  Nera'thor-EU79Not updated
18Knochenasche Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU78Not updated
18Lhea Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU78Not updated
20Daelin  Nera'thor-EU77Not updated
20Kashka Legacy of LordaeronNera'thor-EU77Not updated
20Ellai  Nera'thor-EU77Not updated
20Nazhgul  Nera'thor-EU77Not updated
24Amaclya XombiumNera'thor-EU76Not updated
24Heresy RatedNera'thor-EU76Not updated
24Gelee Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU76Not updated
27Ifriop Evil InsideNera'thor-EU75Not updated
28Ryshara Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU74Not updated
28Saleria EterniumNera'thor-EU74Not updated
28Chiana El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU74Not updated
31Panku Bloodhound GangNera'thor-EU73Not updated
31Totemerna  Nera'thor-EU73Not updated
33Mönchmal  Nera'thor-EU72Not updated
33Miaw  Nera'thor-EU72Not updated
33Syonor TempestNera'thor-EU72Not updated
36Sturmwölfin  Nera'thor-EU71Not updated
36Caution  Nera'thor-EU71Not updated
36Sarou XombiumNera'thor-EU71Not updated
39Míghtybull itamíNera'thor-EU70Not updated
39Breeza WBCNera'thor-EU70Not updated
41Wargan  Nera'thor-EU69Not updated
41Sisaria DIe BÖSzenNera'thor-EU69Not updated
41Kadajver  Nera'thor-EU69Not updated
41Muuq  Nera'thor-EU69Not updated
41Macadam XombiumNera'thor-EU69Not updated
46Timangi  Nera'thor-EU68Not updated
46Shayla Flying DragonsNera'thor-EU68Not updated
46Riply Jung Und WilligNera'thor-EU68Not updated
46Mel  Nera'thor-EU68Not updated
50Fraction Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU67Not updated
50Fruchtblasé  Nera'thor-EU67Not updated
50Kapott  Nera'thor-EU67Not updated
50Streetfighté  Nera'thor-EU67Not updated
50Bongpapst  Nera'thor-EU67Not updated
55Elriel OculusNera'thor-EU66Not updated
55Yogosan Kranker StolzNera'thor-EU66Not updated
55Nessay  Nera'thor-EU66Not updated
55Makaio Kranker StolzNera'thor-EU66Not updated
55Kizz Memory RemainsNera'thor-EU66Not updated
55Tanata El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU66Not updated
61Lowhealth Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU64Not updated
62Sarenai Zentral BankNera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Chiwoo  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Envôy  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Equinox  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Sade Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Viu  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Thariel  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
62Tmina  Nera'thor-EU63Not updated
70Razuye Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Virusbomb itamíNera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Shikato The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Hoobster  Nera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Gildin Rest in PiecesNera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Thruk  Nera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Indalamar  Nera'thor-EU62Not updated
70Blady  Nera'thor-EU62Not updated
78Blutteufel  Nera'thor-EU61Not updated
78Nefurius Selbstgerechtes PackNera'thor-EU61Not updated
78Chacco  Nera'thor-EU61Not updated
78Kiimy  Nera'thor-EU61Not updated
82Bakara Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Ulti BoondocksNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Shakdela PrimeNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Jassel  Nera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Fumaro  Nera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Muhnalisa Bloodhound GangNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Sararu  Nera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Ralìad Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Andarielle Flying DragonsNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Mitros GenesîsNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Deadwarf  Nera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Thaoky TempestNera'thor-EU60Not updated
82Súppliciúm  Nera'thor-EU60Not updated
95Dynaletik Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU59Not updated
95Megrim Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU59Not updated
95Watchmeshock Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU59Not updated
95Batsu Sun TzuNera'thor-EU59Not updated
95Ayva RatedNera'thor-EU59Not updated
95Yoshino AKTIENera'thor-EU59Not updated

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