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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Seraphia NightfallNer'zhul-EU112Not updated
2Prunel eXileNer'zhul-EU96Not updated
3Wartist la MeuteNer'zhul-EU94Not updated
4Faras Pour la ScienceNer'zhul-EU90Not updated
5Eldàh PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU88Not updated
6Nyssä Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU87Not updated
7Mineskinning DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU86Not updated
8Mizor PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU85Not updated
9Talibone PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU83Not updated
10Wolfgale NightfallNer'zhul-EU80Not updated
11Yunee  Ner'zhul-EU79Not updated
11Calypsô NightfallNer'zhul-EU79Not updated
13Sukideep PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU77Not updated
14Solkthar PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU76Not updated
14Holma DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU76Not updated
16Otep Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU75Not updated
17Wargasm  Ner'zhul-EU74Not updated
18Minkymomo  Ner'zhul-EU73Not updated
19Makros In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU72Not updated
19Cecyle  Ner'zhul-EU72Not updated
21Pyther SentenceNer'zhul-EU71Not updated
21Jaraël In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU71Not updated
23Fina CRASH TESTNer'zhul-EU70Not updated
24Boiler  Ner'zhul-EU69Not updated
25Titouminator Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU68Not updated
25Élaïna PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU68Not updated
27Eldah  Ner'zhul-EU67Not updated
28Sebtintin NamelessNer'zhul-EU66Not updated
28Royd CaSuNer'zhul-EU66Not updated
30Alfgorh ClusterNer'zhul-EU65Not updated
31Elionagan NightfallNer'zhul-EU64Not updated
31Taurcham Evil GeniusesNer'zhul-EU64Not updated
31Ïnouë NightfallNer'zhul-EU64Not updated
34Aryelle Wipe SpiritNer'zhul-EU63Not updated
34Elkax RadiumNer'zhul-EU63Not updated
36Bôby GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU62Not updated
36Frelon HolorimNer'zhul-EU62Not updated
36Ayter DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU62Not updated
39Bozoloid SentenceNer'zhul-EU61Not updated
39Khillya Murloc EnragéNer'zhul-EU61Not updated
39Spill eXileNer'zhul-EU61Not updated
39Kelloh Les Chauds MeurtNer'zhul-EU61Not updated
39Scintille DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU61Not updated
44Neegaz Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU60Not updated
44Wolfverine The LegionsNer'zhul-EU60Not updated
44Eîckîchî Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU60Not updated
44Lilyan  Ner'zhul-EU60Not updated
44Tankilpleupo  Ner'zhul-EU60Not updated
49Athénaïs RécidiveNer'zhul-EU59Not updated
49Rroïde FestayrNer'zhul-EU59Not updated
49Ivalo RadiumNer'zhul-EU59Not updated
49Elessär NightfallNer'zhul-EU59Not updated
49Nîfnîf DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU59Not updated
54Roteskreuz The LegionsNer'zhul-EU58Not updated
54Helmout DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU58Not updated
56Genis RécidiveNer'zhul-EU57Not updated
56Xolupytro CleanNer'zhul-EU57Not updated
56Shlikäh  Ner'zhul-EU57Not updated
56Gigagone  Ner'zhul-EU57Not updated
56Tâm  Ner'zhul-EU57Not updated
56Wølfly  Ner'zhul-EU57Not updated
62Philimat InvictusNer'zhul-EU56Not updated
62Epss SKILL CAPNer'zhul-EU56Not updated
62Blacklagoon PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU56Not updated
62Châyä  Ner'zhul-EU56Not updated
66Kyokushinkai  Ner'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Bloodye la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Tasker Exalté ApéroNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Chàmalow  Ner'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Voronwe ClusterNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Sanyan la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Golindar In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
66Lgdk DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU55Not updated
74Kamøu  Ner'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Pandamônium SentenceNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Zetouf TyrannieNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Chowe Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Hanima Ennemi publicNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Péri La Légion SauvageNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Sadia ImpactNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Zahîa  Ner'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Raknoran  Ner'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Saligote  Ner'zhul-EU54Not updated
74Ðévil ClusterNer'zhul-EU54Not updated
85Maïu Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Filonia SentenceNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Goblamouche In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Sholvah La Légion SauvageNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Kazadora VersusNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Totö DryadeNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
85Lisja DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU53Not updated
92Arésius  Ner'zhul-EU52Not updated
92Revañ  Ner'zhul-EU52Not updated
92Toolate NamelessNer'zhul-EU52Not updated

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