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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Neptulon-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lullejh  Neptulon-EU120Not updated
2Revab Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU114Not updated
3Svartiee Held HostileNeptulon-EU110Not updated
4Tatsukí CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU109Not updated
5Ronya  Neptulon-EU102Not updated
6Voodzbro  Neptulon-EU99Not updated
7Shosanna Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU93Not updated
8Satmira AggrotechNeptulon-EU91Not updated
9Anzan The NephilimNeptulon-EU89Not updated
10Medeah CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU88Not updated
11Darrus Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU87Not updated
11Bavvertwo Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU87Not updated
13Cällipso UncensoredNeptulon-EU85Not updated
14Axnikoax LithiumNeptulon-EU84Not updated
15Numius ScreamsNeptulon-EU83Not updated
15Gremp Legit IdentityNeptulon-EU83Not updated
17Lethalhands GhostNeptulon-EU82Not updated
18Justmeh CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU79Not updated
18Vòódòó  Neptulon-EU79Not updated
20Heimdal BrainstormNeptulon-EU78Not updated
20Edaxx BrainstormNeptulon-EU78Not updated
20Sarí UncensoredNeptulon-EU78Not updated
20Winona  Neptulon-EU78Not updated
20Eriz  Neptulon-EU78Not updated
25Gossykin The NephilimNeptulon-EU77Not updated
25Bruteforce Perfect CircleNeptulon-EU77Not updated
27Karvelas CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU76Not updated
27Irshammy Tauren Stole My BicycleNeptulon-EU76Not updated
29Criteq BrainstormNeptulon-EU75Not updated
29Apasucks Death And GloryNeptulon-EU75Not updated
31Ayunae CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU74Not updated
31Violetta BrokenNeptulon-EU74Not updated
31Kalenna BrainstormNeptulon-EU74Not updated
34Bananz The NephilimNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Miuu VertigoNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Yo The NephilimNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Elchupanibré CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Slinkywizard DespiteNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Vargal Legacy Of VargalNeptulon-EU73Not updated
34Tpedro  Neptulon-EU73Not updated
41Perdita  Neptulon-EU72Not updated
41Die ScreamsNeptulon-EU72Not updated
43Mjölnìr CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU71Not updated
43Noîa DecímatíonNeptulon-EU71Not updated
43Rinida  Neptulon-EU71Not updated
46Lothíriel Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU70Not updated
46Scarcraft BrainstormNeptulon-EU70Not updated
46Procster WeatheredNeptulon-EU70Not updated
46Haunchback BrokenNeptulon-EU70Not updated
46Bea Hostile ForagersNeptulon-EU70Not updated
51Dumathoin RawrNeptulon-EU69Not updated
51Minako The NephilimNeptulon-EU69Not updated
51Coné The NephilimNeptulon-EU69Not updated
54Lunarielle  Neptulon-EU68Not updated
54Edin Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU68Not updated
54Minitabandus  Neptulon-EU68Not updated
54Mamebojke BrainstormNeptulon-EU68Not updated
58Buttrik The NephilimNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Carolinna Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Retovia The NephilimNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Hrodotos RawrNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Beermunch DecímatíonNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Trhomp UprisingNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Konene PowerHouse RomâniaNeptulon-EU67Not updated
58Sheldonia  Neptulon-EU67Not updated
66Ascalagon UncensoredNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Deathfreak Future ProphecyNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Shadowangel GhostNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Aína  Neptulon-EU66Not updated
66Stickella We Conquered The ArenaNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Conflict BrainstormNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Ironaya VehemensNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Darustvå Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Eve Perfect CircleNeptulon-EU66Not updated
66Dontjudgeppl  Neptulon-EU66Not updated
76Feetnibbler CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Kakapenka CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Deadscream Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Nyneve EverlastingNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Moraru StalemateNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Yama BGNeptulon-EU65Not updated
76Rangvald  Neptulon-EU65Not updated
76Corvinuss PowerHouse RomâniaNeptulon-EU65Not updated
84Micham DecímatíonNeptulon-EU64Not updated
84Meeb The Bank of all banksNeptulon-EU64Not updated
84Bantin The NephilimNeptulon-EU64Not updated
84Mattina Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU64Not updated
84Brawlnold  Neptulon-EU64Not updated
89Bubbleboi AfflictionNeptulon-EU63Not updated
89Smithnwesson Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU63Not updated

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