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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nemesis-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Vulkadloc ParadoxNemesis-US97Not updated
2Markmanship GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US94Not updated
3Padre ParadoxNemesis-US91Not updated
4Soulfrost GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US90Not updated
5Raziela EvolutionnNemesis-US88Not updated
6Forgerr FaithNemesis-US82Not updated
7Gilmour Heroes RiseNemesis-US80Not updated
8Net EvolutionnNemesis-US78Not updated
9Justice  Nemesis-US77Not updated
9Telperíon Valacirca AdonnenNemesis-US77Not updated
9Jannos  Nemesis-US77Not updated
12Sun PvP Like A BossNemesis-US73Not updated
12Lallinha  Nemesis-US73Not updated
14Råfael AvalonNemesis-US72Not updated
14Tretahzen  Nemesis-US72Not updated
16Malignas  Nemesis-US71Not updated
16Infiell  Nemesis-US71Not updated
16Hardestat  Nemesis-US71Not updated
16Zulbrakc Mais loucos que o BatmanNemesis-US71Not updated
20Baddog  Nemesis-US70Not updated
20Tuzmadar  Nemesis-US70Not updated
22Thougz Cuz im ProNemesis-US68Not updated
23Johkenpo ParadoxNemesis-US67Not updated
23Feinyel FaithNemesis-US67Not updated
23Feralius FaithNemesis-US67Not updated
23Arken Faca na CaveiraNemesis-US67Not updated
27Ferael Heroes RiseNemesis-US66Not updated
27Diwulf TempláriosNemesis-US66Not updated
27Lolbisomem General GoodsNemesis-US66Not updated
27Ziziel EvolutionnNemesis-US66Not updated
31Sapphire Hour of ReckoningNemesis-US65Not updated
31Akuh Heroes RiseNemesis-US65Not updated
31Koj WoWcólicosNemesis-US65Not updated
31Focinheira Fearless KnightsNemesis-US65Not updated
31Binosickle Mea Anser PectusNemesis-US65Not updated
36Socodk Heroes RiseNemesis-US64Not updated
36Girl Heroes RiseNemesis-US64Not updated
36Kemeko Anime BladeNemesis-US64Not updated
36Khajar Heroes RiseNemesis-US64Not updated
36Kasputina Los PampazNemesis-US64Not updated
36Killuminati  Nemesis-US64Not updated
36Torchia  Nemesis-US64Not updated
36Chaostrike Knights of the StormNemesis-US64Not updated
36Sethorus Mea Anser PectusNemesis-US64Not updated
45Pugna Dinastia PandawanNemesis-US63Not updated
45Darknesfall UltimatoNemesis-US63Not updated
45Krogthar  Nemesis-US63Not updated
48Stonegient EvolutionnNemesis-US62Not updated
48Mumumu Dinastia PandawanNemesis-US62Not updated
48Kattrina UltimatoNemesis-US62Not updated
48Tamako Anime BladeNemesis-US62Not updated
48Heallot  Nemesis-US62Not updated
48Sacrificium AscendancyNemesis-US62Not updated
54Akumah Heroes RiseNemesis-US61Not updated
54Blutbad Hour of ReckoningNemesis-US61Not updated
54Apocalex Dragon KlanNemesis-US61Not updated
54Velom  Nemesis-US61Not updated
54Lindadmorrer Blood RidersNemesis-US61Not updated
54Vorax MinistryNemesis-US61Not updated
54Vølkano Forsaken FactoryNemesis-US61Not updated
54Golpist Legends of AlianceNemesis-US61Not updated
54Batscratcher ADRIANUS PEOPLESNemesis-US61Not updated
54Angrida TempláriosNemesis-US61Not updated
64Sandrao ViciøusNemesis-US60Not updated
64Kung KetherNemesis-US60Not updated
64Moronao CretinøsNemesis-US60Not updated
64Robinhooda ImperiumNemesis-US60Not updated
64Aioriaa Old School PvPNemesis-US60Not updated
64Allon AWSDAWSD OMG I CANT MOVENemesis-US60Not updated
64Alaundo  Nemesis-US60Not updated
64Eloryndel Embaixadores da HordaNemesis-US60Not updated
72Neverfearx xoxoNemesis-US59Not updated
72Starblade Ordem da Lotus NegraNemesis-US59Not updated
72Dólin New DisorderNemesis-US59Not updated
72Moonwalks Blood EffectNemesis-US59Not updated
72Neerzhul LUDUSNemesis-US59Not updated
72Düdä WarZoneNemesis-US59Not updated
72Goiaba  Nemesis-US59Not updated
79Rothogar Blood RidersNemesis-US58Not updated
79Anunak Habeas CorpusNemesis-US58Not updated
79Sturmführer  Nemesis-US58Not updated
79Longstridez Aventura sem fimNemesis-US58Not updated
79Kratoz  Nemesis-US58Not updated
84Dattack AvalonNemesis-US57Not updated
84Zhari EvolutionnNemesis-US57Not updated
84Edvan  Nemesis-US57Not updated
84Ysolde Old School PvPNemesis-US57Not updated
84Abaddão Seize The DayNemesis-US57Not updated
84Arphia ADRIANUS PEOPLESNemesis-US57Not updated
84Kaffee Quit hatingNemesis-US57Not updated
84Mabelle ViolentiaNemesis-US57Not updated

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