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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Nathrezim-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Aíyana Coyote UglyNathrezim-EU116Not updated
2Togi set sail for failNathrezim-EU115
3Elagoeson set sail for failNathrezim-EU103Not updated
4Snowrlyqt set sail for failNathrezim-EU101
5Fayala set sail for failNathrezim-EU98Not updated
6Ruzzlefuzzle set sail for failNathrezim-EU97
6Chapo  Nathrezim-EU97Not updated
8Sastron set sail for failNathrezim-EU94
9Chiury set sail for failNathrezim-EU93
10Xoiar set sail for failNathrezim-EU92
10Vere Solis DefectíoNathrezim-EU92Not updated
12Keqz set sail for failNathrezim-EU91
13Robïn AnastariNathrezim-EU87Not updated
14Breakyâneck in PanicNathrezim-EU85Not updated
14Shanta EliteNathrezim-EU85Not updated
14Terrix Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU85Not updated
14Möttze InmortalisNathrezim-EU85Not updated
18Pazze set sail for failNathrezim-EU84
18Stupi  Nathrezim-EU84Not updated
20Foxo  Nathrezim-EU83Not updated
21Jordanis AnastariNathrezim-EU81Not updated
22Kvirana EliteNathrezim-EU80Not updated
22Janero  Nathrezim-EU80Not updated
22Savage noneNathrezim-EU80Not updated
25Tûtítðæç Die HöllenhundeNathrezim-EU79
26Kataraqz set sail for failNathrezim-EU78
26Daisyduke verwirrtNathrezim-EU78
26Warriorbox Crouching Cræck BabiesNathrezim-EU78
26Gohhd  Nathrezim-EU78Not updated
30Grimkeg set sail for failNathrezim-EU77
30Nuncaa set sail for failNathrezim-EU77
32Fearings set sail for failNathrezim-EU76
32Morgana AbsinthNathrezim-EU76Not updated
32Vestaru Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU76Not updated
32Drmzyo SolidarityNathrezim-EU76Not updated
36Mertahasi AvoidNathrezim-EU75Not updated
36Sarasa FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU75Not updated
38Lean set sail for failNathrezim-EU74
38Tetania set sail for failNathrezim-EU74
38Booztyaa  Nathrezim-EU74Not updated
38Quendo FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU74
38Nahak EliteNathrezim-EU74Not updated
38Multi  Nathrezim-EU74Not updated
38Namaz  Nathrezim-EU74Not updated
45Zaunpfahl Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU73
45Hisagomaru radical BananasNathrezim-EU73Not updated
45Nysui  Nathrezim-EU73Not updated
48Valfar set sail for failNathrezim-EU72
48Feyhao set sail for failNathrezim-EU72Not updated
48Væirus Justice and MightNathrezim-EU72Not updated
48Cryptoz  Nathrezim-EU72Not updated
48Guderian AnastariNathrezim-EU72
48Magg FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU72Not updated
48Nyrvis  Nathrezim-EU72Not updated
55Laims Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU71Not updated
55Bloodhitch EliteNathrezim-EU71Not updated
55Monkeÿ EliteNathrezim-EU71Not updated
55Síerra Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU71Not updated
55Watia Epic FailNathrezim-EU71
55Kanal  Nathrezim-EU71Not updated
61Animhoos set sail for failNathrezim-EU70
61Ryx Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU70Not updated
61Nelthárion  Nathrezim-EU70Not updated
61Gorgil set sail for failNathrezim-EU70
61Cubâ Choas aus BayernNathrezim-EU70Not updated
61Xllii PalaHunterZNathrezim-EU70
67Razzia SingularisNathrezim-EU69
67Lostprophêt set sail for failNathrezim-EU69Not updated
67Laoran noneNathrezim-EU69Not updated
70Gronec set sail for failNathrezim-EU68
70Housecat set sail for failNathrezim-EU68
70Ceranyr set sail for failNathrezim-EU68Not updated
70Apathetic set sail for failNathrezim-EU68
70Dpsdaddy ArmedAndUnpredictableNathrezim-EU68Not updated
70Juri Zirkel der VerderbnissNathrezim-EU68Not updated
70Zirah  Nathrezim-EU68Not updated
77Cajuna Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU67Not updated
77Lulna AvoidNathrezim-EU67Not updated
77Akhad noneNathrezim-EU67Not updated
77Tolks  Nathrezim-EU67Not updated
81Brolax AvoidNathrezim-EU66
81Evingolis FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU66Not updated
81Armless  Nathrezim-EU66Not updated
81Pánem  Nathrezim-EU66Not updated
81Rikâ verwirrtNathrezim-EU66
81Nowa  Nathrezim-EU66Not updated
81Vracas SingularisNathrezim-EU66Not updated

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