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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Wallshøk Irae AoDMug'thol-EU112Not updated
2Ârcanne  Mug'thol-EU98Not updated
3Sunstroke Kraft der HordeMug'thol-EU94Not updated
4Zelecterx Irae AoDMug'thol-EU91Not updated
5Casto The PunishersMug'thol-EU87Not updated
5Desibeta Irae AoDMug'thol-EU87Not updated
7Kennyk Irae AoDMug'thol-EU85Not updated
7Dwoke Praise the SunMug'thol-EU85Not updated
9Smuddamiau Irae AoDMug'thol-EU80Not updated
9Smutant Irae AoDMug'thol-EU80Not updated
11Invader  Mug'thol-EU77Not updated
12Shannaa UndisputeDMug'thol-EU76Not updated
12Anoba UndisputeDMug'thol-EU76Not updated
12Déxtèr Irae AoDMug'thol-EU76Not updated
15Dragar Serious für LauberMug'thol-EU75Not updated
16Nordheim scavengerMug'thol-EU73Not updated
16Chaintrain The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU73Not updated
18Mikesch  Mug'thol-EU72Not updated
18Gewaltsam Adrenalin IVMug'thol-EU72Not updated
18Eisteé  Mug'thol-EU72Not updated
21Satyrîa ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU71Not updated
22Rhømulus scavengerMug'thol-EU70Not updated
22Cyliâ  Mug'thol-EU70Not updated
22Instantkill  Mug'thol-EU70Not updated
25Boetar PantheônMug'thol-EU69Not updated
25Pîska  Mug'thol-EU69Not updated
25Exody Irae AoDMug'thol-EU69Not updated
28Cuero Opus GaudiumMug'thol-EU68Not updated
29Byss Die SchlingendorncamperMug'thol-EU67Not updated
30Elfkacritz  Mug'thol-EU66Not updated
30Seifé Irae AoDMug'thol-EU66Not updated
30Depra Serious für LauberMug'thol-EU66Not updated
33Smuudoo  Mug'thol-EU65Not updated
33Warstrong  Mug'thol-EU65Not updated
35Tassîna BreakingDownMug'thol-EU64Not updated
36Kombiezombie MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU63Not updated
37Sevra NecrosisMug'thol-EU62Not updated
37Panîxx horde insideMug'thol-EU62Not updated
37Blæck Irae AoDMug'thol-EU62Not updated
37Mahli Tears of SunMug'thol-EU62Not updated
37Skurpelix  Mug'thol-EU62Not updated
42Spiro  Mug'thol-EU61Not updated
42Styram Eternâl EvolutiônMug'thol-EU61Not updated
42Tutzi I united IMug'thol-EU61Not updated
45Shiloe Hüter der DrachenMug'thol-EU60Not updated
45Kiyumi EinzelkämpferinMug'thol-EU60Not updated
45Jankthetank  Mug'thol-EU60Not updated
48Nregáth MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Sírlon  Mug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Snypper  Mug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Gnomina Irae AoDMug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Zinashari SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Moonix Irae AoDMug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Sìrôp ProphecyMug'thol-EU59Not updated
48Anaphylactic  Mug'thol-EU59Not updated
56Zykex geächtetMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Abûdun SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Venga Unleashed HordeMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Ataa  Mug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Curetia Irae AoDMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Genso  Mug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Bønnie ProphecyMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Schorty  Mug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Gildenshorty Irae AoDMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Fearsome Tears of SunMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Formula CataclysmMug'thol-EU58Not updated
56Yazmin  Mug'thol-EU58Not updated
68Andrasthea MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Inutaisho ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Wynton  Mug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Blo Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Anaki NetherwindMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Pipsi horde insideMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Xjapan solange bis einer weintMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Leeyla Kraft der HordeMug'thol-EU57Not updated
68Grigal  Mug'thol-EU57Not updated
77Helena Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU56Not updated
77Mineros Ars NecandiMug'thol-EU56Not updated
77Obelîx PandoraMug'thol-EU56Not updated
77Rydil Irae AoDMug'thol-EU56Not updated
77Hmmkay Irae AoDMug'thol-EU56Not updated
77Obses ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU56Not updated
83Deagon Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Walliderama Praise the SunMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Diviná Legende der HordeMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Dere OlympMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Jimmipiffpaf La UltimaMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Gweniwer Serious für LauberMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Øverpowered KontraMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Nîlbog Tears of SunMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Chán Spring freu Klatsch hüpfMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Varuni Irae AoDMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Adrianna  Mug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Meanus Adrenalin IVMug'thol-EU55Not updated
83Strapsmaus  Mug'thol-EU55Not updated
96Hopelesshate AngmarMug'thol-EU54Not updated
96Schwafel ProphecyMug'thol-EU54Not updated
96Nevertina  Mug'thol-EU54Not updated
96Purehate  Mug'thol-EU54Not updated
100Süßerfratz  Mug'thol-EU53Not updated

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