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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Moon Guard-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ensane  Moon Guard-US109Not updated
2Linoleum  Moon Guard-US89Not updated
3Shalydori  Moon Guard-US88Not updated
3Nephalém F InquisitionMoon Guard-US88Not updated
5Kittehstyle S A D I S T I CMoon Guard-US87Not updated
6Decimal  Moon Guard-US86Not updated
6Ranzuki Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US86Not updated
6Tristanna  Moon Guard-US86Not updated
6Thunraz OathkeeperMoon Guard-US86Not updated
6Päw  Moon Guard-US86Not updated
11Yllaine The ShanorMoon Guard-US85Not updated
12Kronosh  Moon Guard-US83Not updated
12Vingnir Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US83
14Yablik DedicatedMoon Guard-US82
14Cygerstorm Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US82
14Adamantt The League of LordaeronMoon Guard-US82Not updated
17Ducats Gold KnucklesMoon Guard-US81Not updated
17Undisputed The SunguardMoon Guard-US81Not updated
17Feloserrar Bloodscar ClanMoon Guard-US81Not updated
20Dreampaw  Moon Guard-US80Not updated
20Shailfa Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US80
22Yüri Diamond DogsMoon Guard-US79Not updated
23Aneptha SisterhoodMoon Guard-US78Not updated
23Liquorish Twisted FateMoon Guard-US78Not updated
25Mordeghai WarforgedMoon Guard-US77
25Wamo  Moon Guard-US77Not updated
25Rimali  Moon Guard-US77Not updated
25Ruthas MurrMoon Guard-US77Not updated
25Linisseda  Moon Guard-US77Not updated
25Captanplanet DraconisMoon Guard-US77
31Migari Thunderous CallMoon Guard-US76Not updated
31Silversilk SisterhoodMoon Guard-US76Not updated
31Lahkshai Ancient LoreMoon Guard-US76Not updated
31Reona The Sovereign RemnantsMoon Guard-US76Not updated
31Maleia A Dream of SovngardeMoon Guard-US76Not updated
31Judelak  Moon Guard-US76Not updated
37Belthanos Sanguine RevolutionMoon Guard-US75Not updated
37Seravine Strawberry WineMoon Guard-US75Not updated
37Moonberri Hall of Finer DisciplineMoon Guard-US75Not updated
37Ísabelle OathkeeperMoon Guard-US75Not updated
37Thrasherx  Moon Guard-US75Not updated
42Meciel Windsong Productions LLCMoon Guard-US74
42Baalus Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US74
42Willurd Devils CutMoon Guard-US74Not updated
42Aemalya  Moon Guard-US74Not updated
42Ashvana  Moon Guard-US74Not updated
42Sillyboots Ties That BindMoon Guard-US74Not updated
42Bithindell  Moon Guard-US74Not updated
42Shilerah Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US74Not updated
42Zylaine  Moon Guard-US74Not updated
51Aakarshan The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US73
51Evelina WarforgedMoon Guard-US73
51Valixea Invocation NationMoon Guard-US73Not updated
51Onodos FataIityMoon Guard-US73Not updated
51Llyrae Coven of DuskwoodMoon Guard-US73Not updated
51Servallan Celestial VanguardMoon Guard-US73Not updated
51Tamern Kawaii KonekoMoon Guard-US73Not updated
51Bigbee Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US73
59Reanai WarforgedMoon Guard-US72
59Xenus The SunguardMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Nebel  Moon Guard-US72
59Kazari Sanctum of the EliteMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Evellynada TrialsMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Teefa Wrath of the FallenMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Jubilee Shen an CalharMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Catsmasher  Moon Guard-US72Not updated
59Geeujin The Oathsworn VigilMoon Guard-US72Not updated
59Blighthawk BridgeburnersMoon Guard-US72Not updated
69Taskie WarforgedMoon Guard-US71
69Ravomir Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US71
69Ithziel Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US71
69Kaoskat Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US71
69Shyboy ArchangelMoon Guard-US71
69Akaìros The FireborneMoon Guard-US71
69Zipit Phoenix CovenantMoon Guard-US71Not updated
69Chirijiraden SisterhoodMoon Guard-US71Not updated
69Greesie  Moon Guard-US71Not updated
69Shamebeard Carnival of CarnageMoon Guard-US71Not updated
69Saama VindictusMoon Guard-US71Not updated
69Yvonnex  Moon Guard-US71Not updated
69Convictions Harrowed IntentMoon Guard-US71Not updated
82Lodikrad WarforgedMoon Guard-US70
82Kailli Jacked on FlasksMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Skollgrim First BloodMoon Guard-US70
82Lyzseth Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Aroh SellswordsMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Clagmore Moonsong ManorMoon Guard-US70
82Nexu Sinister DualityMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Andy ArchangelMoon Guard-US70
82Eynira Fullmoon starMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Saerian I Choose YouMoon Guard-US70Not updated
82Toofuture RebørnMoon Guard-US70Not updated
93Cyrath WarforgedMoon Guard-US69
93Mordred Shadow of the BetrayedMoon Guard-US69Not updated
93Enrekay The Dwarven VanguardMoon Guard-US69
93Shokhani Not Quite Dead YetMoon Guard-US69
93Audlette The Hidden SanctuaryMoon Guard-US69Not updated
93Mizeyá Conquerors of AzerothMoon Guard-US69Not updated
93Gymnastqt Test of FaithMoon Guard-US69Not updated

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