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Misha-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ao UnhallowedMisha-US88
2Darkazure The SentellaMisha-US87Not updated
3Rafficá EquinoxMisha-US79
4Bloopbleep UnhallowedMisha-US77
5Zaleya PantheonMisha-US73Not updated
6Caenem  Misha-US71
7Korru EquinoxMisha-US70
7Roarfu  Misha-US70Not updated
7Mystin EquinoxMisha-US70Not updated
10Kaelais EquinoxMisha-US69
11Asheara EquinoxMisha-US68
12Belarr PantheonMisha-US67
13Hellshelpper  Misha-US65
13Shadowfox UnhallowedMisha-US65
15Pars DecertoMisha-US64
15Vedrongsdk Progression PugMisha-US64
17Mystia NightstalkerzMisha-US63Not updated
17Rudra unionMisha-US63Not updated
19Lull Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US62
19Idtentango New EraMisha-US62
19Chetyre EquinoxMisha-US62
19Lemonke  Misha-US62Not updated
23Cric EquinoxMisha-US61
23Bhoredom The Conclave of ShadowsMisha-US61Not updated
23Chevadin  Misha-US61Not updated
23Gålneryus  Misha-US61Not updated
23Zyloso DecertoMisha-US61
28Tyazráel EquinoxMisha-US60
28Tockley EquinoxMisha-US60
28Paleena  Misha-US60Not updated
31Chokechained UnhallowedMisha-US59
31Lolaan EquinoxMisha-US59
31Sharks Kings GuardMisha-US59Not updated
31Kaalyassia ApocalypseMisha-US59Not updated
31Xamiam Kings GuardMisha-US59Not updated
31Ayrea  Misha-US59Not updated
31Sharwin Monkey Gun ClubMisha-US59Not updated
31Persequor ApocalypseMisha-US59Not updated
39Enfilade EquinoxMisha-US58
39Qore UnhallowedMisha-US58
39Zaturn EquinoxMisha-US58
39Boco A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US58
39Nikolye Kings GuardMisha-US58Not updated
44Stardust EquinoxMisha-US57
44Omins UnhallowedMisha-US57
44Adellwyn SWAGGERMisha-US57
44Paja UnhallowedMisha-US57
44Solnemesis Grano SalisMisha-US57Not updated
44Xandrameda Sage MagykMisha-US57
44Deathnemesis Grano SalisMisha-US57
44Katebeckett  Misha-US57Not updated
52Woe A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US56
52Omegawrath TruthinessMisha-US56
52Ramminatrix GhostBustersMisha-US56Not updated
55Fire EquinoxMisha-US55
55Halfofone UnhallowedMisha-US55
55Calciumplus Enchanted Tiki HamstersMisha-US55Not updated
55Sistermercy DecertoMisha-US55Not updated
59Adam EquinoxMisha-US54
59Nailah EquinoxMisha-US54
59Baaloo EquinoxMisha-US54
59Pooch UnhallowedMisha-US54
59Classless UnhallowedMisha-US54
59Deathbeacon  Misha-US54
59Logatto UnhallowedMisha-US54
59Ikê EquinoxMisha-US54
59Hèmera EquinoxMisha-US54Not updated
59Dibbs New EraMisha-US54
59Sellitto EquinoxMisha-US54Not updated
59Nelliz  Misha-US54Not updated
71Namahs Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US53
71Calypia EquinoxMisha-US53Not updated
71Ixit Quest For GoreMisha-US53Not updated
71Vamp UnhallowedMisha-US53
71Morimasa Kings GuardMisha-US53Not updated
71Henrylol PantheonMisha-US53Not updated
71Ironwarrior  Misha-US53Not updated
71Fallensoaldk Irish JusticeMisha-US53Not updated
71Plagueheart Protectors of HonorMisha-US53Not updated
71Astríd  Misha-US53Not updated
81Archaoon UnhallowedMisha-US52
81Casdon UnhallowedMisha-US52
81Kåmui UnhallowedMisha-US52
81Sitala Protectors of HonorMisha-US52Not updated
81Orious Amicus InfinitumMisha-US52
81Potatochip Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US52Not updated
81Mythery UnobtainableMisha-US52Not updated
81Mantria ConquestMisha-US52Not updated

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