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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Minahonda-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Foxylady Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU91Not updated
2Fäïth  Minahonda-EU90Not updated
3Espirü Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU88Not updated
4Jinray ExødarMinahonda-EU87Not updated
4Mudarkon NextGENMinahonda-EU87Not updated
6Rohirrim Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU85Not updated
6Tahlly  Minahonda-EU85Not updated
8Stidda NextGENMinahonda-EU84Not updated
9Tamriknite Los Pollos HermanosMinahonda-EU79Not updated
10Enanoff  Minahonda-EU78Not updated
11Tsundere Defensores del GrialMinahonda-EU77Not updated
12Pitusin NextGENMinahonda-EU75Not updated
13Whitenoise ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU74Not updated
14Sherøn Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU73Not updated
15Cowzer  Minahonda-EU72Not updated
16Xafekk Herederos de AzerothMinahonda-EU71Not updated
16Bauky SunrisëMinahonda-EU71Not updated
18Rasplas Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU70Not updated
18Hechi Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU70Not updated
18Hóney CABALLEROS IGNEOSMinahonda-EU70Not updated
18Mutaito  Minahonda-EU70Not updated
22Urbano Alianza Mano de PlataMinahonda-EU69Not updated
22Mayumana Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU69Not updated
22Yakecan  Minahonda-EU69Not updated
22Sartura I Wanna Be a ProMinahonda-EU69Not updated
26Krovikan CurseMinahonda-EU68Not updated
26Bullx Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU68Not updated
28Elera Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU67Not updated
28Alaron Blood Temple WarriorsMinahonda-EU67Not updated
28Lhykaios  Minahonda-EU67Not updated
28Tanthor Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU67Not updated
32Chieri Secret AvengersMinahonda-EU66Not updated
33Zaparina The CompanyMinahonda-EU65Not updated
33Tetonna Los Pollos HermanosMinahonda-EU65Not updated
35Sark ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Yingchan CurseMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Elglin grupo sälväjeMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Adabelión Ner zhulMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Krysania  Minahonda-EU64Not updated
35Petixpetix Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Sasimi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU64Not updated
35Xeho Ner zhulMinahonda-EU64Not updated
43Tauritano Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU63Not updated
43Igrez ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU63Not updated
43Maríadelmal  Minahonda-EU63Not updated
43Lagrima Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU63Not updated
47Rubistein NightfallMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Silmeriä Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Seycan The DestinyMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Velcor Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Azyù amnésieMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Proenix Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Nusca Reino de las SombrasMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Konamy Sic Semper TyrannissMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Oznoxx LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU62Not updated
47Indexa  Minahonda-EU62Not updated
47Mïttens  Minahonda-EU62Not updated
58Blackcrack Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Soyk Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Kuaki Reservoir TrollsMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Bredhiya ParadojaMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Aurem Club de la LuchaMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Shephyroth Herederos de AzerothMinahonda-EU61Not updated
58Thamuri Pacto OscuroMinahonda-EU61Not updated
65Znibia Ner zhulMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Beøgolfa RevolutionMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Agrael Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Batíra ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Freyalîse DiscordîaMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Pellgèlida CurseMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Kazdane Loktar OgarMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Joseandres The DestinyMinahonda-EU60Not updated
65Damisinho  Minahonda-EU60Not updated
65Hisweloke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU60Not updated
75Dárksoul Ner zhulMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Edorasithili Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Icnëbi ExtasisMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Timai TsunamiMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Darkôrc WinterMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Tygor Ner zhulMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Kalvafløw ExtasisMinahonda-EU59Not updated
75Enryuu NightfallMinahonda-EU59Not updated

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