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Mal'Ganis-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Syrara Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US53Not updated
2Athidas Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US52Not updated
3Barebutt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US51
4Yojìmbo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US47Not updated
4Primalstryke Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US47Not updated
4Sadihta Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US47Not updated
7Penguintalk Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US45
7Rubberarrows Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US45Not updated
9Codja Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US44
9Jctank Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US44
11Gaanin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US43
12Medusamon Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US42Not updated
12Erekar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US42Not updated
14Veive Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US41Not updated
14Holycöw Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US41
16Yenaffit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US40Not updated
17Interhamwe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US39Not updated
17Ptux Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US39
17Killakorbin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US39
20Cevennes Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US38
21Loxz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US37Not updated
21Thuugrall Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US37Not updated
23Lophat Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US36Not updated
24Demixi Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US34Not updated
24Maezie Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US34Not updated
26Fauxpaw Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US33Not updated
26Meilea Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US33Not updated
28Oldhar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US32Not updated
28Wárier Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US32
30Poglord Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US31Not updated
30Hexxeh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US31Not updated
30Dondante Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US31Not updated
33Totemlydrunk Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US30Not updated
33Unikue Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US30Not updated
33Ezrarmand Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US30Not updated
33Priestonic Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US30
37Lazylock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29
37Rhavynn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29Not updated
37Ninichacha Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29Not updated
37Icecreamx Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US29Not updated
41Beastmaster Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US28Not updated
41Satiouz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US28Not updated
41Defektive Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US28Not updated
41Elfknight Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US28Not updated
45Dtux Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US26
45Boomjinxx Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US26
47Tazemebro Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US25
47Frontallobe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US25Not updated
47Gayhlforce Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US25Not updated
47Tuireanns Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US25Not updated
47Xanit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US25Not updated
52Bryagh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US24
52Calfpow Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US24Not updated
54Zàkazaris Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US23
55Flyinghigh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22Not updated
55Sevrahn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22Not updated
55Desktapthred Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22
55Bestcoverup Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22Not updated
55Chíckén Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US22Not updated
60Pholin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US21Not updated
60Geniu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US21
60Rìzz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US21Not updated
63Gudeshot Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US20Not updated
63Gôdspeed Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US20Not updated
65Zalie Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US19Not updated
65Mithrandirë Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US19Not updated
67Pesukarhu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US18Not updated
67Healthbatt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US18
67Spinmenson Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US18Not updated
70Jillysue Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17
70Hurrlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17Not updated
70Rakunishu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17Not updated
70Tarasu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17Not updated
70Thalamus Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US17Not updated
75Maxromeo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16
75Brutacruel Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16Not updated
75Jaytotem Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16Not updated
75Vhellamina Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16Not updated
79Yumishi Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US15Not updated
80Danguti Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14Not updated
80Billness Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14Not updated
80Nekrataal Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14Not updated
83Kathykins Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13Not updated
83Ryuujìn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13
83Atrimus Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13
86Vaedren Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12
86Nyna Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12Not updated
86Docdodoo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12Not updated
89Prystessjuna Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11Not updated
89Javilyn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11Not updated
91Sandygibbs Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
91Barbomb Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
91Dakoopsta Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
91Dezraga Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
91Meershado Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
96Neofeke Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9
96Rastabilly Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9Not updated
96Ipwnéz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9Not updated
99Cinxia Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8
99Eradecate Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8Not updated

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