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Mal'Ganis-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Teamnlquiks Blood Legion Spec OpsMal'Ganis-US146Not updated
2Manashine  Mal'Ganis-US143
2Saracens GongshowMal'Ganis-US143
4Aldaric VigilMal'Ganis-US125
5Ahbsan VigilMal'Ganis-US123
6Rykunz  Mal'Ganis-US117Not updated
7Riou Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US115
7Ceciliaa Protect The LumberMal'Ganis-US115
9Hurukaï OdysseyMal'Ganis-US113
10Préy Invalid TargetMal'Ganis-US112
11Evac Iggy Azalea Fan ClubMal'Ganis-US109
12Kns VigilMal'Ganis-US108
13Wuhlock VigilMal'Ganis-US107
14Toria Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US106
15Kamshams  Mal'Ganis-US105Not updated
16Zealsie VigilMal'Ganis-US104
17Stabbingyu VigilMal'Ganis-US103Not updated
19Loktari Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US102
19Solsackra VigilMal'Ganis-US102
19Lymiwinks VigilMal'Ganis-US102
22Gurgthock Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US101
22Razelli Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US101
22Wraglavs WarfareMal'Ganis-US101
25Marza AftermathMal'Ganis-US100Not updated
25Rammyo  Mal'Ganis-US100Not updated
27Itchyy VigilMal'Ganis-US99
27Khazal Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US99
27San KapowMal'Ganis-US99
27Ish AuthenticMal'Ganis-US99
27Cooda  Mal'Ganis-US99Not updated
27Saidah  Mal'Ganis-US99Not updated
33Constantíne H A R D C O R EMal'Ganis-US98
34Modhne Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US97
34Sunhoof RancidMal'Ganis-US97
34Brunnor PacifistMal'Ganis-US97Not updated
37Ashyn VigilMal'Ganis-US96
37Delanynder DeathchillMal'Ganis-US96Not updated
37Vosk Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US96Not updated
37Teyrah Keen FormationMal'Ganis-US96
41Thebestclass Tugs and HugsMal'Ganis-US95Not updated
41Renvain Invalid TargetMal'Ganis-US95
41Neena VigilMal'Ganis-US95Not updated
44Irenikus Sanguine ProphecyMal'Ganis-US94
44Zaznak AuthenticMal'Ganis-US94Not updated
44Monkgrenno CompetenceMal'Ganis-US94Not updated
44Kaycie DeliriumMal'Ganis-US94Not updated
48Precizion VigilMal'Ganis-US93
48Shabadu Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US93
48Joru Socially IneptMal'Ganis-US93
48Joruski Socially IneptMal'Ganis-US93
48Koushirou VigilMal'Ganis-US93Not updated
48Mursyo  Mal'Ganis-US93Not updated
48Genesic The AccusedMal'Ganis-US93Not updated
55Zoid Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US92
55Arriussz VigilMal'Ganis-US92Not updated
55Leylinqtpie OvertureMal'Ganis-US92Not updated
55Ohnoese  Mal'Ganis-US92Not updated
55Ryoko VigilMal'Ganis-US92Not updated
60Ankah Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US91
60Shib Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US91
60Zelus VigilMal'Ganis-US91
60Skhope OvertureMal'Ganis-US91Not updated
60Slick TraumaMal'Ganis-US91
60Skeazie  Mal'Ganis-US91Not updated
66Caniki Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US90
66Monkolyth  Mal'Ganis-US90Not updated
66Adversabootr LegiónMal'Ganis-US90Not updated
66Mithal Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US90
66Zombilina CliqueMal'Ganis-US90Not updated
66Savedyou VigilMal'Ganis-US90Not updated
66Alfie Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US90Not updated
73Dadtime  Mal'Ganis-US89
73Goatbert Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US89
73Tetz VigilMal'Ganis-US89Not updated
73Riblets MidnightMal'Ganis-US89Not updated
77Katokal VintageMal'Ganis-US88
77Tesserae Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US88
77Abida Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US88
77Crowleÿ SeraphMal'Ganis-US88
77Miryuel Sanguine ProphecyMal'Ganis-US88
77Kishi Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US88
77Rinxtits VigilMal'Ganis-US88Not updated
77Zasp Traffic SignsMal'Ganis-US88Not updated
77Jedrek Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US88Not updated
86Icedemonn NexusMal'Ganis-US87Not updated
86Warboom SeraphMal'Ganis-US87
86Kåin FrenzyMal'Ganis-US87Not updated
86Elan VigilMal'Ganis-US87Not updated
86Elarim Forever AloneMal'Ganis-US87
86Maeysa  Mal'Ganis-US87Not updated

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