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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Scorch  Lothar-US115Not updated
2Penzor TalonicLothar-US93Not updated
3Yunxu Champions of YseraLothar-US90Not updated
3Xtremhuntard Raids NakedLothar-US90Not updated
5Highwater Chaotic NeutralLothar-US80Not updated
5Pengunstyle MOO MOOS POWER WAGONLothar-US80Not updated
5Ashsharr  Lothar-US80Not updated
8Stamatina Big DealLothar-US79Not updated
8Helliquin Raids NakedLothar-US79Not updated
10Xerel  Lothar-US78Not updated
10Hawtie Lawn Party At FunwellLothar-US78Not updated
12Geminni Flaming War KittensLothar-US77Not updated
13Tyrioz Sanctus CovenirLothar-US76Not updated
13Marachan LAWL PatrolLothar-US76Not updated
13Ryme RevolutïonLothar-US76Not updated
13Murdermagic  Lothar-US76Not updated
17Xyrella  Lothar-US75Not updated
17Mozzarella Midnight ShadowsLothar-US75Not updated
19Ceen Tornado of SoulsLothar-US74Not updated
19Madhunter SophosLothar-US74Not updated
19Mìdst U WANNA TOUCH DA EARLothar-US74Not updated
19Notzizka Dippin SticksLothar-US74Not updated
23Shebangs EndureLothar-US73Not updated
23Kaimetsu Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US73Not updated
23Althyk ResonanceLothar-US73Not updated
26Lyrsuk The Children of MidianLothar-US72Not updated
26Lunabelle Flaming War KittensLothar-US72Not updated
26Tnemeletes DaylightLothar-US72Not updated
26Shuketsu  Lothar-US72Not updated
30Moglok SlackersLothar-US71Not updated
30Kaoster Sacred FlameLothar-US71Not updated
30Ponytails Raids NakedLothar-US71Not updated
33Caedian El Toro LocoLothar-US70Not updated
33Sther Kindred ChaosLothar-US70Not updated
33Exarc Legends of AwesomenessLothar-US70Not updated
33Thadradys The Heros Of AzerothLothar-US70Not updated
37Aspherion Champions of YseraLothar-US69Not updated
37Nmancer Sacred FlameLothar-US69Not updated
37Khlammy Plan BeeLothar-US69Not updated
37Mortanos Dippin SticksLothar-US69Not updated
37Moiraïne  Lothar-US69Not updated
42Drekkor Tornado of SoulsLothar-US68Not updated
42Tiggindy The UnboundLothar-US68Not updated
42Kashay Sacred FlameLothar-US68Not updated
42Vuru Dippin SticksLothar-US68Not updated
42Tahngart Forgotten BladesLothar-US68Not updated
47Dzd  Lothar-US67Not updated
47Alki EndureLothar-US67Not updated
47Armageddon Spectral WebLothar-US67Not updated
47Croconaw DAD NEVER HUGGED MELothar-US67Not updated
47Ancoraimparo The Bit PlayersLothar-US67Not updated
47Strawberry Kindred ChaosLothar-US67Not updated
47Jme  Lothar-US67Not updated
54Holyfighter Silver BannersLothar-US66Not updated
54Arrothin CursedLothar-US66Not updated
54Syllendria The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US66Not updated
54Vellanthela SlackersLothar-US66Not updated
54Royben  Lothar-US66Not updated
54Echelonoir Tornado of SoulsLothar-US66Not updated
60Bridei The Bit PlayersLothar-US65Not updated
60Ciane Sword and SorceryLothar-US65Not updated
60Zanril OKTLothar-US65Not updated
60Rift blood bath and beyondLothar-US65Not updated
60Fayz ResonanceLothar-US65Not updated
60Akihero Necro ChronicléLothar-US65Not updated
66Zenhunter Mission AccomplishedLothar-US64Not updated
66Ygrez Grey CouncilLothar-US64Not updated
66Shamagon GonLothar-US64Not updated
66Paragon Triple ThreatLothar-US64Not updated
66Slyvinia  Lothar-US64Not updated
66Wondermutt Kill SomethingLothar-US64Not updated
66Lowthor Good GameLothar-US64Not updated
66Krayola  Lothar-US64Not updated

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