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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lordaeron-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Aramsis  Lordaeron-EU103Not updated
2Páule  Lordaeron-EU99Not updated
3Natión You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU96Not updated
3Otama Schwarzer LotusLordaeron-EU96Not updated
3Charsomyr De La LunaLordaeron-EU96Not updated
6Megabaerbel unheilbarLordaeron-EU94Not updated
7Mady NíghtfallLordaeron-EU91Not updated
8Takumî BananeLordaeron-EU87Not updated
9Smagster NíghtfallLordaeron-EU86Not updated
10Simbul  Lordaeron-EU83Not updated
11Notal PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU78Not updated
11Pandemìe TherapyLordaeron-EU78Not updated
13Imex Stars of DestinyLordaeron-EU76Not updated
13Devilcleave NíghtfallLordaeron-EU76Not updated
13Simone WipezLordaeron-EU76Not updated
16Meradesch Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU75Not updated
16Sorayiel StormbornLordaeron-EU75Not updated
16Spritedosee  Lordaeron-EU75Not updated
19Fumantal  Lordaeron-EU74Not updated
19Tiérra PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU74Not updated
21Shaolindrunk la BellaLordaeron-EU73Not updated
21Fayhlol RenewLordaeron-EU73Not updated
23Zýlia  Lordaeron-EU72Not updated
23Gsys Pfad der SchattenLordaeron-EU72Not updated
25Cainwyn MegiddoLordaeron-EU71Not updated
25Tyrànn YoloLordaeron-EU71Not updated
25Majome Knights of ExodarLordaeron-EU71Not updated
25Kiku Crit HappensLordaeron-EU71Not updated
25Najuun  Lordaeron-EU71Not updated
30Insbeth de la SolLordaeron-EU70Not updated
30Quendolíne KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU70Not updated
30Fiara You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU70Not updated
30Pêwpêw You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU70Not updated
30Zéke  Lordaeron-EU70Not updated
30Kaikaz  Lordaeron-EU70Not updated
36Ryun Misanthropic ArtLordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Leahataer Garde Prinzessin VespasLordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Saemix StormbornLordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Kungen  Lordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Aywá  Lordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Scýphos You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU69Not updated
36Mâeglin  Lordaeron-EU69Not updated
43Pwndabär NíghtfallLordaeron-EU68Not updated
44Woltanus de la SolLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Gnomercy ReminiszenzLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Rheá CrittersLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Herrfuchs doors of perceptionLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Kolîs NíghtfallLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Zéetôx NíghtfallLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Soletá CrittersLordaeron-EU67Not updated
44Brandine Custodia LibertatisLordaeron-EU67Not updated
52Vashib Sol InvictusLordaeron-EU66Not updated
52Leonídas Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU66Not updated
52Cairlin You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU66Not updated
52Flýn NíghtfallLordaeron-EU66Not updated
56Glôw de la SolLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Meise NíghtfallLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Oldtrapper Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Fsk Epic AllstarsLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Sehaniné  Lordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Alchomy Never say DieLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Suicunelol RenewLordaeron-EU65Not updated
56Ðoøm You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU65Not updated
64Minerva PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Motnahp  Lordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Saelnír Orbis AmicorumLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Narzak Walhallas ErbenLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Pastis PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Dreckstöle You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Monkary Chillen aus GewohnheitLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Antaron NíghtfallLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Alphons PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Liehnu  Lordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Zenobiâ Chillen aus GewohnheitLordaeron-EU64Not updated
64Hallelujâ  Lordaeron-EU64Not updated
76Ignes Chillen aus GewohnheitLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Lancelot ScheintotLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Covsoul Knights of ExodarLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Rialin TherapyLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Evgenija Garde Prinzessin VespasLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Flizzix Mercenaries of AzerothLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Nyen NíghtfallLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Alradum  Lordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Kûni RavenheartsLordaeron-EU63Not updated
76Lexs  Lordaeron-EU63Not updated
86Nod de la SolLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Lìselotte de la SolLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Titusonkelz PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Bîøhazard NíghtfallLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Yttocs Die HousemartinsLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Gigamausi unaufhaltbarLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Microeis Chillen aus GewohnheitLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Nwave on enrageLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Illu PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Sônny  Lordaeron-EU62Not updated
86Wanksta Epic Meal TimeLordaeron-EU62Not updated
97Lear Sinnlos in AzerothLordaeron-EU61Not updated
97Cibba EinklangLordaeron-EU61Not updated
97Raysun Engel in ZivilLordaeron-EU61Not updated
97Cassiopheia Royal Apothecary SocietyLordaeron-EU61Not updated

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