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Llane-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Judis JudgementLlane-US90
1Kiaran Order of The DragonLlane-US90Not updated
3Shoultsie Fully TorquedLlane-US87Not updated
4Theron Divine TwilightLlane-US86
4Killtheme The Angelz of DeathLlane-US86
6Maritiku Requiem EternumLlane-US85Not updated
6Rubik The Crazy EightsLlane-US85Not updated
8Briannafae BlackDeathLlane-US83
8Webe MonolithLlane-US83Not updated
10Bruscha Iron CircleLlane-US82
11Kyrah Divine TwilightLlane-US81
11Hunneygrams AegisLlane-US81Not updated
13Wrathofhell Forsaken EnclaveLlane-US80Not updated
14Holb Stamus In IgnemLlane-US79
14Omegg The Nerd HerdLlane-US79Not updated
14Oxgar MonolithLlane-US79
17Maximusrex Alliance RebornLlane-US77
17Katalene Dragonlords of MiseryLlane-US77Not updated
19Silvertongue JudgementLlane-US76
19Pole Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US76Not updated
19Dannie  Llane-US76Not updated
22Thauronis JudgementLlane-US75
23Staceykins DecimateLlane-US74
23Stormhorn Requiem EternumLlane-US74
23Zomgbear Nos ImmortalisLlane-US74Not updated
26Ruana Iron CircleLlane-US73
27Mauria Irate PiratesLlane-US72
27Feylan FuseLlane-US72
27Minta Iron CircleLlane-US72
27Staceylawl Static ClingLlane-US72Not updated
31Click Requiem EternumLlane-US71
31Lyandrin Wicked LegionLlane-US71Not updated
31Ardipooh AnguishLlane-US71Not updated
31Adragon InsomniacsLlane-US71
31Pierz MonolithLlane-US71Not updated
36Deathtyr DecimateLlane-US70
36Tokagekun Fully TorquedLlane-US70Not updated
36Periwinkle  Llane-US70Not updated
39Peaches JudgementLlane-US69
39Evilblue BlackDeathLlane-US69
39Lyrsuk Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US69
39Bellanca Iron CircleLlane-US69Not updated
43Shartz Requiem EternumLlane-US68
43Aquendelsa Molten CorpsesLlane-US68
43Recoñ RareformLlane-US68Not updated
46Augusta Last AttemptLlane-US67
46Plåceholder  Llane-US67Not updated
48Pbird MonolithLlane-US66
48Garbanzo EtherionLlane-US66Not updated
50Worc Wicked LegionLlane-US65
50Bladedragonz  Llane-US65
50Sugarbell Tit For TatLlane-US65
50Vainsoull JudgementLlane-US65Not updated
50Okami Hellsing OrganisationLlane-US65Not updated
50Coltrane  Llane-US65Not updated
50Crane MonolithLlane-US65Not updated
57Arthúr Spectacular DeathLlane-US64
57Tarragon AegisLlane-US64
57Pinkamina Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US64
57Katix Nos ImmortalisLlane-US64
57Romeda  Llane-US64Not updated
62Sheeva JudgementLlane-US63
62Sythalía Paradigm ReduxLlane-US63
62Yeonsuul Paradigm ReduxLlane-US63
62Dimonator JudgementLlane-US63Not updated
62Zulmagi JudgementLlane-US63
62Breoth EpignosisLlane-US63Not updated
62Daknoe Wicked LegionLlane-US63Not updated
62Tipdrill EpignosisLlane-US63
62Lunartide InfamyLlane-US63Not updated
62Chandos Melee MagthereLlane-US63Not updated
62Yogurtfiend  Llane-US63Not updated
73Lingyao Wicked LegionLlane-US62Not updated
73Vashtine Distant LegacyLlane-US62Not updated
73Nillaewe SeveredLlane-US62
73Villageidiõt Phoenix OrderLlane-US62Not updated
73Wyntear Colbert NationLlane-US62
73Folcon SoulboundLlane-US62Not updated
73Dragonthorn Ðreaming ÐragonsLlane-US62
73Donange Distant LegacyLlane-US62Not updated
73Grigormortis Static ClingLlane-US62Not updated
73Suzu  Llane-US62

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