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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightninghoof-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Rhax SublimeLightninghoof-US173Not updated
2Trigsdruid RoastedQuailLightninghoof-US94Not updated
3Tenderbooms House BaratheonLightninghoof-US84Not updated
3Yoox Tough as a Junkyard CatLightninghoof-US84Not updated
5Kubrick Blood of the Old GodsLightninghoof-US82Not updated
5Kaerlina AcidLightninghoof-US82Not updated
7Omglolanally  Lightninghoof-US81Not updated
7Celzavi BloodspiralLightninghoof-US81Not updated
9Mask RoastedQuailLightninghoof-US80Not updated
9Kirza Ravens FuryLightninghoof-US80Not updated
9Zimbobway ResonanceLightninghoof-US80Not updated
12Bowflexin  Lightninghoof-US79Not updated
13Xaou Fail SquadLightninghoof-US78Not updated
13Stanley Deaths RaidersLightninghoof-US78Not updated
15Seiius AcidLightninghoof-US77Not updated
16Isiildur AcidLightninghoof-US76Not updated
17Emmalie Netherguard ConsortiumLightninghoof-US75Not updated
18Amusing  Lightninghoof-US74Not updated
19Reluhs  Lightninghoof-US73Not updated
19Naksa SublimeLightninghoof-US73Not updated
19Hellssong CadiaLightninghoof-US73Not updated
22Aenea CadiaLightninghoof-US72Not updated
23Sharaxx SublimeLightninghoof-US71Not updated
23Gerrus World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US71Not updated
23Zâkerum Blood of the Old GodsLightninghoof-US71Not updated
23Wispwalker RoastedQuailLightninghoof-US71Not updated
27Tadkins  Lightninghoof-US70Not updated
27Viconia ReckoningLightninghoof-US70Not updated
29Fatzo SublimeLightninghoof-US69Not updated
29Areola Operation Bad HabitLightninghoof-US69Not updated
31Tellian Fail SquadLightninghoof-US68Not updated
31Sarren SublimeLightninghoof-US68Not updated
31Ervien  Lightninghoof-US68Not updated
31Koriax  Lightninghoof-US68Not updated
31Zelesticious  Lightninghoof-US68Not updated
36Kalena House DragonmoonLightninghoof-US67Not updated
36Arkeus CadiaLightninghoof-US67Not updated
36Somnif CadiaLightninghoof-US67Not updated
36Dawnh CadiaLightninghoof-US67Not updated
40Tatsumi World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US66Not updated
40Quelionia SublimeLightninghoof-US66Not updated
40Tripngiggle  Lightninghoof-US66Not updated
40Laurelia  Lightninghoof-US66Not updated
40Livetokill ReckoningLightninghoof-US66Not updated
45Kaisis AcidLightninghoof-US65Not updated
45Cannara AcidLightninghoof-US65Not updated
45Draugir CadiaLightninghoof-US65Not updated
45Feralfawcett Anderson BrothersLightninghoof-US65Not updated
49Nordrayne RoastedQuailLightninghoof-US64Not updated
49Ang Fail SquadLightninghoof-US64Not updated
49Spiritmeida Party CrashersLightninghoof-US64Not updated
49Meddala Operation Bad HabitLightninghoof-US64Not updated
53Nakuul  Lightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Draukagrissa  Lightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Claxton Fail SquadLightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Davode PhalanxLightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Myeisha PrestigeLightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Norrog Blood DivineLightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Malekk The JourneymenLightninghoof-US63Not updated
53Jigsaws  Lightninghoof-US63Not updated
61Aezrian Sin doreiLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Zunjo Fail SquadLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Palix Ravens FuryLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Sarabee BlackwaterLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Direbear Fail SquadLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Executíe NìghtmareLightninghoof-US62Not updated
61Griev PraetorianLightninghoof-US62Not updated
68Skal Whíte LotusLightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Moonsinne SublimeLightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Malificent Fail SquadLightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Fâtpândâ frêêmãsônsLightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Lairybird  Lightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Velyndera  Lightninghoof-US61Not updated
68Naliuna  Lightninghoof-US61Not updated
75Hak SublimeLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Ravenhawk RoastedQuailLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Quarnel Netherguard ConsortiumLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Morhgana SublimeLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Tcubed SublimeLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Randersonlol SublimeLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Inkkubus HellbentLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Balianqt  Lightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Babiedoll To the FaceLightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Scumgrief  Lightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Polar  Lightninghoof-US60Not updated
75Glaurung Blood DivineLightninghoof-US60Not updated

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