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Lightning's Blade-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Vellektra ImbaLightning's Blade-US118
2Worgensgrip Lost ChapterLightning's Blade-US92Not updated
3Kenhax Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US88
4Bamfkinhero ImbaLightning's Blade-US87Not updated
5Uddercup ImbaLightning's Blade-US83
5Hurg AftermathLightning's Blade-US83
5Aazura HawtnessLightning's Blade-US83
5Hadwin HysteriaLightning's Blade-US83Not updated
5Lirianne Lost ChapterLightning's Blade-US83Not updated
10Pyla SigilLightning's Blade-US82Not updated
11Clutche ImbaLightning's Blade-US81
11Sabria Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US81Not updated
13Interzz OblivìonLightning's Blade-US80Not updated
13Blazion ImmortaILightning's Blade-US80Not updated
15Xiaoling Pitches Love VibratoLightning's Blade-US79Not updated
16Quarter ImbaLightning's Blade-US78
17Ganjii  Lightning's Blade-US77
18Rashler Lost ChapterLightning's Blade-US76Not updated
18Necko Storm ChasersLightning's Blade-US76
20Bantor BrewtownLightning's Blade-US75Not updated
20Aetropos Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US75Not updated
20Sãber ImmortaILightning's Blade-US75Not updated
20Mexxa MossadLightning's Blade-US75Not updated
24Diaboliqae BrewtownLightning's Blade-US74Not updated
25Rippon ImbaLightning's Blade-US73
25Gymley HawtnessLightning's Blade-US73
25Croissants ImbaLightning's Blade-US73
25Klaudio ImbaLightning's Blade-US73
25Avalei CoercionLightning's Blade-US73Not updated
30Magena ImbaLightning's Blade-US72
30Glazingink  Lightning's Blade-US72
30Crunchbang SolarisLightning's Blade-US72
33Momokan ImbaLightning's Blade-US71
33Shamkrea Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US71Not updated
33Solise  Lightning's Blade-US71Not updated
36Evelya ImbaLightning's Blade-US70
36Dkness  Lightning's Blade-US70
36Tails Phoenix LegionLightning's Blade-US70Not updated
36Blashadow Cereal Lovers ClubLightning's Blade-US70
36Bund  Lightning's Blade-US70Not updated
36Nyan  Lightning's Blade-US70Not updated
42Woodi HawtnessLightning's Blade-US69
42Bloodbin BrewtownLightning's Blade-US69Not updated
42Lenay Bara no SenshiLightning's Blade-US69Not updated
45Nissinn ImbaLightning's Blade-US68
45Bosatsu AftermathLightning's Blade-US68Not updated
47Irina EventideLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
47Cubbymonster  Lightning's Blade-US67
47Khamic Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
47Squarepusher Cereal Lovers ClubLightning's Blade-US67
47Benandanti Phoenix LegionLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
47Dopp Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
47Zarys RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
47Zenta BrewtownLightning's Blade-US67Not updated
55Tateerfu OhanaLightning's Blade-US66
55Feardotting Righteous VengeanceLightning's Blade-US66Not updated
55Sömeone My Hoes They Do DrugsLightning's Blade-US66
55Kantil  Lightning's Blade-US66Not updated
55Skante  Lightning's Blade-US66Not updated
60Coriadin Critical MassLightning's Blade-US65
60Irrevence Critical MassLightning's Blade-US65Not updated
60Kaitain  Lightning's Blade-US65Not updated
60Soulmate  Lightning's Blade-US65
64Manastorm The WorstLightning's Blade-US64
64Moonslayer HawtnessLightning's Blade-US64
64Tsukiyami OhanaLightning's Blade-US64
64Mortisa ImbaLightning's Blade-US64
64Azaz The WorstLightning's Blade-US64
64Thusis  Lightning's Blade-US64Not updated
64Kateupton  Lightning's Blade-US64Not updated
64Ayama SigilLightning's Blade-US64Not updated
64Rexiggar Next LevelLightning's Blade-US64Not updated
64Hobbitz What Are You DoingLightning's Blade-US64Not updated
74Sallisbaddy AscendedLightning's Blade-US63
74Fancypants SigilLightning's Blade-US63Not updated
74Stynkfyst Mark it ZeroLightning's Blade-US63Not updated
74Thorazine WòrthlessLightning's Blade-US63Not updated
74Warknuts EverclearLightning's Blade-US63Not updated
74Lawlcat Critical MassLightning's Blade-US63
74Morrte SigilLightning's Blade-US63Not updated
74Adeliandra  Lightning's Blade-US63
74Axion ImmortaILightning's Blade-US63Not updated
83Bwasome ImbaLightning's Blade-US62
83Edadin  Lightning's Blade-US62
83Tannissa The WorstLightning's Blade-US62
83Armedweasel UltimatumLightning's Blade-US62
83Melanoma Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Gangdalug SigilLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Skopmox BrewtownLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Gethson Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Tops A Few Good MenLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Including  Lightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Manabattery  Lightning's Blade-US62Not updated
83Anubiset BrewtownLightning's Blade-US62Not updated
95Mordar Cruel IntentionsLightning's Blade-US61
95Roblykeskox still not even tryingLightning's Blade-US61
95Flyzikman Pantheons EliteLightning's Blade-US61
95Beastzulla Helmets RequiredLightning's Blade-US61
95Veurr Trinity ForceLightning's Blade-US61Not updated
95Aldree  Lightning's Blade-US61Not updated

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