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Lightbringer-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Entrototem Eternal ReignLightbringer-US141
2Vaffral Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US135
3Fortch Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US126
4Method Omega Cyberthrust IXLightbringer-US123
5Waird  Lightbringer-US117Not updated
6Eloderung Eternal ReignLightbringer-US115Not updated
7Mutant Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US113
8Wodys Eternal ReignLightbringer-US112
9Thanatosia Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US111
10Programmed  Lightbringer-US109Not updated
11Eatmograpes  Lightbringer-US107Not updated
12Swix  Lightbringer-US103Not updated
13Light RemnantLightbringer-US102
14Whirt No OptionsLightbringer-US101
15Icta The Old FellasLightbringer-US99Not updated
16Wowsuchmonk RemnantLightbringer-US96
16Spaceburrito  Lightbringer-US96Not updated
16Fyrei  Lightbringer-US96Not updated
16Evac  Lightbringer-US96Not updated
20Omniscient Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US95
20Talent Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US95
20Eloderina Eternal ReignLightbringer-US95Not updated
23Attonitus Eternal ReignLightbringer-US93
23Ferch  Lightbringer-US93Not updated
25Westify Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US92Not updated
26Tluby No OptionsLightbringer-US91
26Tcress Eternal ReignLightbringer-US91
26Fortche Eternal ReignLightbringer-US91Not updated
29Xellos The CoalitionLightbringer-US90
29Maegen Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US90
29Arshie Imaginary RocketshipLightbringer-US90
29Siiz No OptionsLightbringer-US90Not updated
29Scrii Eternal ReignLightbringer-US90Not updated
34Madsabbie  Lightbringer-US89Not updated
35Bockscar TranquilityLightbringer-US88
35Artemisis Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US88
35Scuzanomsdix  Lightbringer-US88Not updated
35Michael  Lightbringer-US88Not updated
39Bweeden No OptionsLightbringer-US87Not updated
39Trogdoromega ImmortalLightbringer-US87
41Bluerelic Thirteen Thirty SevenLightbringer-US86Not updated
41Ðimir Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US86
41Ariandraa Eternal ReignLightbringer-US86Not updated
41Kimchiz Late for DinnerLightbringer-US86
45Parkchick The CoalitionLightbringer-US85
45Jackdncoke  Lightbringer-US85
45Ishadow Animus InvictusLightbringer-US85
45Herzeleid  Lightbringer-US85Not updated
45Falter  Lightbringer-US85Not updated
50Digs The CoalitionLightbringer-US84
50Mb Eternal ReignLightbringer-US84Not updated
50Nosha  Lightbringer-US84Not updated
50Tiladi Eternal ReignLightbringer-US84Not updated
50Sohexy No OptionsLightbringer-US84Not updated
50Vorus  Lightbringer-US84Not updated
56Cc HalcyonLightbringer-US83
57Ken No OptionsLightbringer-US82
57Scarletwynd AfflictionLightbringer-US82
57Slothen  Lightbringer-US82
57Viceversa  Lightbringer-US82Not updated
61Cilyana  Lightbringer-US81Not updated
61Sakurapanda Exiled allianceLightbringer-US81
61Ql Ominous Latin WordsLightbringer-US81
61Complain Echo of RevelationLightbringer-US81
61Noir We Aim to MisbehaveLightbringer-US81Not updated
61Luscent Dragons BloodLightbringer-US81Not updated
67Kurofish SagananceLightbringer-US80
67Dominawisty OneWordPretentiousGuildLightbringer-US80
67Lagfu The EvolvedLightbringer-US80
67Abutabah Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US80
67Haliiss No OptionsLightbringer-US80Not updated
67Torvald Dark EclipseLightbringer-US80
67Tytania The CoalitionLightbringer-US80
67Blaybe The Old FellasLightbringer-US80Not updated
67Susanne Bug HuntLightbringer-US80Not updated
76Nightmehr RemnantLightbringer-US79
76Blondeboy AfflictionLightbringer-US79
76Danolora The Knights WatchLightbringer-US79
76Chaz No OptionsLightbringer-US79
76Warblade No OptionsLightbringer-US79Not updated
76Thaiminou Omega Cyberthrust IXLightbringer-US79
76Shaylena Eternal ReignLightbringer-US79Not updated
83Appointed  Lightbringer-US78Not updated
83Adriyel The EvolvedLightbringer-US78
83Elm The Golden ElmLightbringer-US78
83Gumberkules SystematixLightbringer-US78
83Caliasha TranquilityLightbringer-US78
83Anúbis HalcyonLightbringer-US78

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