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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Laughing Skull-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Frandrescher VoidLaughing Skull-US110Not updated
2Reanimation  Laughing Skull-US90Not updated
3Soljaboygoku  Laughing Skull-US88Not updated
4Brotá PrevengeLaughing Skull-US87Not updated
5Felamuñe PrevengeLaughing Skull-US86Not updated
5Oncebitten Second to NoneLaughing Skull-US86Not updated
7Nostroh  Laughing Skull-US85Not updated
8Milarose PrevengeLaughing Skull-US83Not updated
9Bubleheart VoidLaughing Skull-US82Not updated
10Blz VoidLaughing Skull-US81Not updated
11Penndamonium VoidLaughing Skull-US79Not updated
11Furbs  Laughing Skull-US79Not updated
11Riniker VoidLaughing Skull-US79Not updated
11Xanteis The ExpelledLaughing Skull-US79Not updated
11Shftthegreat  Laughing Skull-US79Not updated
16Priestleyy Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US78Not updated
17Bananacrack  Laughing Skull-US77Not updated
18Radhaa SingularityLaughing Skull-US76Not updated
18Darklordsoth NintendoLaughing Skull-US76Not updated
20Phandeth MalevolenceLaughing Skull-US75Not updated
20Ither InsanityLaughing Skull-US75Not updated
20Piecedd WE BE KNOCKINLaughing Skull-US75Not updated
20Sninkzx  Laughing Skull-US75Not updated
24Fraeda MalevolenceLaughing Skull-US74Not updated
24Kaemasu  Laughing Skull-US74Not updated
26Whiteràh VoidLaughing Skull-US73Not updated
26Tockit Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US73Not updated
26Chromus VoidLaughing Skull-US73Not updated
29Bahtila Our Death WishLaughing Skull-US72Not updated
29Decker VoidLaughing Skull-US72Not updated
29Kelsorien  Laughing Skull-US72Not updated
32Stabbay VoidLaughing Skull-US71Not updated
32Funkhouser PrevengeLaughing Skull-US71Not updated
32Kohman VoidLaughing Skull-US71Not updated
32Counsel VengefulLaughing Skull-US71Not updated
32Ariakan DeliriumLaughing Skull-US71Not updated
32Blooze  Laughing Skull-US71Not updated
38Thyacar VoidLaughing Skull-US70Not updated
38Veretheirin  Laughing Skull-US70Not updated
38Quarks VoidLaughing Skull-US70Not updated
38Unnerving  Laughing Skull-US70Not updated
42Terias VoidLaughing Skull-US69Not updated
42Bormes The SourceLaughing Skull-US69Not updated
42Andune Smoke and MirrorsLaughing Skull-US69Not updated
42Niszka PlebeiansLaughing Skull-US69Not updated
42Xaviour K A P O L R ILaughing Skull-US69Not updated
47Sukaar MalevolenceLaughing Skull-US68Not updated
47Pathos Restraining OrderLaughing Skull-US68Not updated
47Vishal KVNLaughing Skull-US68Not updated
50Invisiblash AltercationLaughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Manndragorra  Laughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Lethil Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Sugarquill PALS FOR LIFELaughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Innalhaon  Laughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Shockzone WasabiburnLaughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Meltrandi  Laughing Skull-US67Not updated
50Sturmvogell  Laughing Skull-US67Not updated
58Mazgrun MalevolenceLaughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Needmoneypls Straight Cash HomieLaughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Father  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Ânimosity Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Snotnose ObsoleteLaughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Nighthawk  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Mystérious  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Hergest  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Citiez  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Mysterìous  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
58Krucielz  Laughing Skull-US66Not updated
69Deerty VoidLaughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Miltänk VoidLaughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Rubies VoidLaughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Neuroticfish  Laughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Youforia Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Skigirl  Laughing Skull-US65Not updated
69Shadowzuice DOOMLaughing Skull-US65Not updated
76Rezica PrevengeLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Blastvalve VoidLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Capeeheal One Shot At GloryLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Osires VoidLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Tatsa UrghLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Scarne PALS FOR LIFELaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Glacian Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Foximusprime UrghLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Kaag DeliriumLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Gnomoarhealz CaedusLaughing Skull-US64Not updated
76Hatehero  Laughing Skull-US64Not updated
87Scrunch  Laughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Nelkash bffsLaughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Jaysap Theres No RL Only AFKLaughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Diiar Human ResourcesLaughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Grimréâper  Laughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Xesoldk  Laughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Jieyona The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Squirralfire BAMFLaughing Skull-US63Not updated
87Brenelle  Laughing Skull-US63Not updated

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