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Korialstrasz-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Neodrkmatter  Korialstrasz-US86Not updated
2Changomedico I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US80
2Twiceshy Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US80Not updated
4Holyrack I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US77
5Lonesgirl Late CrewKorialstrasz-US75
6Solarus Household VengenceKorialstrasz-US73Not updated
6Kerania I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US73Not updated
6Chloemoretz  Korialstrasz-US73Not updated
9Myrthelyna Late CrewKorialstrasz-US72Not updated
9Neoantimattr  Korialstrasz-US72Not updated
11Endenwaith Knights of ValorKorialstrasz-US71
11Wartrick  Korialstrasz-US71Not updated
13Liquorcrack I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US70Not updated
13Kelevera I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US70Not updated
15Huntdistress Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US69Not updated
16Thelolimus  Korialstrasz-US68Not updated
16Swipelol  Korialstrasz-US68Not updated
18Runegaurd  Korialstrasz-US67Not updated
19Terri Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US65
19Effing  Korialstrasz-US65Not updated
21Makks  Korialstrasz-US64Not updated
21Changoloco I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US64Not updated
23Fathertime P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US63
23Tigra P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US63
23Thelawlrus  Korialstrasz-US63Not updated
26Phillygoat Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US61
26Panduzzit RAID INCKorialstrasz-US61Not updated
26Shockwave Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US61
29Corimeer Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US60
29Brainnagh P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US60
31Marassae Late CrewKorialstrasz-US59Not updated
32Sandaph Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US58
32Taxodermy Mayhem and MasqueradesKorialstrasz-US58
32Avelandea P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US58
32Rowave Probably AFKKorialstrasz-US58Not updated
32Zophir KingofAlphaKorialstrasz-US58Not updated
32Kâden Forsaken SoulsKorialstrasz-US58Not updated
32Spankmyham Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US58Not updated
39Bloodscent  Korialstrasz-US57
39Eilgalar Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US57
39Orongar Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US57
39Liechen The Last StandKorialstrasz-US57Not updated
39Ashenlock shenanigansKorialstrasz-US57Not updated
39Starrdustt NightstalkersKorialstrasz-US57Not updated
39Rosatar Late CrewKorialstrasz-US57Not updated
39Zein  Korialstrasz-US57Not updated
47Siin P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US56
47Kcshaman Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US56
47Greyninja Mayhem and MasqueradesKorialstrasz-US56
47Azaelya Household VengenceKorialstrasz-US56
47Needashaman RAID INCKorialstrasz-US56Not updated
47Aylà Forsaken SoulsKorialstrasz-US56Not updated
47Crashnbern The HauntedKorialstrasz-US56Not updated
47Zerx Late CrewKorialstrasz-US56
55Loriculus Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US55
55Skyelah The RevolutionKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Aldaisucre HexedKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Marcwallace Late CrewKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Kryxis  Korialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Tazeria BlackFlagKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Siha The RevolutionKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Gremlîn Rockstarz RebornKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Nazghal I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Tactikal Late CrewKorialstrasz-US55
55Kaelektran  Korialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Kirstinit Damage IncKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Falconn OverAchieversKorialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Kiriai  Korialstrasz-US55Not updated
55Catfive  Korialstrasz-US55Not updated
70Obsessive We Wipe on TrashKorialstrasz-US54
70Phålånges Save a seal Club a GnomeKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Mordacai The RevolutionKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Kylani TwInKsKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Garudo  Korialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Jhudora Wicked AfflictionKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Jori  Korialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Xeneizes HexedKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Xeneizep HexedKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Baffin The Last StandKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Wyre Wolves of the NorthKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
70Yurrie citizens alianceKorialstrasz-US54Not updated
82Promithius The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US53
82Miniaug FadedKorialstrasz-US53
82Cephala Squid FishersKorialstrasz-US53Not updated
82Rukii RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US53
82Hundai TwInKsKorialstrasz-US53Not updated
82Albarith Six Minutes To ReleaseKorialstrasz-US53Not updated
82Owlcapwn  Korialstrasz-US53Not updated
89Relaria Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US52
89Kebonacci Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US52
89Tognuwa Cause of DeathKorialstrasz-US52
89Harmar SovereigntyKorialstrasz-US52
89Gillesderais Forsaken SoulsKorialstrasz-US52Not updated
89Coexistance Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US52
89Damukongsuhi ZombieStompNationKorialstrasz-US52
89Zelman TwInKsKorialstrasz-US52Not updated
89Apparitions Defending HonorKorialstrasz-US52Not updated
89Uncleiro NightstalkersKorialstrasz-US52Not updated
99Killakon FadedKorialstrasz-US51
99Bashal Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US51

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