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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Korgath-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Entropqt Dread is DeadKorgath-US137Not updated
2Mindflame Dread WeddingKorgath-US117Not updated
3Katrinb EdgeKorgath-US111Not updated
4Aestu Group AKorgath-US110Not updated
5Herakleitos Gentlemens ClubKorgath-US109Not updated
6Dysdaera Draconic SavantKorgath-US104Not updated
6Dakyrr Dread is DeadKorgath-US104Not updated
8Snowfox Goldshire GangstersKorgath-US99Not updated
9Rubine Draconic SavantKorgath-US98Not updated
10Iluc Vox RadixKorgath-US97Not updated
10Smuttums RadianceKorgath-US97Not updated
12Draveine SilentKorgath-US96Not updated
13Erioz DreadKorgath-US94Not updated
13Nyalia InsomniaxKorgath-US94Not updated
15Tinkfu Ëx InfernoKorgath-US93
16Biome Draconic SavantKorgath-US92Not updated
17Spicychopz  Korgath-US91Not updated
17Haxpaxette NightwatchKorgath-US91Not updated
19Feyde Re LapseKorgath-US90Not updated
19Rarren efeXKorgath-US90Not updated
21Alchamire OtterKorgath-US89
21Treeberta DreadKorgath-US89Not updated
21Valusha Flying VKorgath-US89Not updated
24Kagemarou Vox RadixKorgath-US88Not updated
24Jimboberjim Draconic SavantKorgath-US88Not updated
24Rangoon Dread is DeadKorgath-US88Not updated
24Kaanabul AfterLifeKorgath-US88Not updated
24Arckhunter Vox RadixKorgath-US88Not updated
24Fluffnutters  Korgath-US88Not updated
24Tyann Dread WeddingKorgath-US88Not updated
31Níghtstrike Draconic SavantKorgath-US87Not updated
31Uhóh Reckless IntentionsKorgath-US87Not updated
31Shiftstart PlaceholderKorgath-US87
31Gothor  Korgath-US87Not updated
35Gaeamania Ninja Pirates From SpaceKorgath-US86Not updated
35Minimagicman Baby Love BunniesKorgath-US86
37Moondel DreadKorgath-US85Not updated
37Mitsukei Draconic SavantKorgath-US85Not updated
37Alavash Graveyard ShìftKorgath-US85
37Crotchmouth  Korgath-US85Not updated
37Offline  Korgath-US85Not updated
37Evakami DreadKorgath-US85Not updated
37Blackstuff  Korgath-US85Not updated
44Sanctana DidacticKorgath-US84Not updated
44Eltosdk Six PoolKorgath-US84Not updated
46Kione Vox RadixKorgath-US83Not updated
46Titanic Gentlemens ClubKorgath-US83Not updated
46Purpledrink Draconic SavantKorgath-US83
46Dunewalker Die TryingKorgath-US83Not updated
46Hashtagblaze Dread is DeadKorgath-US83Not updated
46Docsmage  Korgath-US83Not updated
52Calories DreadKorgath-US82Not updated
52Eri Burning SensationsKorgath-US82
52Biasucci Draconic SavantKorgath-US82
52Hruuken Orange JuiceKorgath-US82Not updated
52Groghar  Korgath-US82Not updated
52Katrinm Kill Chit Dont DieKorgath-US82Not updated
52Anachronism  Korgath-US82Not updated
59Pewpewblast Ëx InfernoKorgath-US81Not updated
59Mazaf DemolishedKorgath-US81
59Tyrack LightKorgath-US81Not updated
59Aguy Gods of AnarchyKorgath-US81Not updated
59Timka DidacticKorgath-US81Not updated
59Nimbuscloud Bunny BankKorgath-US81Not updated
59Emofox UpKorgath-US81Not updated
59Fiale DedicatedKorgath-US81Not updated
67Namix NightwatchKorgath-US80
67Meemage Nox OriensKorgath-US80Not updated
67Hitane Violet TraganKorgath-US80Not updated
67Pocket AnarchismKorgath-US80
67Wulfkiller RxKorgath-US80Not updated
67Dblderp Draconic SavantKorgath-US80Not updated
67Meterculture HodorKorgath-US80Not updated
67Yamal RepressionKorgath-US80Not updated
75Shriekmaw Vox RadixKorgath-US79Not updated
75Sliderx efeXKorgath-US79Not updated
75Mackee Group AKorgath-US79Not updated
75Pastries RuinKorgath-US79Not updated
75Místerfister Burning SensationsKorgath-US79Not updated
75Renavolfield DeliriumKorgath-US79Not updated
75Meechi DiabloKorgath-US79Not updated
75Birthdaygirl  Korgath-US79Not updated
75Jessicah Easily OverlookedKorgath-US79Not updated
75Nyxi  Korgath-US79Not updated
75Thermy HELLA CUTEKorgath-US79Not updated
86Laureli Nox OriensKorgath-US78Not updated
86Soulgrinder DidacticKorgath-US78Not updated
86Ogiue Worst Case ScenarioKorgath-US78Not updated
86Safiraa ReasonKorgath-US78Not updated
86Alteration DeliriumKorgath-US78Not updated
86Trapntap Knights of NarniaKorgath-US78Not updated

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