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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kirin Tor-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Doppleganger EmïnenceKirin Tor-EU130Not updated
2Esoteric One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU117Not updated
3Aias  Kirin Tor-EU105Not updated
4Trolard ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU104Not updated
5Yandan Les Gardiens du TrésorKirin Tor-EU103Not updated
6Ventdunord The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU102Not updated
7Quarkounette The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU101Not updated
8Open One Leap to HordeKirin Tor-EU98Not updated
9Zîù RédemptiðnKirin Tor-EU94Not updated
10Iwan EpsilonKirin Tor-EU93Not updated
11Nepenthes One Leap To PLKirin Tor-EU92Not updated
11Zøù RédemptiðnKirin Tor-EU92Not updated
13Sébastelf RushKirin Tor-EU91Not updated
13Paroparo EpiqueKirin Tor-EU91Not updated
15Tëmëh One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU89Not updated
15Kraps The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU89Not updated
17Dromàr  Kirin Tor-EU88Not updated
17Genèsis The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU88Not updated
19Yunaddict  Kirin Tor-EU87Not updated
20Slïmane One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU86Not updated
20Nidrà  Kirin Tor-EU86Not updated
22Elodyh The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU85Not updated
22Psykup Les Guides du NéantKirin Tor-EU85Not updated
22Kãyã Gangre KebabKirin Tor-EU85Not updated
22Dharla BlâmeKirin Tor-EU85Not updated
26Shïnkai The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU84Not updated
26Néki  Kirin Tor-EU84Not updated
26Zyxw One Leap to HordeKirin Tor-EU84Not updated
26Shézard  Kirin Tor-EU84Not updated
30Jadpala Choc EpikKirin Tor-EU83Not updated
31Zavos ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU82Not updated
31Liendro ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU82Not updated
31Newelyne The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU82Not updated
34Korem RenaissanceKirin Tor-EU81Not updated
34Cytosine The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU81Not updated
34Simého The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU81Not updated
37Elyjah EpsilonKirin Tor-EU80Not updated
37Qadjaar Mortelle OnctionKirin Tor-EU80Not updated
37Cøppä Kirin Tor-EU80Not updated
40Sysphe The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU79Not updated
40Manum Sancta LumenKirin Tor-EU79Not updated
40Eyris Mea CulpaKirin Tor-EU79Not updated
40Gorkt  Kirin Tor-EU79Not updated
40Vyrani The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU79Not updated
45Nostromoo One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU78Not updated
45Tigersshot One Leap to AllianceKirin Tor-EU78Not updated
47Chaitea Try AgainKirin Tor-EU77Not updated
47Valénia  Kirin Tor-EU77Not updated
47Bercé Clan Yoru no senshiKirin Tor-EU77Not updated
47Biken The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU77Not updated
47Cielh Les NuisiblesKirin Tor-EU77Not updated
52Anaiaa KwAKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Berendilz  Kirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Dreaktor Les Gardiens AzuréensKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Lywwelyne LanceAKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Vølkswörgen SlackersKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Serelyan Gang des MochesKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Cinna EpsilonKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
52Nyàncat Æternum ValeKirin Tor-EU76Not updated
60Cýlz EpsilonKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Avendil EpsilonKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Korpimetsän The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Asdahyat Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Prosinj  Kirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Vespertine The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Mélìsandre Devoured by VerminKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
60Celyrandia Ab NihiloKirin Tor-EU75Not updated
68Morteris  Kirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Æýó KwAKirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Olos Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Andaska Try AgainKirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Tsurune The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Lücky The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU74Not updated
68Schrodinger  Kirin Tor-EU74Not updated
75Elesen Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Fayâ The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Bakkélo Renaissance ÉcarlateKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Sloawn Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Thoune RenaissanceKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Zorette  Kirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Fideles Whos your daddyKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Faélina Gildam SpiritualisKirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Pheedify  Kirin Tor-EU73Not updated
75Soquette Empreinte du DragonKirin Tor-EU73Not updated

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