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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1ßestjal SyncedKil'jaeden-EU162Not updated
2Ithãx FourTwentyKil'jaeden-EU104Not updated
2Legerés W H FKil'jaeden-EU104Not updated
4Røckzør SyncedKil'jaeden-EU99Not updated
5Mâriâ FinitasKil'jaeden-EU96Not updated
6Erebos European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU92Not updated
7Felicites AbsynthKil'jaeden-EU91Not updated
8Ziyal StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU90Not updated
8Manta Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU90Not updated
8Slacker Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU90Not updated
11Anatris ExpfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU89Not updated
11Ropes  Kil'jaeden-EU89Not updated
13Heyjay Draenei TalesKil'jaeden-EU87Not updated
14Zooq PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU86Not updated
14Sicula Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU86Not updated
14Mantakun  Kil'jaeden-EU86Not updated
17Pyxis  Kil'jaeden-EU84Not updated
18Miyumi Draenei TalesKil'jaeden-EU83Not updated
19Bêko DiVerseKil'jaeden-EU82Not updated
19Tuurus  Kil'jaeden-EU82Not updated
19Eìr SUN TZUKil'jaeden-EU82Not updated
22Xantscha Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU81Not updated
22Cathaleya  Kil'jaeden-EU81Not updated
24Belorelol Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU80Not updated
25Livediili SadgasmKil'jaeden-EU79Not updated
26Dörthe LEGIONKil'jaeden-EU78Not updated
26Klostermaria Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU78Not updated
26Êntêéntéêntê Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU78Not updated
29Jolinar pansophiaKil'jaeden-EU76Not updated
29Fulana  Kil'jaeden-EU76Not updated
31Powerofdoom Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU75Not updated
31Nocturnal MidgardKil'jaeden-EU75Not updated
31Lohschkill Randír nuin ElenathKil'jaeden-EU75Not updated
34Lokan  Kil'jaeden-EU74Not updated
34Velimir StormspireKil'jaeden-EU74Not updated
36Lûxx Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU73Not updated
36Diotíma eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU73Not updated
36Kysha European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU73Not updated
36Ryô European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU73Not updated
36Miragee eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU73Not updated
41Originalötzi Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
41Thyrok Tiroler KaiserschützenKil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
41Mellthas FinitasKil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
41Creatax DIE BRUTKil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
41Jæsøn  Kil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
41Ultilus  Kil'jaeden-EU72Not updated
47Drhomie StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
47Rasgun European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
47Gustavor Silver LegionKil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
47Denoría  Kil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
47Duné  Kil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
47Karash Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU71Not updated
53Börti FinitasKil'jaeden-EU70Not updated
53Cada  Kil'jaeden-EU70Not updated
53Iniy  Kil'jaeden-EU70Not updated
56Combatstorm A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU69Not updated
56Gravi PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU69Not updated
56Tasera VariaKil'jaeden-EU69Not updated
56Ronnan  Kil'jaeden-EU69Not updated
56Diclonius Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU69Not updated
61Aileen FinitasKil'jaeden-EU68Not updated
61Sandstein Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU68Not updated
61Narumi ObscureKil'jaeden-EU68Not updated
61Lubelly W H FKil'jaeden-EU68Not updated
65Melìssa Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
65Anata eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
65Baddad GothicKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
65Rashdora Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
65Feìmata BrandinesaKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
65Gravion HazeKil'jaeden-EU67Not updated
71Miazaan Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU66Not updated
71Auroá  Kil'jaeden-EU66Not updated
71Zeeht PatheticKil'jaeden-EU66Not updated
74Lebesgue DrachentanzKil'jaeden-EU65Not updated
74Matschko BrandinesaKil'jaeden-EU65Not updated
74Zoîl W H FKil'jaeden-EU65Not updated
74Tropicana  Kil'jaeden-EU65Not updated
74Shisune LunatixKil'jaeden-EU65Not updated
79Lizy StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
79Thepunisher ExhaleKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
79Flutey Pain and PleasureKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
79Rhea PatheticKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
79Konder StormspireKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
79Noveria EmpathyKil'jaeden-EU64Not updated
85Blackjag  Kil'jaeden-EU63Not updated
85Phurya StormspireKil'jaeden-EU63Not updated
85Nyxxe  Kil'jaeden-EU63Not updated
85Nocturnu Randoms FinestKil'jaeden-EU63Not updated
89Jojomonia FinitasKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Cashia DiVerseKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Panja FinitasKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Lapipsi CalimieroKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Tâo Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Muramasá First StrikeKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Shawty Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Saskja EMSKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Schattenlied ObscureKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
89Nickie ExhaleKil'jaeden-EU62Not updated
99Lucrethia Rage CøreKil'jaeden-EU61Not updated
99Dreanas StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU61Not updated

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