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Kil'jaeden-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Vaffral Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US135
2Chairmanmao Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US114
3Martencar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US111
4Camikins Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US110
5Nethershadow Fourth WallKil'jaeden-US109
6Xws NightpanthersKil'jaeden-US107Not updated
7Zuriell Permission DeniedKil'jaeden-US100
8Rooftrollen illestKil'jaeden-US99
8Syrio illestKil'jaeden-US99
10Conradical Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US97
10Filthyanamal  Kil'jaeden-US97Not updated
12Jayzed  Kil'jaeden-US95Not updated
13Orcbum Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US94
14Precizely  Kil'jaeden-US93Not updated
14Sulinar  Kil'jaeden-US93
16Wyzguy Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US92
16Aurrora Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US92
18Sabbie Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US91
18Haxpaxington illestKil'jaeden-US91
18Vel Cupcake PalaceKil'jaeden-US91Not updated
18Deathcandyi Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US91Not updated
22Banakk Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US90
22Korgs KeltoiKil'jaeden-US90
22Charron ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US90
25Billyidle KJ MyrmidonsKil'jaeden-US89
25Pyrìs The Flying HellfishKil'jaeden-US89
25Nerdstomper  Kil'jaeden-US89Not updated
28Omgmike Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US88
29Jaymzkerten Real TalkKil'jaeden-US87Not updated
29Vacillationz RequiemKil'jaeden-US87
31Crooklyn Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US86
31Cant DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US86
31Tarok RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US86
31Roushi Mors CertaKil'jaeden-US86Not updated
31Aexxis Long NightsKil'jaeden-US86
31Lilruspy  Kil'jaeden-US86
37Hezza Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US85
37Frobulator Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US85
37Silvertitan Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US85
37Crazynuts Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US85
37Spryte ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US85
37Flailer  Kil'jaeden-US85Not updated
43Delritha RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US84
43Best Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US84
43Jinrah Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US84
43Catriare Super Happy Fun TimeKil'jaeden-US84Not updated
43Scholtes Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US84Not updated
48Anjus Rehabilitation ClinicKil'jaeden-US83Not updated
48Smashygoatjr Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US83
48Qi TalentedKil'jaeden-US83
48Arrak Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US83Not updated
48Usury Non Compos MentisKil'jaeden-US83Not updated
53Skilldotgg Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US82
53Westi NightpanthersKil'jaeden-US82Not updated
53Melu Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US82Not updated
53Kushibunny Deviant DefianceKil'jaeden-US82
53Morvadine Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US82
53Keenè peaceful skeleton realmKil'jaeden-US82
53Sincara EpicKil'jaeden-US82Not updated
60Yanique Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US81
60Ðemilovato CTKil'jaeden-US81
60Jibjabb RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US81Not updated
60Dotchå  Kil'jaeden-US81
60Cowelliee Sub Only ModeKil'jaeden-US81Not updated
60Tyraelbull VsKil'jaeden-US81Not updated
60Alepander  Kil'jaeden-US81Not updated
67Comatosis KeltoiKil'jaeden-US80
67Liquidz RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US80Not updated
67Belora The Iron CircleKil'jaeden-US80
67Teddiigram Rehabilitation ClinicKil'jaeden-US80
67Ghiblian Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US80Not updated
67Krazielol Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US80
67Renavolfield Everyday BarbariansKil'jaeden-US80Not updated
67Tizzuh HiJKil'jaeden-US80Not updated
75Nukunuku RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US79
75Pjammin RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US79
75Oidhe A Boss Too FarKil'jaeden-US79
75Aurora  Kil'jaeden-US79Not updated
75Zakuta Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US79
75Bohasin Long NightsKil'jaeden-US79Not updated
75Wandspec Beautiful Dirty RichKil'jaeden-US79Not updated
75Felicities ZergKil'jaeden-US79Not updated
83Tainze  Kil'jaeden-US78
83Sidepoke Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US78
83Olimar Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US78
83Baygul  Kil'jaeden-US78Not updated
83Thehermit Fourth WallKil'jaeden-US78
83Liinx TangerineKil'jaeden-US78
83Sarine RoKKKil'jaeden-US78
83Strawzilla Hello Kitty CupcakesKil'jaeden-US78Not updated
83Ancaiya  Kil'jaeden-US78Not updated
92Proriya illestKil'jaeden-US77
92Fotoaparate Real TalkKil'jaeden-US77
92Vrases ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US77

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