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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khaz'goroth-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Schoni Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU110Not updated
2Varja Dominus AuroraKhaz'goroth-EU100Not updated
3Zabouri AmigosKhaz'goroth-EU97Not updated
4Tîerlieb Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU95Not updated
5Zokrym Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU89Not updated
5Beere HorriBly SloW ApeSKhaz'goroth-EU89Not updated
7Daemòná Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU87Not updated
7Gravio Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU87Not updated
9Pandorá Dominus AuroraKhaz'goroth-EU86Not updated
10Zorry Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU85Not updated
11Frantius Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU84Not updated
12Snackster Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU83Not updated
13Ghorinchai Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU82Not updated
13Deanthel Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU82Not updated
15Elaxlo Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU81Not updated
15Banjabo  Khaz'goroth-EU81Not updated
15Angels ViciousKhaz'goroth-EU81Not updated
18Ælonis SchattendrachenKhaz'goroth-EU80Not updated
18Deadkyd Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU80Not updated
18Wuscheline Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU80Not updated
21Noxya Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
21Phisko Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
21Noreia Lost DestinyKhaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
21Teeworschd  Khaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
21Fexanda Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
21Voljinia  Khaz'goroth-EU78Not updated
27Messer Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU77Not updated
27Bargsh Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU77Not updated
27Lakotamane MurlocStoleMyGuildnameKhaz'goroth-EU77Not updated
30Guimarlol Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU76Not updated
31Helheim Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU75Not updated
31Anjunâ  Khaz'goroth-EU75Not updated
31Tamiya unforgedKhaz'goroth-EU75Not updated
31Uniquè ist am StisiKhaz'goroth-EU75Not updated
35Sampler Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU74Not updated
35Ruhsam Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU74Not updated
35Chailatte  Khaz'goroth-EU74Not updated
35Mynor Gaming InsightKhaz'goroth-EU74Not updated
39Saturas Dunkle SchreiterKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
39Ayken Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
39Byrune Lux in TenebrïsKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
39Taecker Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
39Príncess Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
39Taikz Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU73Not updated
45Iffonox Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Mucumba Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Sinstalis Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Heraschid Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Norden hat Aggro gezogenKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Bryndle MaelstromKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Straiker  Khaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
45Kisaya Unleashed ProphecyKhaz'goroth-EU72Not updated
53Amy Die KeltenKhaz'goroth-EU71Not updated
53Woozier Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU71Not updated
53Anguz TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU71Not updated
53Felessety HustensaftschmugglerKhaz'goroth-EU71Not updated
57Gammaquant Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Wichpoldo SchattendrachenKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Thetom HUNTER CLANKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Crushie Primo victoriaKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Annat  Khaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Bronx ist am StisiKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Shanwu guardian of justiceKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
57Ewolet Götter auf AbrufKhaz'goroth-EU70Not updated
65Kadhunter Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Kappadozius Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Lynyerell Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Nerys Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Ishtaria HUNTER CLANKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Bulhao Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Arrothben  Khaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Horrorfist furiousKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Mogthar fraggedKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
65Acthos AmigosKhaz'goroth-EU69Not updated
75Pfífi Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Tyreese DeFactoKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Ràven Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Brille Warsong IncKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Omoi HUNTER CLANKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Thundermaw Slayers CompanyKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Melduras Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Kalma Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Talisha PhoenixKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Sheynathren Clan der LeithianKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated
75Voodooduuduu Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU68Not updated

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