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Khadgar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Cutezac Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US99
2Peilke Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US89
2Reglar Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US89
4Jonstark Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US88
5Farok  Khadgar-US87Not updated
6Geraith RemnantKhadgar-US84
7Esex Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US83
8Desmuerta VoltageKhadgar-US82
9Archer Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US80
9Vetta RemnantKhadgar-US80
9Quoth Knights of the Cow KingKhadgar-US80Not updated
9Reclaimer  Khadgar-US80Not updated
13Gonzo Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US79
14Kanxer  Khadgar-US78
14Aekis VisceralKhadgar-US78
16Durtid From The AshesKhadgar-US77Not updated
17Deli BG Death DealersKhadgar-US76
18Katiang FallenKhadgar-US75
19Shukaku BG Death DealersKhadgar-US74
19Iskrå Age of ReasonKhadgar-US74
19Divebomb Rage Against AllianceKhadgar-US74
19Alphatenk AgelessKhadgar-US74
19Spazmoosifer  Khadgar-US74Not updated
19Moonsugar Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US74Not updated
25Naqi Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US71
25Pallyssan Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US71
25Tweetz StormwrathKhadgar-US71
25Danny Little RascalsKhadgar-US71
25Lybohske VoltageKhadgar-US71
25Healthpackz Little RascalsKhadgar-US71Not updated
31Falron Knights of the Cow KingKhadgar-US70Not updated
31Sooz  Khadgar-US70Not updated
33Bahuk Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US69
33Kirth Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US69
33Demolay Dont PanicKhadgar-US69Not updated
33Mâdmoxxi Thats What She SaídKhadgar-US69Not updated
33Zelzin HysteriaKhadgar-US69Not updated
38Nikkikayama BG Death DealersKhadgar-US68
38Whit Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US68
38Tekklas IHMKhadgar-US68
38Rivenel Dusk Til DawnKhadgar-US68
38Valkenhayne  Khadgar-US68Not updated
43Rend Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US67
43Frawda ApatheiaKhadgar-US67
43Sargee Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US67Not updated
43Sylinrul ApatheiaKhadgar-US67
43Brownie FibonacciSequenceKhadgar-US67Not updated
43Rydaa  Khadgar-US67Not updated
43Dronais  Khadgar-US67Not updated
50Captjaneway Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US66
50Linux Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US66
50Kaschei Council of EldersKhadgar-US66
50Huntriss Death WishKhadgar-US66
50Lucciann VolatileKhadgar-US66Not updated
50Linvala and the Legion of DoomKhadgar-US66Not updated
56Eratub Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US65
56Animus HavocKhadgar-US65
56Jettara ApatheiaKhadgar-US65
56Mizumi ApatheiaKhadgar-US65
56Arysa ConquestKhadgar-US65
56Bearfist DrakkenKhadgar-US65
56Invìsy Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US65
56Ferociousrav VisceralKhadgar-US65
56Konohana Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US65
56Cassandrea FibonacciSequenceKhadgar-US65
56Lénore RubyKhadgar-US65Not updated
67Snoutimus HavocKhadgar-US64
67Josalina ApatheiaKhadgar-US64
67Muatamo VoltageKhadgar-US64
67Ninigi Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US64
67Nightsfire VoltageKhadgar-US64
67Haskill  Khadgar-US64Not updated
67Konstance Heroes of TFKKhadgar-US64Not updated

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