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Kel'Thuzad-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Abolish DivinityKel'Thuzad-US150
2Shazzame Basement WizardsKel'Thuzad-US120
3Marsfan TBT AllianceKel'Thuzad-US119
4Gorexars IntentKel'Thuzad-US114Not updated
5Xwn PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US109
6Minimeecs DemiseKel'Thuzad-US108
7Babzy  Kel'Thuzad-US106Not updated
8Bottles Mens WearhouseKel'Thuzad-US105
9Rinomoru DivinityKel'Thuzad-US104Not updated
9Bozx  Kel'Thuzad-US104Not updated
11Jackbower DivinityKel'Thuzad-US101
11Squirlness DivinityKel'Thuzad-US101
11San Sick DamageKel'Thuzad-US101Not updated
14Redrumekki PrototypeKel'Thuzad-US100
15Sestìna Beaver DamKel'Thuzad-US99
15Liliggi IntentKel'Thuzad-US99
17Soothing  Kel'Thuzad-US98
18Mmbop IntentKel'Thuzad-US97Not updated
19Oldburnsides GehennaKel'Thuzad-US95
19Mukkalukka Glorious Chest HairKel'Thuzad-US95
21Kanadians  Kel'Thuzad-US94
21Ashowk DivinityKel'Thuzad-US94
21Truth DemiseKel'Thuzad-US94
21Broontang  Kel'Thuzad-US94Not updated
21Xarysa  Kel'Thuzad-US94Not updated
26Asmongold IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US93
26Terenna Almost ImmortalKel'Thuzad-US93
26Sourfire IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US93
29Wuvs DysfunctionKel'Thuzad-US92
29Kaskabooter SkrillexKel'Thuzad-US92Not updated
31Fantastic DemiseKel'Thuzad-US90
32Branalia Beaver DamKel'Thuzad-US89
32Chitters Royal MilitiaKel'Thuzad-US89
34Callidus Sovereign ImperiumKel'Thuzad-US88
34Taeryn Sovereign ImperiumKel'Thuzad-US88
34Supercloth IntuitionKel'Thuzad-US88
34Aulocra  Kel'Thuzad-US88Not updated
34Sourire IntentKel'Thuzad-US88Not updated
39Crowtein Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US87
39Velynnari IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US87
39Boaring SkrillexKel'Thuzad-US87Not updated
39Alytwo Just In CaseKel'Thuzad-US87Not updated
39Ehtoxx  Kel'Thuzad-US87Not updated
39Vanessavix DistinctKel'Thuzad-US87Not updated
45Eltos Song of StormsKel'Thuzad-US86
45Volb Royal MilitiaKel'Thuzad-US86
45Mistletoe The Goon SquadKel'Thuzad-US86Not updated
45Brooklyn IntentKel'Thuzad-US86Not updated
49Donovin AftermathKel'Thuzad-US85
49Adezero Guardian of the AllianceKel'Thuzad-US85
51Areiia PrototypeKel'Thuzad-US84Not updated
51Ragnus Toad ExplodeKel'Thuzad-US84
51Kotton VisionKel'Thuzad-US84
51Boyfat Knihgts of StromwindKel'Thuzad-US84Not updated
55Carbonaceous PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US83
55Varral FortifyKel'Thuzad-US83
55Qj Elder Wizards MantleKel'Thuzad-US83
55Threemaur Pierce and PierceKel'Thuzad-US83
55Phale IntentKel'Thuzad-US83Not updated
55Moeh The Goon SquadKel'Thuzad-US83Not updated
55Jesters HeartbreakersKel'Thuzad-US83Not updated
62Rainbowstar IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US82
62Falír AbsolutionKel'Thuzad-US82
62Imuzus You Pugs Are StupidKel'Thuzad-US82
65Muk DivinityKel'Thuzad-US81
65Lilky VicesKel'Thuzad-US81Not updated
67Jellog Royal MilitiaKel'Thuzad-US80
67Samalle The Iron CircleKel'Thuzad-US80
67Elcius Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US80Not updated
67Infamouslink DemiseKel'Thuzad-US80
71Garkim AftermathKel'Thuzad-US79
71Solidius Legends of DraenorKel'Thuzad-US79Not updated
71Melonica Alternate CharacterKel'Thuzad-US79
71Cuicatl IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US79
71Mikaboshi Ever VigilantKel'Thuzad-US79
71Oblitha DemiseKel'Thuzad-US79
71Crux DemiseKel'Thuzad-US79
78Jirasia The Punishment DueKel'Thuzad-US78Not updated
78Synova GIRLS GENERATIONKel'Thuzad-US78
78Sólol The Red DawnKel'Thuzad-US78
78Gunforhire CrusadeKel'Thuzad-US78
78Petsz CoreKel'Thuzad-US78
78Morphodactyl CoreKel'Thuzad-US78
78Morsk EnclaveKel'Thuzad-US78
78Anwen  Kel'Thuzad-US78Not updated
78Kysk Toad ExplodeKel'Thuzad-US78Not updated
87Videm  Kel'Thuzad-US77Not updated
87Subjectv  Kel'Thuzad-US77Not updated
87Caehlyn DemiseKel'Thuzad-US77
90Mojomagik IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US76
90Glutes PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US76
90Cerinne IntuitionKel'Thuzad-US76Not updated
90Kataani PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US76
90Naania Toad ExplodeKel'Thuzad-US76

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