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Kargath-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Coolskyy Electric SheepKargath-US120
2Canadabis Old School KargathKargath-US110Not updated
3Leishmania EthosKargath-US97
4Jorinda Legion of DarknessKargath-US90Not updated
5Dkami Electric SheepKargath-US88
6Jimfang The Iron FistKargath-US87Not updated
7Skunkape  Kargath-US85Not updated
7Leishy  Kargath-US85Not updated
9Aquos InsurrectionKargath-US82
9Samandiriel Thunder DownunderKargath-US82
9Zezzõx DestinyKargath-US82
9Suzumo Cant HasKargath-US82Not updated
9Thunderheart  Kargath-US82Not updated
14Miyuyu System FailureKargath-US81Not updated
15Malmfu System FailureKargath-US80
15Phyxed  Kargath-US80Not updated
17Ethrundil Electric SheepKargath-US79
17Toletheus BloodswornKargath-US79Not updated
17Tinafay Electric SheepKargath-US79
20Sandtiger Sleep WalkersKargath-US78
20Astraphobia EpiphanyKargath-US78
22Amoracchia Tears of VengeanceKargath-US77
22Poshadin InsurrectionKargath-US77Not updated
22Karshy EthosKargath-US77Not updated
25Athalus BloodswornKargath-US76
25Whoamg TBTKargath-US76Not updated
27Watch Fatal UnionKargath-US75
27Zerocoolhack Electric SheepKargath-US75
27Sakurá Sleep WalkersKargath-US75Not updated
30Sáz System FailureKargath-US74
30Malvenue TBTKargath-US74
30Rathenn The Iron FistKargath-US74
30Castiele JadedKargath-US74
34Nefairius InsurrectionKargath-US73
34Octavian MaledictionKargath-US73
34Vinhesla Tears of VengeanceKargath-US73
34Bracador War and PeaceKargath-US73Not updated
34Achtungbill Against All OddsKargath-US73Not updated
39Seriandra That GuildKargath-US72
39Beteljuice Corruptors of InnocenceKargath-US72
39Dragoons SanctuaryKargath-US72
42Cliftonix System FailureKargath-US71
42Taoshen TBTKargath-US71
42Minilump IFJV Track and FieldKargath-US71
42Egwene JadedKargath-US71
42Murgos The Iron FistKargath-US71Not updated
42Saio Dont Make Me AngryKargath-US71Not updated
48Danny Fatal UnionKargath-US70
48Thessaly EthosKargath-US70
48Surid TBTKargath-US70
48Antal InsurrectionKargath-US70
48Phoebee Fatal UnionKargath-US70
48Morbid SanctuaryKargath-US70
48Bisark EthosKargath-US70
48Bloodlustz Wizards and DragonsKargath-US70Not updated
48Luminae TwistedKargath-US70Not updated
48Kephra EternalKargath-US70Not updated
58Tobiah BloodswornKargath-US69
58Sappinggurl BloodswornKargath-US69
58Dwaren InsurrectionKargath-US69
58Xichron SanctuaryKargath-US69
62Sindar InsurrectionKargath-US68
62Sevenx TwistedKargath-US68Not updated

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