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Kael'thas-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Méaméa GeneseKael'thas-EU105
2Kalanndrass MandragoreKael'thas-EU99
3Ellag The HowlKael'thas-EU95
4Neiri The HowlKael'thas-EU94Not updated
4Goratryx MystKael'thas-EU94Not updated
6Kehyll MandragoreKael'thas-EU91
7Aecx The HowlKael'thas-EU90
7Tahinos MystKael'thas-EU90
7Boulga MystKael'thas-EU90Not updated
10Sonih MystKael'thas-EU89Not updated
11Amerion MandragoreKael'thas-EU88
11Plums DrawKael'thas-EU88Not updated
13Chyne MandragoreKael'thas-EU87
13Nemsìs IndependanceKael'thas-EU87
13Ryzolda RévolutionKael'thas-EU87Not updated
16Ainøs Sacoche CrewKael'thas-EU86Not updated
16Skýe omniumKael'thas-EU86Not updated
16Muses  Kael'thas-EU86Not updated
19Jujile MandragoreKael'thas-EU85
19Végalia  Kael'thas-EU85Not updated
21Olliwaron RoyautEKael'thas-EU84
21Volcomz RenatûsKael'thas-EU84
21Darkrorlol GatecrashKael'thas-EU84Not updated
24Hyron The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU83
24Hématocrit ApologizeKael'thas-EU83Not updated
24Lyanhä  Kael'thas-EU83Not updated
27Sasia MandragoreKael'thas-EU82
27Divinitée MystKael'thas-EU82
27Nalyã The HowlKael'thas-EU82
27Deedlyth The HowlKael'thas-EU82
27Elanille SequenceKael'thas-EU82Not updated
27Nilzèn GYEAH UNITKael'thas-EU82Not updated
27Daibe MandragoreKael'thas-EU82Not updated
34Nozgoth  Kael'thas-EU81Not updated
35Canon The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU80
36Amok WrathKael'thas-EU79Not updated
37Cirdan MandragoreKael'thas-EU78
37Eydis MystKael'thas-EU78
39Merhune Why NotKael'thas-EU77
39Lavîtz MandragoreKael'thas-EU77
41Anséa DrawKael'thas-EU76
41Nuaje Luna CustodisKael'thas-EU76Not updated
41Zyarkos Cercle InfiniKael'thas-EU76
41Sôphîe AggroKael'thas-EU76Not updated
41Amarië InfinityKael'thas-EU76Not updated
41Loney UnsolvedKael'thas-EU76Not updated
47Tohrine MystKael'thas-EU75
47Playaz  Kael'thas-EU75Not updated
47Tahnis  Kael'thas-EU75Not updated
47Tsao MandragoreKael'thas-EU75Not updated
47Yulna MystKael'thas-EU75Not updated
52Nebuleuse DrawKael'thas-EU74
53Calo The HowlKael'thas-EU73
53Troliste MandragoreKael'thas-EU73
53Alegra MandragoreKael'thas-EU73
53Linxia Avant GardeKael'thas-EU73Not updated
53Yless MystKael'thas-EU73Not updated
53Schanïa  Kael'thas-EU73Not updated
59Kageya FreedomKael'thas-EU72
59Conf InsigniaKael'thas-EU72
59Livy omniumKael'thas-EU72
59Seb MystKael'thas-EU72Not updated
63Frahïr FreedomKael'thas-EU71
63Eledan MystKael'thas-EU71
63Lorachsul StraticsKael'thas-EU71
63Greengalaxie BetaTestKael'thas-EU71
63Eliness FreaksKael'thas-EU71
63Flyinglotus  Kael'thas-EU71Not updated
69Naru RoyautEKael'thas-EU70
69Zhanor The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU70
69Ludovic BetaTestKael'thas-EU70Not updated
69Yu WrathKael'thas-EU70Not updated
69Calipsö MystKael'thas-EU70
69Nostelia DrawKael'thas-EU70Not updated
69Vasknem The HowlKael'thas-EU70
69Ösiris EternalisKael'thas-EU70
69Krøki omniumKael'thas-EU70Not updated
69Daímôn FaravisaKael'thas-EU70Not updated

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