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Kael'thas-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Jellra ProfitKael'thas-US103
2Blackcloud BlacklistedKael'thas-US82
3Pantarosa BOOKael'thas-US80
3Jacka SacredSoulsKael'thas-US80Not updated
5Yovi OOBKael'thas-US79
6Flûx KarmaKael'thas-US78
6Tigorhwa SacredSoulsKael'thas-US78Not updated
6Peerless  Kael'thas-US78Not updated
9Gouka Dark Portal SyndicateKael'thas-US77Not updated
10Fairyn OOBKael'thas-US76
11Yume BlacklistedKael'thas-US75
11Keylana JadedKael'thas-US75
11Leafcull  Kael'thas-US75Not updated
14Daddycash KarmaKael'thas-US74Not updated
15Sillysatan BlacklistedKael'thas-US72
15Goolatza Westfall Fight ClubKael'thas-US72
15Coldbert HubrisKael'thas-US72
18Murderface BlacklistedKael'thas-US71
18Puti OverratedKael'thas-US71Not updated
20Niennae UpheavalKael'thas-US69Not updated
21Lirin KinsmenKael'thas-US68
21Kiiras Warrior NationKael'thas-US68
21Dicaro Deadly VirtuesKael'thas-US68
21Philarious HubrisKael'thas-US68
21Darkener BlacklistedKael'thas-US68
21Ghallion TheImpishOnesKael'thas-US68Not updated
21Sajuukcor Warrior NationKael'thas-US68
21Raimi OverratedKael'thas-US68Not updated
29Loknos Neltharions FuryKael'thas-US67
29Mythica UpheavalKael'thas-US67Not updated
29Loosecaboose KarmaKael'thas-US67Not updated
29Whskrbizcut Crackin SkullsKael'thas-US67
29Um OverratedKael'thas-US67Not updated
34Pernach OOBKael'thas-US66
34Yuphie BlacklistedKael'thas-US66
34Keren  Kael'thas-US66
34Jman The Blood RavensKael'thas-US66Not updated
34Iceydeath ConDemnedKael'thas-US66Not updated
34Zakii  Kael'thas-US66Not updated
34Felipe  Kael'thas-US66Not updated
41Kelrox OOBKael'thas-US65
41Gaidin OOBKael'thas-US65
41Gerolan OOBKael'thas-US65
41Starbright KinsmenKael'thas-US65
41Vishnushaman BlacklistedKael'thas-US65
41Disspair JudgmentKael'thas-US65
41Primemover UpheavalKael'thas-US65Not updated
41Discord UpheavalKael'thas-US65Not updated
41Supa Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US65Not updated
41Nopenotpanda Defense of AzerothKael'thas-US65Not updated
51Claymore  Kael'thas-US64
51Ixxkohoxxl OOBKael'thas-US64Not updated
51Kamandah ProfitKael'thas-US64
51Bathorie  Kael'thas-US64
55Comengetit OOBKael'thas-US63
55Såphira BlacklistedKael'thas-US63
55Aleybobwa BlackLabelKael'thas-US63
55Revengemoon BlackLabelKael'thas-US63
55Jatzertzak Raiders of da Lost HordeKael'thas-US63Not updated
55Kotan BlacklistedKael'thas-US63Not updated
55Anthelorin ConclaveKael'thas-US63Not updated
62Kuzzik BlacklistedKael'thas-US62
62Slurpee BlacklistedKael'thas-US62
62Pemdas  Kael'thas-US62
62Tigriss HubrisKael'thas-US62Not updated
62Rollow HubrisKael'thas-US62
62Firstborn Nocturnal KnightsKael'thas-US62
62Lilmagician The HarpersKael'thas-US62Not updated
62Calinay The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US62Not updated
62Bergen ImmørtalisKael'thas-US62Not updated
71Lorilena KinsmenKael'thas-US61
71Tolsimir Citius Altius FortiusKael'thas-US61
73Millavanilla OOBKael'thas-US60
73Bengshui BlacklistedKael'thas-US60Not updated
73Fiftypercent KinsmenKael'thas-US60
73Spronandy Carpe NoctumKael'thas-US60
73Elsanto KinsmenKael'thas-US60
73Morgax JadedKael'thas-US60Not updated

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