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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jaedenar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Clouds VildaBraxJaedenar-EU123Not updated
2Katharin BlackRavensJaedenar-EU99Not updated
3Bufko You Mad BroJaedenar-EU96Not updated
4Zaoza With HonorJaedenar-EU92Not updated
5Derpyhooves Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU89Not updated
5Qewt Flare EUJaedenar-EU89Not updated
7Tempestina FailedJaedenar-EU87Not updated
7Nekrochi Fasten the SeatbeltsJaedenar-EU87Not updated
7Sasko Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU87Not updated
7Hellina VildaBraxJaedenar-EU87Not updated
7Tokkie  Jaedenar-EU87Not updated
12Devrioltwo DubiousJaedenar-EU86Not updated
13Fraam Moo Tank ClanJaedenar-EU85Not updated
14Venissa BlackRavensJaedenar-EU84Not updated
15Päronz Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU83Not updated
15Nacil  Jaedenar-EU83Not updated
15Izucklol Flare EUJaedenar-EU83Not updated
18Deadlaserman ClaymoreJaedenar-EU82Not updated
18Mamamy  Jaedenar-EU82Not updated
20Fishnnuts  Jaedenar-EU81Not updated
20Sprækken  Jaedenar-EU81Not updated
20Unolike MouseoverJaedenar-EU81Not updated
23Orena Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU79Not updated
23Dreadzor FullmoonJaedenar-EU79Not updated
25Melkazar ImbalancedJaedenar-EU78Not updated
26Shárkie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU77Not updated
27Buciflex Flare EUJaedenar-EU76Not updated
27Zanesh QuantumJaedenar-EU76Not updated
29Thejacker  Jaedenar-EU75Not updated
30Stigarne Norrlands GuldJaedenar-EU74Not updated
30Awean Order of MeatballsJaedenar-EU74Not updated
30Beatriks ImbalancedJaedenar-EU74Not updated
33Dinolove ClaymoreJaedenar-EU72Not updated
33Gruxla Bloodwolf TribeJaedenar-EU72Not updated
33Ashraen  Jaedenar-EU72Not updated
36Lux Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU71Not updated
36Devìlím  Jaedenar-EU71Not updated
38Liling Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU70Not updated
38Shadowsoul The Stoned AgeJaedenar-EU70Not updated
38Saheer RescueJaedenar-EU70Not updated
38Räddiyo DubiousJaedenar-EU70Not updated
42Zottzell Disciples of HonorJaedenar-EU69Not updated
42Vrugdish Naga HorseJaedenar-EU69Not updated
42Roien  Jaedenar-EU69Not updated
45Levíty Shadow LegacyJaedenar-EU68Not updated
45Keiner  Jaedenar-EU68Not updated
47Adhaara Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Moocerbu  Jaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Gromgar Led By A GirlJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Tiifusz ImbalancedJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Vum Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Hoofie Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Blair QuantumJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Gule Eat More CakeJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Bagatov QuantumJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Goublini Flare EUJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47ßoomkin Need More SpaceJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Sinaiya Binary GlowJaedenar-EU67Not updated
47Ráybúrn IncandescentJaedenar-EU67Not updated
60Ramox Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU66Not updated
60Kathaarian Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU66Not updated
60Elenin Save a Cow Eat a VeganJaedenar-EU66Not updated
60Chechman VildaBraxJaedenar-EU66Not updated
60Tyütyibácsi  Jaedenar-EU66Not updated
60Chalan VildaBraxJaedenar-EU66Not updated
66Martialart ProfoundJaedenar-EU65Not updated
66Fifita Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU65Not updated
66Exoría Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU65Not updated
66Mephalia The OverlordsJaedenar-EU65Not updated
66Næpskrell Shadow LegacyJaedenar-EU65Not updated
66Kezz One Eyed RatJaedenar-EU65Not updated
72Skillgrip Guardians ClanJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Loriél ClarityJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Impac  Jaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Muhkoo Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Daimonos VildaBraxJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Direkk Optic MightJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Fosfor ClarityJaedenar-EU64Not updated
72Carleen RainicornsJaedenar-EU64Not updated
80Kíbaa  Jaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Ellynax Liquid CourageJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Avifor AmbitionJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Popcorns VildaBraxJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Maimutze Game of ThronesJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Karos VildaBraxJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Ninjapäron Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Duofilm PolygonJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Skyrie  Jaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Kaileena TwistedJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Gpár ProphecyJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Mininex ImbalancedJaedenar-EU63Not updated
80Lovejoy VildaBraxJaedenar-EU63Not updated
93Thbank  Jaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Bigboomer  Jaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Chodal DubiousJaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Missgazza ExactlyJaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Cloudwalker With HonorJaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Sickxd  Jaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Xakira  Jaedenar-EU62Not updated
93Muscat  Jaedenar-EU62Not updated

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