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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Shivalingam  Illidan-EU117Not updated
2Solveïg SofaKingCoolIllidan-EU107Not updated
3Cylae AvalønIllidan-EU106Not updated
4Carvain  Illidan-EU97Not updated
5Surr AuthenticIllidan-EU95Not updated
5Qiwlol  Illidan-EU95Not updated
7Aylin BlowIllidan-EU93Not updated
8Kàthy antichambreIllidan-EU89Not updated
8Spgmathoune  Illidan-EU89Not updated
10Pinkpantsu  Illidan-EU88Not updated
11Lokhna  Illidan-EU87Not updated
11Rorzette KaminaIllidan-EU87Not updated
11Penélope TreizeIllidan-EU87Not updated
11Paniramix  Illidan-EU87Not updated
15Vanadis BlowIllidan-EU86Not updated
15Zalenbow BlowIllidan-EU86Not updated
15Voleurdherbe BlowIllidan-EU86Not updated
18Nôvæ BlowIllidan-EU85Not updated
18Tarandia BlowIllidan-EU85Not updated
18Erù Nø MercyIllidan-EU85Not updated
21Stygia  Illidan-EU84Not updated
21Aõdren  Illidan-EU84Not updated
23Rìxk ØbscürIllidan-EU83Not updated
23Melpômène  Illidan-EU83Not updated
25Galaxïe InSiemIllidan-EU82Not updated
26Kïssmiss HadésIllidan-EU81Not updated
26Sylàs BlowIllidan-EU81Not updated
26Swisha SilentIllidan-EU81Not updated
29Grobâmbou ExtaZeIllidan-EU80Not updated
29Sigoleon  Illidan-EU80Not updated
31Yoshida BlowIllidan-EU79Not updated
31Dergone  Illidan-EU79Not updated
31Mamarules BlowIllidan-EU79Not updated
31Göstail SilentIllidan-EU79Not updated
31Agelrom BlowIllidan-EU79Not updated
36Skûlda BlowIllidan-EU78Not updated
36Shruïkan  Illidan-EU78Not updated
38Anthérøs Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU77Not updated
38Hydralolz CrushedIllidan-EU77Not updated
40Rîgald Les CroisésIllidan-EU76Not updated
40Kàrendra Semper FiIllidan-EU76Not updated
42Karisha HadésIllidan-EU75Not updated
42Manared BlowIllidan-EU75Not updated
42Sharwynn Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU75Not updated
42Vymer BlowIllidan-EU75Not updated
42Noïsia  Illidan-EU75Not updated
42Sanjup Les CroisésIllidan-EU75Not updated
42Kothir SilentIllidan-EU75Not updated
49Hush MurlocIllidan-EU74Not updated
49Deadaim We Did ItIllidan-EU74Not updated
49Zenogiasu BlowIllidan-EU74Not updated
49Funk Nø Need RépaIllidan-EU74Not updated
49Incøø  Illidan-EU74Not updated
54Yufi MurlocIllidan-EU73Not updated
54Astren EmpireIllidan-EU73Not updated
54Gargantôs BlowIllidan-EU73Not updated
54Gnomeball EmpireIllidan-EU73Not updated
54Kahdum  Illidan-EU73Not updated
54Txà MERCENAlREIllidan-EU73Not updated
54Pandøre  Illidan-EU73Not updated
61Bhalle Rage KitIllidan-EU72Not updated
62Rastarookket Nø MercyIllidan-EU71Not updated
62Aghrea HadésIllidan-EU71Not updated
62Esnyd AmenoIllidan-EU71Not updated
62Twoafleches Nø MercyIllidan-EU71Not updated
62Memian AltheaIllidan-EU71Not updated
62Noira  Illidan-EU71Not updated
68Bakura Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Korkyky ToXIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Ni BlowIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Shaenre BlowIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Brardrak SolemnIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Lusboy Les CroisésIllidan-EU70Not updated
68Kaaris  Illidan-EU70Not updated
68Smizee  Illidan-EU70Not updated
76Zôk MurlocIllidan-EU69Not updated
76Chenshiyang  Illidan-EU69Not updated
76Vrodash  Illidan-EU69Not updated
76Böu OrdalieIllidan-EU69Not updated
80Zawax BlowIllidan-EU68Not updated
80Dreed La ConfIllidan-EU68Not updated
80Blãsh BlowIllidan-EU68Not updated
80Metalman  Illidan-EU68Not updated
80Thundermawl  Illidan-EU68Not updated
80Zerkiwee BlowIllidan-EU68Not updated
80Ånémie  Illidan-EU68Not updated
80Espuma  Illidan-EU68Not updated
80Nixzy HadésIllidan-EU68Not updated
80Tétonio BlowIllidan-EU68Not updated
90Lhoki  Illidan-EU67Not updated
90Københaven  Illidan-EU67Not updated
90Junaheal TimelessIllidan-EU67Not updated
90Esperence Post MortemIllidan-EU67Not updated
90Keral Frozen TearsIllidan-EU67Not updated
90Minikâbz  Illidan-EU67Not updated
96Bordoberelí SiberianIllidan-EU66Not updated
96Arctikodin  Illidan-EU66Not updated
96Cøx OdysséeIllidan-EU66Not updated
96Amaryllîs FeintIllidan-EU66Not updated
96Ðarkaël Opùs DeiIllidan-EU66Not updated

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