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Icecrown-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Eludeveren  Icecrown-US97Not updated
2Bearwyn ReminiscenceIcecrown-US95Not updated
3Sepa VindicatumIcecrown-US92
4Zhe Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US91Not updated
5Akalea Reign in PowerIcecrown-US90
6Celedhring Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US89
7Aeonesti Peons No MoreIcecrown-US85
7Obgynkenobii Blades of WrathIcecrown-US85Not updated
9Cis VindicatumIcecrown-US84
9Failcreation Operation MindcrimeIcecrown-US84Not updated
11Standune ReminiscenceIcecrown-US83
11Pearls DragonSlayersIcecrown-US83Not updated
13Legit Reign in PowerIcecrown-US82Not updated
14Rakshasi Fistful Of ZenIcecrown-US81Not updated
15Holyhammerz Blades of WrathIcecrown-US80Not updated
15Karthis Team RocketIcecrown-US80Not updated
15Gankzilla An SheIcecrown-US80Not updated
18Voomer Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US79
18Madeinjapan  Icecrown-US79Not updated
18Dinnergoat Pizza ClubIcecrown-US79Not updated
18Rhylla Controlled ChaosIcecrown-US79Not updated
18Pandaara EminentIcecrown-US79Not updated
23Slayabunny Pizza ClubIcecrown-US78Not updated
23Holypally The AwakenedIcecrown-US78Not updated
23Homebase  Icecrown-US78Not updated
26Keirimath VindicatumIcecrown-US75
26Karlvonhavoc Searing BladeIcecrown-US75
26Zenspartan FelbornIcecrown-US75Not updated
26Nitewhispers The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US75
30Majutsu ReminiscenceIcecrown-US74
30Ulila Bashin OrdurIcecrown-US74Not updated
30Braedic Reign in PowerIcecrown-US74Not updated
30Mellaura DragonSlayersIcecrown-US74Not updated
34Coffeebean Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US73
34Altessa Dark JusticeIcecrown-US73Not updated
34Sacred VindicatumIcecrown-US73Not updated
37Shanas  Icecrown-US72Not updated
37Sabrielle  Icecrown-US72Not updated
37Hatemanaburn Science Tech DivisionIcecrown-US72Not updated
40Houndstooth VindicatumIcecrown-US71
40Ippon VindicatumIcecrown-US71
40Jontom Knights who say NiIcecrown-US71
40Airia ReminiscenceIcecrown-US71
40Sarcoidosis  Icecrown-US71Not updated
45Brewbelly Destined SoulsIcecrown-US70Not updated
45Wreckinu Science Tech DivisionIcecrown-US70Not updated
47Intereo Deus InvictusIcecrown-US69
47Jurik VindicatumIcecrown-US69
47Jorthak Deus InvictusIcecrown-US69Not updated
47Heyyou Channel Four News TeamIcecrown-US69
47Regina ZEDIcecrown-US69Not updated
47Kabau SELECT geeks FROM WoWIcecrown-US69Not updated
47Promise ZEDIcecrown-US69Not updated
47Saiyajin Draconus NoirIcecrown-US69
47Grel Blades of WrathIcecrown-US69Not updated
56Scp VindicatumIcecrown-US68
56Bitty Bashin OrdurIcecrown-US68
56Sableblade TalismanIcecrown-US68Not updated
56Samrie  Icecrown-US68Not updated
56Pöptart UbiquitousIcecrown-US68Not updated
61Sinu MOVEIcecrown-US67
61Berglen Bashin OrdurIcecrown-US67
61Innerpeace Well of SoulsIcecrown-US67Not updated
61Relyc Peons No MoreIcecrown-US67Not updated
61Mickeygl WHUIcecrown-US67Not updated
61Garmac SpartansIcecrown-US67
61Honeybadger Blades of WrathIcecrown-US67Not updated
61Merlinpriest Blades of WrathIcecrown-US67Not updated
61Wasteful  Icecrown-US67Not updated
70Tanned VindicatumIcecrown-US66
70Loisgriffon Searing BladeIcecrown-US66
70Popful Well of SoulsIcecrown-US66
70Kuppo OverloadedIcecrown-US66Not updated
70Ragosa WHUIcecrown-US66Not updated
70Nurgle Fierce CreaturesIcecrown-US66Not updated
70Failcrêâtîôn  Icecrown-US66Not updated
77Septus MOVEIcecrown-US65
77Asra Deus InvictusIcecrown-US65Not updated
77Penthe  Icecrown-US65
77Trevax  Icecrown-US65Not updated
77Sherra Banished KeepersIcecrown-US65Not updated
77Lauraleé Your Death Is My UpgradeIcecrown-US65
77Angelita Blades of WrathIcecrown-US65Not updated
77Xaidin Family JewelsIcecrown-US65
77Fluffie TimelessIcecrown-US65Not updated
77Cruises Blades of WrathIcecrown-US65Not updated
77Scrabbles  Icecrown-US65Not updated
77Evilspartan FelbornIcecrown-US65Not updated
89Necrozen Naughty SecretsIcecrown-US64
89Dentren Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US64Not updated
89Strom Ancient TalismanIcecrown-US64Not updated
89Tammy Carpe LunaIcecrown-US64Not updated
89Darklordznu  Icecrown-US64Not updated

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