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Hyjal-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lamp BenevolentHyjal-US102Not updated
2Sprittlez Shinra IncHyjal-US100
3Charméd TFHyjal-US99
3Guizuyi TentaclesHyjal-US99
5Zareni The NightwatchHyjal-US98
6Cyaxeres TFHyjal-US97
6Hugsnotdrugs Your Partner in ScienceHyjal-US97Not updated
8Døctor TFHyjal-US95
8Abindia Advent FuryHyjal-US95
10Gobrek ThunderfuryHyjal-US94
11Judekin TFHyjal-US91
11Schadenfroh Beef SupremeHyjal-US91Not updated
13Dewytart Antisocial ClubHyjal-US90
14Dyrimar Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US89
14Fleewood Minions IncHyjal-US89
14Spikespiegel Apex GamersHyjal-US89
14Sataynia AshesHyjal-US89
18Euryale Advent FuryHyjal-US88
18Oryz  Hyjal-US88Not updated
20Krynsa AshesHyjal-US87
20Elbbarcs  Hyjal-US87Not updated
22Psychomaster Aphotic SoulsHyjal-US85Not updated
22Belldande DrivenHyjal-US85Not updated
24Zim Thundering LegionHyjal-US84
24Tewa Dark SkiesHyjal-US84
26Iamtpi Post ApocalypseHyjal-US83
26Todesblatt Lucky CharmsHyjal-US83
28Xenthu Death By DesignHyjal-US82
28Simsalabim AcheronHyjal-US82
30Wormwart Dark SkiesHyjal-US81
30Cedon Death By DesignHyjal-US81
30Mikio ElysiumHyjal-US81
30Fnmoo  Hyjal-US81Not updated
34Lonerarchon TFHyjal-US80
34Phenom NomadHyjal-US80
34Zakazul Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US80
34Ayleck AshesHyjal-US80
34Taraxist Nightmare of DecemvirateHyjal-US80
34Guttershot Koopa CorpsHyjal-US80Not updated
40Merilwen Death By DesignHyjal-US79
40Brontolith Minions IncHyjal-US79
40Amalthea DefianceHyjal-US79Not updated
43Judah TFHyjal-US78Not updated
43Ilovewaffles BasedHyjal-US78
43Luachra Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US78
43Cheerinchika  Hyjal-US78Not updated
43Fleshmaggot Squirrel LegionHyjal-US78
48Sokie Advent FuryHyjal-US77
48Tokim NorthHyjal-US77
48Chubtohd CatalystHyjal-US77
48Pepperiny  Hyjal-US77
48Cryptoskunks Nightmare of DecemvirateHyjal-US77
48Shadowglòòm UnderguildHyjal-US77Not updated
48Lisinha We Might Be GiantsHyjal-US77
48Golan The CompanyHyjal-US77
48Sindayne  Hyjal-US77Not updated
48Ziezzerkein  Hyjal-US77Not updated
58Evelynn CliqueHyjal-US76
58Melodious Random PlaylistHyjal-US76
58Kidamï Provisional SinHyjal-US76
58Faythful In Vino VeritasHyjal-US76Not updated
58Taamas Last CallHyjal-US76
58Momotan SeaghynHyjal-US76
58Isothiel The CompanyHyjal-US76
58Cheesecake Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US76
66Bizz In Vino VeritasHyjal-US75
66Daemia DrivenHyjal-US75
66Skarhead Post ApocalypseHyjal-US75
66Toiletfat CatalystHyjal-US75
66Hiwire Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US75
66Ravsx MisanthropesHyjal-US75
66Kelari TrialandErrorHyjal-US75Not updated
66Pookachu Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US75

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