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Hydraxis-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Haelor Dragons of TiamatHydraxis-US88
2Marlarius The StonecuttersHydraxis-US75
2Animalius Dragons of TiamatHydraxis-US75
2Devilspartne OpusXHydraxis-US75Not updated
5Apotheosis Eviction NoticeHydraxis-US72Not updated
6Hammermario Peon CultureHydraxis-US71Not updated
7Mercatia Safe HavenHydraxis-US70Not updated
8Imly Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US69Not updated
9Shivar KaizenHydraxis-US68
9Mistryl The Phoenix GuardHydraxis-US68
9Celdin Off Brand GuildHydraxis-US68Not updated
9Ahon RepgrindHydraxis-US68Not updated
13Dregov  Hydraxis-US66Not updated
14Vëda KaizenHydraxis-US65
14Cellular Eviction NoticeHydraxis-US65Not updated
16Bellator Out of ExileHydraxis-US64Not updated
17Dracen Out of ExileHydraxis-US63Not updated
17Pelli Socially IneptHydraxis-US63Not updated
17Graffix Eviction NoticeHydraxis-US63Not updated
20Chainfeel  Hydraxis-US62Not updated
20Mastatank  Hydraxis-US62Not updated
22Azuril Free SoulsHydraxis-US60
22Selsica Eternal SolaceHydraxis-US60
22Karakuri Hellions of HalaaHydraxis-US60Not updated
22Disconnected Socially IneptHydraxis-US60Not updated
22Sunshine Peon CultureHydraxis-US60Not updated
27Gruyere Out of ExileHydraxis-US59
27Gaskelmarg KaizenHydraxis-US59
27Gnomana Protective OrderHydraxis-US59Not updated
27Stormswill RetributionHydraxis-US59
27Oskuah Socially IneptHydraxis-US59Not updated
27Myrandä  Hydraxis-US59Not updated
33Decimate UNSHACKLEDHydraxis-US58
33Sillynuggets Milk and BloodHydraxis-US58Not updated
33Partegos  Hydraxis-US58Not updated
36Mistrogers Out of ExileHydraxis-US57
36Boomstique Safe HavenHydraxis-US57
36Bolden Falling Into EternityHydraxis-US57
36Megaflåre Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US57Not updated
36Prncssleafa The Red ArmyHydraxis-US57Not updated
36Asphalt UNSHACKLEDHydraxis-US57Not updated
42Zultank Out of ExileHydraxis-US56
42Tealteal OrderbyChaosHydraxis-US56
42Twinspirit Out of ExileHydraxis-US56
42Sevarious Soulfire TribeHydraxis-US56
42Eventide Better Than YouHydraxis-US56
42Solonius ORIONHydraxis-US56Not updated
42Krieggeist The Phoenix GuardHydraxis-US56Not updated
42Keljuvan DebonairHydraxis-US56Not updated
42Chennai A Good GuildHydraxis-US56Not updated
42Cahill Royal Highland GuardHydraxis-US56Not updated
42Picante Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US56Not updated
53Nubley Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US55
53Bulljuice VampedHydraxis-US55
53Setsu Red ShirtsHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Vaccine OpusXHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Matthest DarkmoorHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Volug Eternal SolaceHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Silicate Knights of Rose CroixHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Syrra Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Missylectric OrderbyChaosHydraxis-US55Not updated
53Bustie  Hydraxis-US55Not updated
63Kobayn Divine RetributionHydraxis-US54
63Sukasa Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US54Not updated
63Tisugly Peon CultureHydraxis-US54Not updated
63Bev  Hydraxis-US54Not updated
63Mardin  Hydraxis-US54Not updated
68Sylkari Days EndHydraxis-US53
68Atasia the ImpatientHydraxis-US53
68Melindris UnholyLightHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Fallengrace The ConquerorsHydraxis-US53
68Tjshatner Immortal CrusadersHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Zpatty Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US53
68Ferilina Out of ExileHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Salion  Hydraxis-US53Not updated
68Septicsal  Hydraxis-US53Not updated
68Monotony PantheonHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Blueteets SimplifiedHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Spittfire The StonecuttersHydraxis-US53Not updated
68Roxana PantheonHydraxis-US53Not updated
81Titanshot Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US52
81Iconic The StonecuttersHydraxis-US52
81Flashbolt The StonecuttersHydraxis-US52
81Swipul Unified FightersHydraxis-US52
81Judax ORIONHydraxis-US52
81Barleybrew Bored Gamers NetworkHydraxis-US52Not updated
81Mikalena KaizenHydraxis-US52
81Aparker  Hydraxis-US52

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