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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Celzavi Knights of ArathorHellscream-US120Not updated
2Thanamortisa Spite and MaliceHellscream-US111Not updated
3Darkzefiris Spite and MaliceHellscream-US100Not updated
4Primeshock Armored JusticeHellscream-US91Not updated
4Robsta TritonHellscream-US91Not updated
6Huntolyth Spite and MaliceHellscream-US90Not updated
7Lifetapdatas Armored JusticeHellscream-US88Not updated
8Amadia Armored JusticeHellscream-US87Not updated
8Whitesugar Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US87Not updated
8Coffinssr  Hellscream-US87Not updated
11Plutonia Armored JusticeHellscream-US86Not updated
11Klypsafya Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US86Not updated
11Amandine Armored JusticeHellscream-US86Not updated
14Hellhawk Hell IncHellscream-US84Not updated
14Asshi Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US84Not updated
14Illyraid Carebear StareHellscream-US84Not updated
17Fuujin BankaiHellscream-US83Not updated
17Nicka EhrenguardHellscream-US83Not updated
17Vo Spite and MaliceHellscream-US83Not updated
20Babygurrl WarforgedHellscream-US82Not updated
21Apollo Spite and MaliceHellscream-US81Not updated
22Dryden Midnight RisingHellscream-US79Not updated
22Sindawe CausticHellscream-US79Not updated
22Maegistus  Hellscream-US79Not updated
25Baransu Midnight RisingHellscream-US78Not updated
25Foxx Armored JusticeHellscream-US78Not updated
27Uriêl Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US77Not updated
27Tnatisiv  Hellscream-US77Not updated
29Dragonwizard Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US76Not updated
29Hubriskrum  Hellscream-US76Not updated
31Basalt Hell IncHellscream-US75Not updated
31Shivia Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US75Not updated
33Statman Hell IncHellscream-US74Not updated
33Tazsul EntropyHellscream-US74Not updated
33Warningu Death IncarnateHellscream-US74Not updated
33Meepmeep The Brothers GrimmHellscream-US74Not updated
33Juggernuat Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US74Not updated
38Sereda HEY YALLHellscream-US73Not updated
38Smoketh  Hellscream-US73Not updated
38Neuber Wasted YellingHellscream-US73Not updated
41Ksatria HEY YALLHellscream-US72Not updated
41Seediver EntropyHellscream-US72Not updated
41Kalliana Ruthless AggressionHellscream-US72Not updated
44Alcomine Armored JusticeHellscream-US71Not updated
44Fayvalentine Armored JusticeHellscream-US71Not updated
44Muffinz Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US71Not updated
44Maraxius EhrenguardHellscream-US71Not updated
44Nilzun  Hellscream-US71Not updated
44Kylari  Hellscream-US71Not updated
44Kasnaya Cold FusionHellscream-US71Not updated
44Razzb Spite and MaliceHellscream-US71Not updated
52Doomstar Armored JusticeHellscream-US70Not updated
52Caliriya Dedicated FewHellscream-US70Not updated
52Mastrcadaver Booty HuntersHellscream-US70Not updated
52Taynovee Déjà VuHellscream-US70Not updated
52Playswthfire Carebear StareHellscream-US70Not updated
52Olivia Nightmare WalkingHellscream-US70Not updated
58Kalesmora EntropyHellscream-US69Not updated
58Maxinne Hand of FateHellscream-US69Not updated
58Kelyth WarforgedHellscream-US69Not updated
58Lavamancer Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US69Not updated
58Sapheara Armored JusticeHellscream-US69Not updated
58Necrid Knights of ArathorHellscream-US69Not updated
58Tetrarelic  Hellscream-US69Not updated
65Dragoonjack EhrenguardHellscream-US68Not updated
65Kunger Harmony in ChaosHellscream-US68Not updated
65Saplo EhrenguardHellscream-US68Not updated
65Ibuprofen Knights of ArathorHellscream-US68Not updated
69Darkflame Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US67Not updated
69Meritae EntropyHellscream-US67Not updated
69Morgganna BankaiHellscream-US67Not updated
69Althal Notabilis KruorisHellscream-US67Not updated
69Rabbitpunch Guilty PleasureHellscream-US67Not updated
69Karemell WarforgedHellscream-US67Not updated
69Arakis Call of CthulhuHellscream-US67Not updated
69Bubblesoc EntropyHellscream-US67Not updated

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