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Hellfire-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Natez  Hellfire-EU97Not updated
2Sishi DeliriumHellfire-EU92Not updated
3Mcdoogan World of WarHellfire-EU87Not updated
4Fikkles A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU82Not updated
4Kanomi Masters of MayhemHellfire-EU82
6Xetorp Tre LowenHellfire-EU80
7Exbloder A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU79
7Bladerun ImmortalsHellfire-EU79
9Coras Alea iacta estHellfire-EU77
10Lak  Hellfire-EU76Not updated
11Bah LoadingHellfire-EU75Not updated
11Sonoqt DissensionHellfire-EU75
13Etram A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU73Not updated
14Stortz The Death TribeHellfire-EU72Not updated
14Sérgent DannatiHellfire-EU72
14Immortalìs DissensionHellfire-EU72Not updated
14Otra Alea iacta estHellfire-EU72Not updated
18Oxymortisai A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU71
18Ranged Alea iacta estHellfire-EU71
18Biefstukje Ye Olde GitsHellfire-EU71
18Valdremar ValheruHellfire-EU71
18Mardehqt DissensionHellfire-EU71Not updated
23Malfious DeliriumHellfire-EU70Not updated
24Tano The Death TribeHellfire-EU69
24Icecreamed Tre LowenHellfire-EU69
24Rind A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU69
24Bùnny Ne Plus UltraHellfire-EU69Not updated
28Maat A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU68
28Dreamskiller  Hellfire-EU68Not updated
28Ártaxi  Hellfire-EU68Not updated
31Mehdivhe Alea iacta estHellfire-EU67Not updated
31Gussie A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU67Not updated
31Càssie  Hellfire-EU67Not updated
34Falkor A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU66
34Astaras  Hellfire-EU66
34Mattis Alea iacta estHellfire-EU66
34Amilly DissensionHellfire-EU66
34Koxo Night WatchHellfire-EU66Not updated
39Depravity Alea iacta estHellfire-EU65Not updated
39Youkbustion A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU65Not updated
39Kookookachoo  Hellfire-EU65Not updated
39Mcbeefy StashHellfire-EU65Not updated
43Drahcir A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU64
43Aeneas Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU64
43Zerona A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU64Not updated
43Jaximus ValorousHellfire-EU64Not updated
43Quiggley ValheruHellfire-EU64Not updated
48Nestor Rude AwakeningHellfire-EU63
48Verisia Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU63
48Grimgore Winds of CreationHellfire-EU63
51Grasovka EuphoriaHellfire-EU62
51Tpo Tre LowenHellfire-EU62
51Andrélon Creme Egg ProtectorsHellfire-EU62Not updated
51Cyaqt  Hellfire-EU62Not updated
55Castillian Tre LowenHellfire-EU61
55Antoinette ImmortalsHellfire-EU61
55Sareena A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU61
55Drézz A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU61Not updated
55Naava MineHellfire-EU61
55Lisella Creme Egg ProtectorsHellfire-EU61Not updated
55Skylíne The Death TribeHellfire-EU61
55Thenidiel  Hellfire-EU61Not updated
55Adelita And the Smeg HeadsHellfire-EU61
64Collash The Death TribeHellfire-EU60
64Dreadz ImmortalsHellfire-EU60Not updated
64Delusional AbstineHellfire-EU60
64Soni Arte et MarteHellfire-EU60Not updated
64Sterk League of ChampionsHellfire-EU60
64Zhev Winds of CreationHellfire-EU60
64Mavett NetherstormHellfire-EU60Not updated

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