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Gurubashi-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Oddold  Gurubashi-US120
2Basedwizard NotoriousGurubashi-US114Not updated
3Cant Angry DragonGurubashi-US86Not updated
4Silvius Man Bites DogGurubashi-US78Not updated
5Graith MadhouseGurubashi-US74Not updated
6Jazzoi Long NightsGurubashi-US72Not updated
7Crul NotoriousGurubashi-US69
8Mightymite Illicit FuryGurubashi-US68Not updated
9Obáke AestheticGurubashi-US67
10Btbam BLooDTSWeaTTeaRSGurubashi-US66Not updated
11Megoash The FallénGurubashi-US64
11Tilgath  Gurubashi-US64Not updated
13Zorola More bagsGurubashi-US63
13Stayclassy MadhouseGurubashi-US63Not updated
15Littlearchon Reborn in DarknessGurubashi-US62Not updated
15Achievement Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US62Not updated
17Nastetete NotoriousGurubashi-US61Not updated
17Chalks So Nyuh Shi DaeGurubashi-US61Not updated
17Rawkitsurgen MadhouseGurubashi-US61Not updated
20Jinzell NotoriousGurubashi-US60Not updated
20Gorena Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US60Not updated
20Shadowblitzx NotoriousGurubashi-US60Not updated
20Prashanth AestheticGurubashi-US60
20Fuzywuzy ShortHandedGurubashi-US60Not updated
25Kuream  Gurubashi-US59Not updated
25Penpanda Long NightsGurubashi-US59Not updated
25Okage MadhouseGurubashi-US59Not updated
28Wuhan  Gurubashi-US58
28Lustfulsin NotoriousGurubashi-US58Not updated
28Pnemonia  Gurubashi-US58Not updated
31Lamane NotoriousGurubashi-US57
32Satine  Gurubashi-US56Not updated
32Erelah  Gurubashi-US56
34Adma NotoriousGurubashi-US55
34Selanda  Gurubashi-US55Not updated
34Sable MadhouseGurubashi-US55Not updated
37Spook  Gurubashi-US54Not updated
38Hauntedbody NotoriousGurubashi-US53
38Voulinrabah AestheticGurubashi-US53
38Arritz  Gurubashi-US53Not updated
41Aveeon NotoriousGurubashi-US52
41Denagra Long NightsGurubashi-US52Not updated
41Leofm  Gurubashi-US52Not updated
44Shadowbass Man Bites DogGurubashi-US51
44Impala Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US51
44Stikshift NotoriousGurubashi-US51Not updated
44Asteroth ShortHandedGurubashi-US51Not updated
44Ruiness Long NightsGurubashi-US51Not updated
49Hufu Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Bao  Gurubashi-US50Not updated
49Zdeno TrogdorGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Takotree Long NightsGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Keellasti NotoriousGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Michaeldk NotoriousGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Lxs Long NightsGurubashi-US50Not updated
49Twinkletoez  Gurubashi-US50Not updated
57Kaedyn  Gurubashi-US49
57Boiledcold StunLockGurubashi-US49
57Stabnjab DraculsGurubashi-US49Not updated
57Deylilein Sanctum ImperiumGurubashi-US49Not updated
57Blackzinha  Gurubashi-US49Not updated
62Penniwise Virtual HitmenGurubashi-US48
62Korinus Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Judithea StunLockGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Azurite Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Lhikan Minion of ZulGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Kurayaminote AurochsGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Slamdrunk NotoriousGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Vladik ShortHandedGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Kurze ShortHandedGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Supersirloin Burning InfinityGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Moonlyre  Gurubashi-US48Not updated
62Punctrrepair Angry SpecGurubashi-US48Not updated
62Jigo BLooDTSWeaTTeaRSGurubashi-US48Not updated
75Chaud  Gurubashi-US47
75Ìnnkeeper NotoriousGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Edges Long NightsGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Cralan  Gurubashi-US47Not updated
75Yougotshankd Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Wìll Stormwind GuardGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Damdots NotoriousGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Bullmana MadhouseGurubashi-US47Not updated
75Nazuna  Gurubashi-US47Not updated
84Saraphmael BloodBrothersGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Alastair Angry DragonGurubashi-US46
84Ellanova Illicit FuryGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Barauge DeflectionGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Jettfire Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Bloodchops Knights of LeisureGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Skadoosh MadhouseGurubashi-US46
84Lycanthropic Angry DragonGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Kaileen Knights of LeisureGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Uglùk STDSrBOPGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Divinebeef  Gurubashi-US46Not updated
84Bookey  Gurubashi-US46Not updated
84Sibao Long NightsGurubashi-US46Not updated
84Baoliu  Gurubashi-US46Not updated
98Droxx NevermoreGurubashi-US45Not updated
98Rekenji Dogs of WarGurubashi-US45Not updated
98Buell AestheticGurubashi-US45Not updated

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