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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Savannah Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US81Not updated
2Hectar Damage NetworksGul'dan-US77Not updated
2Hunteddowns IniquityGul'dan-US77Not updated
4Envvy ContemptGul'dan-US76Not updated
4Mykana Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US76Not updated
6Noto Damage NetworksGul'dan-US73Not updated
7Viceros ContemptGul'dan-US72Not updated
7Annye Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US72Not updated
9Deadblue Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US69Not updated
9Leomaris ContemptGul'dan-US69Not updated
11Innocênt REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US67Not updated
12Spewz Damage NetworksGul'dan-US66Not updated
13Veryl Scurvy DogsGul'dan-US65Not updated
14Orcrin  Gul'dan-US64Not updated
15Tuprocshakur Damage NetworksGul'dan-US63Not updated
15Aranuat ContemptGul'dan-US63Not updated
15Sanctitty Damage NetworksGul'dan-US63Not updated
15Hemo  Gul'dan-US63Not updated
19Taigesios ContemptGul'dan-US62Not updated
19Huda WarbornGul'dan-US62Not updated
21Katalya Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US61Not updated
21Kevbo Damage NetworksGul'dan-US61Not updated
21Knýl ReviviscenceGul'dan-US61Not updated
24Smashlampjaw Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US60Not updated
24Dizko Damage NetworksGul'dan-US60Not updated
24Noraeria Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US60Not updated
24Paintraín ContemptGul'dan-US60Not updated
24Mintymoo IniquityGul'dan-US60Not updated
29Svtigi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US59Not updated
29Maxxron Damage NetworksGul'dan-US59Not updated
29Scyleryne ContemptGul'dan-US59Not updated
29Fappinwith I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US59Not updated
29Vaara  Gul'dan-US59Not updated
34Pyr Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US58Not updated
34Veggi Damage NetworksGul'dan-US58Not updated
34Grimbeauty  Gul'dan-US58Not updated
34Softcorps Damage NetworksGul'dan-US58Not updated
34Dieuh  Gul'dan-US58Not updated
34Cowtrageous Damage NetworksGul'dan-US58Not updated
40Jaedyn Damage NetworksGul'dan-US57Not updated
40Phen Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US57Not updated
40Jacopo RezurrectedGul'dan-US57Not updated
40Raineathera XemplarsGul'dan-US57Not updated
44Fringe Damage NetworksGul'dan-US56Not updated
44Ziee Damage NetworksGul'dan-US56Not updated
44Serdona Hogans HeroesGul'dan-US56Not updated
47Goober Obire MortemGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Bragennix Damage NetworksGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Ashmyle Scurvy DogsGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Grok Lobster BisqueGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Kruellagh Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Renriss VindicatedGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Worginius Realm of InsanityGul'dan-US55Not updated
47Nìckì Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US55Not updated
55Westvleteren Risen From AshesGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Shylar RezurrectedGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Goombaw Damage and HealingGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Weakling Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Malmström Realm of InsanityGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Feiticeira Damage and HealingGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Lionspleen Die In A Good SpotGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Drclones Cloudy DayGul'dan-US54Not updated
55Extrapolated ContemptGul'dan-US54Not updated
64Roüge ContemptGul'dan-US53Not updated
64Candyarse  Gul'dan-US53Not updated
64Bigeyo IniquityGul'dan-US53Not updated
64Samadac Relaxed AtmosphereGul'dan-US53Not updated
64Xalaeac  Gul'dan-US53Not updated
64Fairyboy Lobster BisqueGul'dan-US53Not updated
64Swoboo  Gul'dan-US53Not updated
71Crooked Damage NetworksGul'dan-US52Not updated

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