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Grim Batol-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ari StellarGrim Batol-EU120Not updated
2Milune PiecesGrim Batol-EU117
3Necro BalanceGrim Batol-EU112
4Xavira DimensionalGrim Batol-EU109
5Beyoncé StellarGrim Batol-EU106
6Chocolates DimensionalGrim Batol-EU103
7Sephyx VanquishersGrim Batol-EU102Not updated
8Iri  Grim Batol-EU101Not updated
9Watta Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU100
9Selnor BalanceGrim Batol-EU100Not updated
11Acejihyo PiecesGrim Batol-EU99
12Soníco Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU98Not updated
12Herraz BalanceGrim Batol-EU98Not updated
14Anoob Butters and CoGrim Batol-EU97Not updated
15Yatch Got IssuesGrim Batol-EU96
16Azzael BalanceGrim Batol-EU95Not updated
16Soniw IllusionGrim Batol-EU95Not updated
18Tiolith DimensionalGrim Batol-EU92
18Minibone Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU92
20Tellon Auction House CrewGrim Batol-EU91
21Flosshatt Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU90
22Myrland Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU89
23Ðaemon imbaGrim Batol-EU88
24Carriefan Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU87Not updated
24Zhay Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU87Not updated
26Jasonstatham Jupiter Mining CorpGrim Batol-EU85
26Khalisix  Grim Batol-EU85Not updated
26Sorryxoxo Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU85Not updated
26Oesoton RabiatGrim Batol-EU85Not updated
30Djingilina BalanceGrim Batol-EU84
30Bollboll  Grim Batol-EU84Not updated
32Meeni PiecesGrim Batol-EU83
32Zooble Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU83
32Marxi Absolutum DominiumGrim Batol-EU83Not updated
32Xogossipgirl RabiatGrim Batol-EU83Not updated
32Revòn Friends with benefitsGrim Batol-EU83
32Arthean AngrenostGrim Batol-EU83
38Kerpi sry cntGrim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Unclephy Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU82
38Shinha  Grim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Hamsie RabiatGrim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Kimjongstyle Project HollywoodGrim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Liliyth BalanceGrim Batol-EU82
38Sunnyláx  Grim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Azzáel BalanceGrim Batol-EU82Not updated
38Wattaish Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU82Not updated
47Deadshot EuroTrashGrim Batol-EU81
47Buétwo qbGrim Batol-EU81
49Lesko PiecesGrim Batol-EU80
49Grizzi BalanceGrim Batol-EU80Not updated
49Sinéad BalanceGrim Batol-EU80Not updated
49Djriptide  Grim Batol-EU80Not updated
49Kunglepper DimensionalGrim Batol-EU80
49Arithalion what is capSLOCKGrim Batol-EU80Not updated
49Buélolxd Project HollywoodGrim Batol-EU80Not updated
49Facerollz  Grim Batol-EU80Not updated
57Blackfan PiecesGrim Batol-EU79
57Teologa  Grim Batol-EU79
57Disslie PiecesGrim Batol-EU79
57Excal BalanceGrim Batol-EU79Not updated
57Vipêr  Grim Batol-EU79Not updated
62Fimble Hall of FameGrim Batol-EU78
62Ailynth MalignancyGrim Batol-EU78Not updated
62Dead  Grim Batol-EU78Not updated
62Zyre Poker StarsGrim Batol-EU78Not updated
62Blackíe RefusionGrim Batol-EU78Not updated
62Conception Dark PathGrim Batol-EU78Not updated
62Kjeksie BalanceGrim Batol-EU78Not updated
69Kolbeinsvik InsomniaGrim Batol-EU77
69Alerhian DimensionalGrim Batol-EU77
69Chipmonklee The ExorcistsGrim Batol-EU77Not updated
69Choices  Grim Batol-EU77Not updated
69Zirari  Grim Batol-EU77Not updated
69Setekorni RefusionGrim Batol-EU77Not updated
69Bearblades Got IssuesGrim Batol-EU77Not updated
69Alilynn  Grim Batol-EU77Not updated
77Parabéllum Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU76
77Blackxdeath KonohaGrim Batol-EU76
77Mindblitz PiecesGrim Batol-EU76
77Kåv Friends with benefitsGrim Batol-EU76
77Sariya BalanceGrim Batol-EU76
77Dárkdoom SentencedGrim Batol-EU76
77Slasler SynergyoGrim Batol-EU76
77Kaikohuru mEIGHTGrim Batol-EU76Not updated
85Vibah DimensionalGrim Batol-EU75
85Nahz Into OblivionGrim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Carebeàr Annoyed And ConfusedGrim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Reckfoul  Grim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Ängelizer Exalted with Super BockGrim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Vanishlol VanquishersGrim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Sstealthh SelectedGrim Batol-EU75Not updated
85Raykou  Grim Batol-EU75Not updated
93Anise PiecesGrim Batol-EU74
93Colaboksen PiecesGrim Batol-EU74
93Keisari Soul Sworn SevenGrim Batol-EU74
93Robertsson Regret GamingGrim Batol-EU74
93Pohtek AtomvinterGrim Batol-EU74Not updated
93Lichrage S a i n t h o o DGrim Batol-EU74Not updated
93Chillex Scandinavian BrotherhoodGrim Batol-EU74Not updated

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