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Greymane-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Gorexarz ExousiaGreymane-US114Not updated
2Vhal The AfflictedGreymane-US96
3Arriuss UnHoly SerenityGreymane-US94
4Runelin SolutionGreymane-US89
4Eisbrecher  Greymane-US89Not updated
6Julise CoreGreymane-US87
6Tetzs The AfflictedGreymane-US87Not updated
8Durahal DespotismGreymane-US86Not updated
9Jnkz DespotismGreymane-US85
9Aelín Kung Fu PandasGreymane-US85Not updated
11Xelriel CoreGreymane-US83
11Raganar CoreGreymane-US83
13Brewzwayne DespotismGreymane-US82
13Supreme WinterborneGreymane-US82Not updated
13Xirt DespotismGreymane-US82
13Tyamat Passive AggressiveGreymane-US82Not updated
17Mikalya SolutionGreymane-US81
17Tilestiv DespotismGreymane-US81
19Denkiteki SolutionGreymane-US80
20Akaiyukii All the Single LadiesGreymane-US78
20Philosophy Harsh GenerationGreymane-US78
22Yapix SolutionGreymane-US77
22Devori DespotismGreymane-US77
22Bacchuus Terrible FriendsGreymane-US77
22Lexifarms Silver DragonsGreymane-US77
22Faelz  Greymane-US77Not updated
27Jeyo SolutionGreymane-US76
27Mantequilla Just PullGreymane-US76Not updated
27Trinady Care Bare StareGreymane-US76
30Birdkiller The Lunatics NetworkGreymane-US75
31Fuzzball SolutionGreymane-US74
31Lidria The AfflictedGreymane-US74Not updated
31Lillylu ColossusGreymane-US74Not updated
31Tsuzuki Council of NineGreymane-US74Not updated
31Poofs WinterborneGreymane-US74Not updated
36Creshendo Council of NineGreymane-US73
36Nedla SinGreymane-US73
36Phoenixðown Council of NineGreymane-US73
39Nerwick SolutionGreymane-US72
39Oxmodius  Greymane-US72
39Moohoolick QuintessenceGreymane-US72Not updated
39Feliias Care Bare StareGreymane-US72Not updated
39Willzyx The AfflictedGreymane-US72Not updated
39Settle DespotismGreymane-US72Not updated
39Omelet  Greymane-US72Not updated
39Faeld  Greymane-US72Not updated
47Theroux CoreGreymane-US71
47Naritan Council of NineGreymane-US71Not updated
47Nazggul MutinyGreymane-US71Not updated
47Faed Just Be ProGreymane-US71Not updated
51Misanth SolutionGreymane-US70
51Snoflaké DespotismGreymane-US70
51Boten  Greymane-US70Not updated
51Subzeroice BrologyGreymane-US70Not updated
51Tde The AfflictedGreymane-US70Not updated
51Cahleesi Organized ChaosGreymane-US70Not updated
57Musicalfate CoreGreymane-US69
57Angrygnome Council of NineGreymane-US69
57Juddok CoreGreymane-US69
57Lysaa CoreGreymane-US69Not updated
57Rompti SolutionGreymane-US69
57Zekay The AfflictedGreymane-US69Not updated
57Botena  Greymane-US69Not updated
57Wtbjunkboxes WinterborneGreymane-US69Not updated
65Iggins DespotismGreymane-US68
65Doda DespotismGreymane-US68
65Khaleana Combat EvolvedGreymane-US68
65Nayta SolutionGreymane-US68
65Adelin Council of NineGreymane-US68Not updated
65Luposhi BaneGreymane-US68Not updated
65Jolaal Shadowmoon ClanGreymane-US68Not updated
65Handsome WaterlooGreymane-US68Not updated
65Candemine Organized ChaosGreymane-US68Not updated
65Vialla Organized ChaosGreymane-US68Not updated
65Derlak PhoenixGreymane-US68Not updated
65Xanthyss  Greymane-US68Not updated
77Blimblam Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US67
77Surveysez MutinyGreymane-US67Not updated
77Zhorod All the Single LadiesGreymane-US67

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