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Gorgonnash-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Qio Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU118
2Berserkpk  Gorgonnash-EU113Not updated
3Bassu UnicGorgonnash-EU111
4Kokoro Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU107
5Finaly SeveredGorgonnash-EU103Not updated
6Lexî UnicGorgonnash-EU101
7Ounda CoreGorgonnash-EU100
8Zauberclown PlageGorgonnash-EU99
9Kazehana UnicGorgonnash-EU97
10Kuhtrapali Dead LinezZGorgonnash-EU96Not updated
11Patrona Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU94
11Amen CoreGorgonnash-EU94Not updated
11Hottewa SeveredGorgonnash-EU94Not updated
11Laina  Gorgonnash-EU94Not updated
15Sprinter CoreGorgonnash-EU93Not updated
15Xanthai HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU93Not updated
17Râgnarok Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU91
17Shyrane Hüter des KinderzimmersGorgonnash-EU91
19Drillx  Gorgonnash-EU90Not updated
19Jarena Night Conquered DayGorgonnash-EU90Not updated
21Abah Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU89Not updated
21Vywen UnicGorgonnash-EU89
23Mady  Gorgonnash-EU88Not updated
23Zulyani UnicGorgonnash-EU88
25Kashumi NCDGorgonnash-EU87Not updated
25Dotaro UnicGorgonnash-EU87
25Pasco  Gorgonnash-EU87Not updated
28Chibimisha Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU86
28Taid Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU86
28Mireiya UnicGorgonnash-EU86
31Kaat Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU85
31Scrachy Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU85
31Gramla Night Conquered DayGorgonnash-EU85Not updated
34Natoth UnicGorgonnash-EU84Not updated
34Foxý conglomerateGorgonnash-EU84Not updated
34Hansjochen CoreGorgonnash-EU84Not updated
37Celin non phixionGorgonnash-EU83Not updated
38Farodîno UnicGorgonnash-EU82Not updated
38Nexli PlageGorgonnash-EU82
38Jéyz  Gorgonnash-EU82Not updated
38Vîni empíreGorgonnash-EU82
42Urmumdotcom Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU81
42Alfrad CoreGorgonnash-EU81Not updated
42Valú  Gorgonnash-EU81Not updated
45Orestes Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU80
45Syrila UnicGorgonnash-EU80
45Yanura  Gorgonnash-EU80Not updated
45Aquo  Gorgonnash-EU80Not updated
49Darkprince Blackrock BouncerGorgonnash-EU79
49Amantus empíreGorgonnash-EU79
49Sagi NCDGorgonnash-EU79Not updated
49Abaasy NCDGorgonnash-EU79
49Morati EnigmaGorgonnash-EU79Not updated
54Seraphië UnicGorgonnash-EU78
55Wyand CoreGorgonnash-EU77
55Starshiné HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU77
55Bestîe UnicGorgonnash-EU77Not updated
55Ardaluc PlageGorgonnash-EU77Not updated
55Lanare  Gorgonnash-EU77Not updated
55Palandt  Gorgonnash-EU77Not updated
55Ichy  Gorgonnash-EU77Not updated
55Cava  Gorgonnash-EU77Not updated
63Vhyn Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU76
63Myrinia Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU76
63Llîane Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU76Not updated
63Nanshi Rest in PiecesGorgonnash-EU76Not updated
67Isanija DeaThGorgonnash-EU75
67Qkami NCDGorgonnash-EU75Not updated
67Lissanna MorgukaiGorgonnash-EU75
67Thyrannia Tales of PastGorgonnash-EU75Not updated
67Sasôri UnicGorgonnash-EU75Not updated
72Arconia Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU74
72Kiwisaft SeveredGorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Eliasop UnicGorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Unbreakâble Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Menris UnicGorgonnash-EU74
72Dysentery Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU74
72Jika GMJDGorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Hulkye  Gorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Isobu Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU74Not updated
72Hainziline  Gorgonnash-EU74Not updated

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