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Gilneas-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Vanas AggressionGilneas-US129
2Bogulol Zero Yard RangeGilneas-US101Not updated
3Aalye Vermicious KnidsGilneas-US98Not updated
4Cires FailsauceGilneas-US94
5Dukat Obsidian OrderGilneas-US89
6Yishana AggressionGilneas-US83
6Lacus ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US83
8Lineah AnonymousGilneas-US79
8Daran Vermicious KnidsGilneas-US79Not updated
10Shauku Obsidian OrderGilneas-US78
10Shuna Axis of Evil DeadGilneas-US78Not updated
12Grave Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US77
12Holyshoe AnonymousGilneas-US77
12Lukpally  Gilneas-US77Not updated
15Galons AggressionGilneas-US76
15Kaztro Obsidian OrderGilneas-US76
17Topshot AggressionGilneas-US74
18Senile Obsidian OrderGilneas-US73
18Galelol AggressionGilneas-US73
18Frick AggressionGilneas-US73
18Jassykins Legends of TristramGilneas-US73
18Xenohart Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US73
18Lorana StormGilneas-US73
24Sliceoflife StormGilneas-US72
24Ladahling EndlessGilneas-US72Not updated
26Dovienya RefugeGilneas-US71Not updated
27Unkept  Gilneas-US70Not updated
28Mystel Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US69
28Tebrewsa From The AshesGilneas-US69
28Zhamfir OmaniGilneas-US69Not updated
31Arukenimon AggressionGilneas-US68
31Darc Better Than YouGilneas-US68
31Lorelei Unnatural SelectionGilneas-US68
31Caaggnome ExtremeGilneas-US68
31Snowyriver EndlessGilneas-US68Not updated
31Kahla Legends of TristramGilneas-US68Not updated
37Nyssa ExcelGilneas-US67Not updated
37Fallingrace CommittedGilneas-US67Not updated
37Zenbender AggressionGilneas-US67
37Kilzac StormGilneas-US67
37Volantas The IlluminåtiGilneas-US67Not updated
37Kittytrainer StormGilneas-US67Not updated
43Darksledge EchoesGilneas-US66
43Ghold StormGilneas-US66
43Suz  Gilneas-US66Not updated
43Dasvidaniya CommittedGilneas-US66Not updated
43Lorein  Gilneas-US66Not updated
43Karalyn From The AshesGilneas-US66Not updated
43Deatharoc End of LegendsGilneas-US66Not updated
43Alteredbeef Axis of Evil DeadGilneas-US66Not updated
51Kupid Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US65Not updated
52Popsicles AggressionGilneas-US64Not updated
52Dimmäk Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US64
52Izzo StormGilneas-US64
52Twidger  Gilneas-US64Not updated
52Magicrabbit Six Inches UnbuffedGilneas-US64Not updated
52Toydoll End of LegendsGilneas-US64Not updated
52Rahurn Dances With WorgsGilneas-US64Not updated
52Adeandariä  Gilneas-US64Not updated
52Kelz StormGilneas-US64
52Alcyoné Obsidian OrderGilneas-US64Not updated
52Tythania ElysianGilneas-US64Not updated
63Wielynn Circus NinjasGilneas-US63
63Jippers Section EightGilneas-US63Not updated
63Halozip Bláck RoseGilneas-US63Not updated
63Ikill ElysianGilneas-US63Not updated
63Soultrade Vanguard of DemiseGilneas-US63Not updated
63Faramos ElysianGilneas-US63Not updated
69Redgars ApathyGilneas-US62
69Korgru End of LegendsGilneas-US62
69Grummy ApathyGilneas-US62
69Neiph Better Than YouGilneas-US62
69Rìna ElysianGilneas-US62
69Quirinus Knights of the RealmGilneas-US62Not updated
69Kamino Zero Yard RangeGilneas-US62Not updated
76Toragore Obsidian OrderGilneas-US61
76Fatbotumgirl Obsidian OrderGilneas-US61
76Nekrolyte AggressionGilneas-US61

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