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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Galakrond-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Babasia EntropyGalakrond-US106Not updated
2Dinglehopper The SyndicateGalakrond-US84Not updated
3Mograine SovereignGalakrond-US83Not updated
4Dratankis Over PoweredGalakrond-US82Not updated
5Execute Deadly JestersGalakrond-US78Not updated
6Zorikune CRY MOARGalakrond-US76Not updated
7Namfoodle PrimarchGalakrond-US72Not updated
8Neovenom Stormwind DefendersGalakrond-US71Not updated
8Tamarins EntropyGalakrond-US71Not updated
8Fluffydoge EntropyGalakrond-US71Not updated
8Greenkeeper AegisGalakrond-US71Not updated
12Kathrandi AegisGalakrond-US70Not updated
12Rachael SolemnGalakrond-US70Not updated
14Márcas Team EliteGalakrond-US68Not updated
14Frostgift  Galakrond-US68Not updated
16Zuv AegisGalakrond-US66Not updated
17Rhaen EnigmáGalakrond-US65Not updated
17Desma MistwalkersGalakrond-US65Not updated
17Goraath Stolen TribeGalakrond-US65Not updated
20Rajia AegisGalakrond-US64Not updated
20Cheesemonkey Blinkin CheeseGalakrond-US64Not updated
20Nytemare MistwalkersGalakrond-US64Not updated
20Willoughby  Galakrond-US64Not updated
24Zenyu AegisGalakrond-US63Not updated
24Negatoon The Last Elite ArmyGalakrond-US63Not updated
26Depravity Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US62Not updated
26Táriel AegisGalakrond-US62Not updated
26Lycaos Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US62Not updated
26Gorophyle Death and DestructionGalakrond-US62Not updated
26Sindeath FractureGalakrond-US62Not updated
26Shaeloisa  Galakrond-US62Not updated
32Stavos Mall CopsGalakrond-US60Not updated
33Legrino DaybreakGalakrond-US59Not updated
33Mayeve EndgameGalakrond-US59Not updated
35Scaarj AegisGalakrond-US58Not updated
35Erinus Til DeathGalakrond-US58Not updated
35Delphan Sea of Myriad RiversGalakrond-US58Not updated
35Lecrino argg ur titles be oursGalakrond-US58Not updated
39Kyris AegisGalakrond-US57Not updated
39Kasia EntropyGalakrond-US57Not updated
39Moonraine Many AsshatsGalakrond-US57Not updated
39Dalten LëgacyGalakrond-US57Not updated
43Eokee  Galakrond-US56Not updated
43Mirnok Til DeathGalakrond-US56Not updated
43Kealan Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US56Not updated
43Ariastark DeliriousGalakrond-US56Not updated
43Electrosnarf argg ur titles be oursGalakrond-US56Not updated
48Tyrik AegisGalakrond-US55Not updated
48Samite AegisGalakrond-US55Not updated
48Daphne AegisGalakrond-US55Not updated
48Valley  Galakrond-US55Not updated
48Copperboom MistwalkersGalakrond-US55Not updated
48Blooeyes  Galakrond-US55Not updated
54Pheonixx  Galakrond-US54Not updated
54Andore The Drunk MonksGalakrond-US54Not updated
54Monkz  Galakrond-US54Not updated
54Sônkz Hazardous DistractionGalakrond-US54Not updated
54Telemakhos  Galakrond-US54Not updated
54Zhargon Sham WoWGalakrond-US54Not updated
60Maliciouskil AegisGalakrond-US53Not updated
60Penypenypeny  Galakrond-US53Not updated
62Selachus AegisGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Issi Calamitous IntentGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Trissy AegisGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Dizáster The SyndicateGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Mordus WaywardGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Corrosion  Galakrond-US52Not updated
62Zoltam Équipe TruiteGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Undeadpho The Hater LegendsGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Stern AegisGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Relm Controlled ChaosGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Natalya AegisGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Gemmel High VoltageGalakrond-US52Not updated
62Unõhana  Galakrond-US52Not updated
62Blankflank  Galakrond-US52Not updated
62Weewoo Army of LightGalakrond-US52Not updated
77Noobadin Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Housebroken Damage IncGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Uthamann Knights Of CamelotGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Idothedamage EntropyGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Gordie Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Pickles Calamitous IntentGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Garpike AegisGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Riverdance Pretentious SnobsGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Sielix Stolen TribeGalakrond-US51Not updated
77Claypool Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US51Not updated

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