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Frostwolf-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Hashtagdead Face with a ViewFrostwolf-US95
2Sìlk The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US86
2Sallyomally LTDFrostwolf-US86Not updated
4Ramsus The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US85
5Slimmjim PrimarchFrostwolf-US84
6Maat WarfareFrostwolf-US83Not updated
7Nelkei IconFrostwolf-US82Not updated
7Skillbomb Shadows of the HordeFrostwolf-US82Not updated
9Nightofdeath LicentiousFrostwolf-US81
10Olimi WarfareFrostwolf-US79
10Scrotow  Frostwolf-US79Not updated
12Lysandere 1upFrostwolf-US78
12Dist World FamousFrostwolf-US78
12Pawmee Shared FateFrostwolf-US78
15Toombs  Frostwolf-US77Not updated
15Atouk RebourneFrostwolf-US77Not updated
17Valleri DecagonFrostwolf-US75
17Crookie  Frostwolf-US75Not updated
17Jakey The Little RascalsFrostwolf-US75
17Satiel Serious BananaFrostwolf-US75
21Autoshotlol Face with a ViewFrostwolf-US74Not updated
21Chocoball Shared FateFrostwolf-US74
21Kalerzhus HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US74Not updated
24Fezik Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US73
25Eppi  Frostwolf-US72
25Slater Large DoveFrostwolf-US72
25Umaddotjpg Large DoveFrostwolf-US72Not updated
25Cutiexoxo Second GenerationFrostwolf-US72Not updated
29Arkona ToFUFrostwolf-US71
29Eepz WarfareFrostwolf-US71Not updated
29Neltharîon Shared FateFrostwolf-US71Not updated
32Nelthariön PrimarchFrostwolf-US70
32Halliday OnyxFrostwolf-US70
34Jayken  Frostwolf-US69
34Dctf RubiconFrostwolf-US69
34Yrmom WarlordsFrostwolf-US69
34Melzas Second GenerationFrostwolf-US69Not updated
34Evanalmighty RebourneFrostwolf-US69Not updated
39Freet  Frostwolf-US68
39Winter PrimarchFrostwolf-US68
39Holybulwark WarfareFrostwolf-US68Not updated
39Noshelter EntityFrostwolf-US68
39Turanga WarfareFrostwolf-US68Not updated
39Sherry Second GenerationFrostwolf-US68Not updated
39Ceejjay WarfareFrostwolf-US68
39Enjoyce GirlsFrostwolf-US68Not updated
39Bynnevanna The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US68Not updated
39Rokkar DepravedFrostwolf-US68Not updated
49Squishses PrimarchFrostwolf-US67
49Beezelsan RubiconFrostwolf-US67
49Cheesehoof Tang DynastyFrostwolf-US67
49Bertram EntityFrostwolf-US67
49Ahding KowloonFrostwolf-US67
49Fizcal Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US67
49Kzk The NephilimFrostwolf-US67Not updated
49Troxism WarfareFrostwolf-US67
49Ktpurry  Frostwolf-US67
49Mullz DemiseFrostwolf-US67Not updated
49Windowlikker WarfareFrostwolf-US67
49Palybotfivek RebourneFrostwolf-US67Not updated
61Dojjie  Frostwolf-US66
61Sunna WarfareFrostwolf-US66
61Teamug Tang DynastyFrostwolf-US66
61Montoya Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US66
61Cayce World FamousFrostwolf-US66
61Haliuakana RebourneFrostwolf-US66Not updated
61Healmeimdyin WarfareFrostwolf-US66
61Whisa Large DoveFrostwolf-US66Not updated
61Tristi Second GenerationFrostwolf-US66Not updated
70Shamsel GnerdsFrostwolf-US65
70Shørtbread Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US65
70Kallamor Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US65Not updated
70Dugan  Frostwolf-US65Not updated
70Punchingdead RebourneFrostwolf-US65Not updated
70Niradna Adamantine of AntiochFrostwolf-US65Not updated
76Iaemil Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US64
76Blackmorgrim VitarisFrostwolf-US64
76Machou FormidableFrostwolf-US64
76Juices Adamantine of AntiochFrostwolf-US64
76Blackmail HasteFrostwolf-US64Not updated
76Rubywolf  Frostwolf-US64Not updated
76Deathturds Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US64Not updated
76Armáni InsidiousFrostwolf-US64Not updated
76Kinslayer Second GenerationFrostwolf-US64Not updated
76Shaidar SerenityFrostwolf-US64Not updated
76Celestine DepravedFrostwolf-US64Not updated
87Kirik VitarisFrostwolf-US63
87Fattygabbiee  Frostwolf-US63Not updated
87Ulgrím 1upFrostwolf-US63
87Iams VitarisFrostwolf-US63
87Blindweaver WarfareFrostwolf-US63
87Squirmy WarfareFrostwolf-US63
87Prettynim WarfareFrostwolf-US63Not updated
87Xêr WarfareFrostwolf-US63
87Ktrya Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US63
87Tezzin Action Psycho SquadFrostwolf-US63

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