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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwhisper-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nathrakh Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU128Not updated
2Shibbx  Frostwhisper-EU120Not updated
3Dangen ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU108Not updated
4Hightelf  Frostwhisper-EU100Not updated
5Taengdj MementoFrostwhisper-EU98Not updated
6Endlessagony RandomizeFrostwhisper-EU96Not updated
7Nsjxx SanitasFrostwhisper-EU95Not updated
8Marioza Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU94Not updated
9Maccý Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU90Not updated
9Mosdef Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU90Not updated
11Paradar MementoFrostwhisper-EU89Not updated
12Arakune Nobody Important DiedFrostwhisper-EU88Not updated
13Ilokunq MementoFrostwhisper-EU87Not updated
14Yól Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU85Not updated
14Orryx MementoFrostwhisper-EU85Not updated
14Kiry  Frostwhisper-EU85Not updated
14Kuls Nerd RageFrostwhisper-EU85Not updated
18Maciver Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU84Not updated
18Hemanse Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU84Not updated
18Shindaah  Frostwhisper-EU84Not updated
18Xindra MalumFrostwhisper-EU84Not updated
22Naerwen Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU83Not updated
22Naquadarr MementoFrostwhisper-EU83Not updated
22Flöär PerpetualFrostwhisper-EU83Not updated
22Djingies  Frostwhisper-EU83Not updated
26Wumba Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU82Not updated
26Rubber VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU82Not updated
26Khalad  Frostwhisper-EU82Not updated
26Pricklypoppy DesolateFrostwhisper-EU82Not updated
30Keric Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU81Not updated
30Cràsh  Frostwhisper-EU81Not updated
32Dannywaus VanquishFrostwhisper-EU80Not updated
33Crazy Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Faizan Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Percyfoul VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Kermamunkki ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Mortanus HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Lirisu I BurnFrostwhisper-EU79Not updated
33Wumpax  Frostwhisper-EU79Not updated
40Qoobu Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU78Not updated
40Normia Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU78Not updated
40Tomkap Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU78Not updated
43Marik VanquishFrostwhisper-EU77Not updated
43Zicoo Kroppan KillersFrostwhisper-EU77Not updated
43Villipala ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU77Not updated
43Yvaíne Unholy Lords of AzerothFrostwhisper-EU77Not updated
43Zezuz To the skyFrostwhisper-EU77Not updated
48Kekefini PääesikuntaFrostwhisper-EU76Not updated
48Vangelder PääesikuntaFrostwhisper-EU76Not updated
48Pumbar Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU76Not updated
48Iickit Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU76Not updated
48Delima RaptumFrostwhisper-EU76Not updated
53Nasíne Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Teuraslahna ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Tuholainen ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Zxurke MalumFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Arascape  Frostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Rageoff UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Chavez The Scarlet CrusadeFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
53Swamzo Frozen DesireFrostwhisper-EU75Not updated
61Emla Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
61Jinseru SmartCasualFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
61Locopasta DelusionsFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
61Itchi VanquishFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
61Pappabjornen Hunters of MenFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
61Entto VanquishFrostwhisper-EU74Not updated
67Smixelii MementoFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Myjazz Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Almeshamm AnkhFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Mithriel DominateFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Aylya Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Elderan  Frostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Ryota Nobody Important DiedFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Canopus Karhun KaatajatFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
67Stonedform Defenders of MotherEarthFrostwhisper-EU73Not updated
76Skyela VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Maageklatten Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Serrei We never finish anythFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Unilelu Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Qooby  Frostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Garena RescueFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Krogor We never finish anythFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Ishóck  Frostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Skyqqe The Happy HordeFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Líonizer  Frostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Mcloven HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU72Not updated
76Shroomie  Frostwhisper-EU72Not updated
88Renegader VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU71Not updated
88Thazzle SanitasFrostwhisper-EU71Not updated
88Hamán RescueFrostwhisper-EU71Not updated
88Sugo Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU71Not updated
88Doolez Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU71Not updated

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