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Frostmourne-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Hewte Suit UpFrostmourne-US121
2Luminarc FateFrostmourne-US119
3Phaeron GlobalFrostmourne-US112
4Rng StormwindFrostmourne-US111
5Mesmerizee  Frostmourne-US108Not updated
6Svenbear Cagen and FriendsFrostmourne-US104
7Blawk HonestlyFrostmourne-US102
7Ashentaari For Crits N GigglesFrostmourne-US102
9Xploit AvastFrostmourne-US101
9Sinshady VoodooFrostmourne-US101
9Rhythm FateFrostmourne-US101
12Forest  Frostmourne-US100Not updated
13Evarya PanadolFrostmourne-US99
13Yprot GigantorFrostmourne-US99
15Telenna GigantorFrostmourne-US98
15Sunde TwelveFrostmourne-US98
17Serbear DecimateFrostmourne-US97
18Alex Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US95
19Deff PanadolFrostmourne-US94
19Arret AvastFrostmourne-US94
19Qaria AvastFrostmourne-US94
19Cherisu FateFrostmourne-US94
19Wooloo DysfunctionalFrostmourne-US94
24Evanijr RaviFrostmourne-US93
25Booze AvastFrostmourne-US92
25Esoterickk AvastFrostmourne-US92
25Evali RaviFrostmourne-US92
25Fòrèst  Frostmourne-US92Not updated
29Deathcandy SeverityFrostmourne-US91
29Gabriellus TheCWMFrostmourne-US91
29Beäver over the hillFrostmourne-US91
32Pokmonk AvastFrostmourne-US90
33Faketan SuperStarsFrostmourne-US89
34Choice AvastFrostmourne-US88
34Shana  Frostmourne-US88
34Kolzi IntentFrostmourne-US88
34Scrippage  Frostmourne-US88Not updated
38Benny IDCFrostmourne-US87
38Bamahut  Frostmourne-US87
38Mukfus BenedictionFrostmourne-US87
38Charliemvp  Frostmourne-US87Not updated
42Mephisston Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US86
42Baledred Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US86
42Arkhàn Debauchery Tea PartyFrostmourne-US86Not updated
42Sharnya BaconFrostmourne-US86Not updated
42Balnaeco  Frostmourne-US86Not updated
47Peoneer SchattenjàgerFrostmourne-US85Not updated
47Tìmdìng Supreme DefianceFrostmourne-US85Not updated
49Necronno VisionFrostmourne-US83Not updated
49Tinreaper Eternal RequiemFrostmourne-US83Not updated
49Archaosangel YuvaFrostmourne-US83
49Deathlegend Channel VFrostmourne-US83
49Akova Primal ScreamFrostmourne-US83Not updated
54Isilrà FateFrostmourne-US82
54Pawuu No ExcusesFrostmourne-US82
54Shmiles Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US82
54Naught SyncFrostmourne-US82
54Logarr Depth EncoreFrostmourne-US82
54Falconarrow over the hillFrostmourne-US82
54Purrty WöwkemonFrostmourne-US82Not updated
54Mës  Frostmourne-US82Not updated
62Krondormi FateFrostmourne-US81
62Generated Necessary EvilFrostmourne-US81
62Fookar MythsFrostmourne-US81
62Gharl FrenzyFrostmourne-US81
62Elcius  Frostmourne-US81
62Obor Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US81
62Madisonscott HonestlyFrostmourne-US81
62Mimb GigantorFrostmourne-US81Not updated
62Luxeh BloodthirstyFrostmourne-US81
71Yunaqt AvastFrostmourne-US80
71Lógan Epic RaidersFrostmourne-US80Not updated
71Eggsampler HonestlyFrostmourne-US80Not updated
71Zèry FrenzyFrostmourne-US80
71Irolest The CabalFrostmourne-US80
71Gahzkhunt Catalyst EliteFrostmourne-US80Not updated
71Thatguy Jibber JabberFrostmourne-US80Not updated
71Brightx AvastFrostmourne-US80

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