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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Tenjina  Frostmourne-EU102Not updated
2Loreda GambitFrostmourne-EU100Not updated
3Gotchy  Frostmourne-EU89Not updated
3Elessia  Frostmourne-EU89Not updated
3Ihaspet  Frostmourne-EU89Not updated
6Xêl Reisbällchen IncFrostmourne-EU86Not updated
6Drauka greeNFrostmourne-EU86Not updated
8Darigaaz MagellanFrostmourne-EU85Not updated
8Kamilia KnackarschpiratenFrostmourne-EU85Not updated
10Asenna  Frostmourne-EU83Not updated
11Ut  Frostmourne-EU82Not updated
11Jinsu WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU82Not updated
11Sheyra  Frostmourne-EU82Not updated
14Saymynamê GambitFrostmourne-EU81Not updated
14Eramine GambitFrostmourne-EU81Not updated
16Stilgar Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU80Not updated
16Mindorb SoulboundFrostmourne-EU80Not updated
18Zakkudruzer  Frostmourne-EU79Not updated
19Lylia Spirits of EluneFrostmourne-EU78Not updated
19Tysha GambitFrostmourne-EU78Not updated
21Snotlinia WombatsFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Jaques  Frostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Cryogenic GambitFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Cowterize BangarangFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Bilous ConclusionFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Zallea KaltmacherFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
21Preneyter ImpressiveFrostmourne-EU77Not updated
28Bämdabär  Frostmourne-EU76Not updated
28Nasuka Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU76Not updated
28Kayomi GambitFrostmourne-EU76Not updated
28Anther Last SénseFrostmourne-EU76Not updated
32Ganima  Frostmourne-EU74Not updated
32Dext  Frostmourne-EU74Not updated
32Bronin GambitFrostmourne-EU74Not updated
35Corracted  Frostmourne-EU73Not updated
35Zeetox  Frostmourne-EU73Not updated
37Atiani MagellanFrostmourne-EU72Not updated
37Superflu vortexFrostmourne-EU72Not updated
37Gwenyver FOXFrostmourne-EU72Not updated
37Teiga EnîgmaFrostmourne-EU72Not updated
37Abigâil Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU72Not updated
42Takayo Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Malady imbalancedFrostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Ihope vortexFrostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Ninka Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Ryns  Frostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Glibbor  Frostmourne-EU71Not updated
42Pyr WombatsFrostmourne-EU71Not updated
49Hjakón EradicateFrostmourne-EU70Not updated
49Görner Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU70Not updated
49Matzii BeWaterMyFriendFrostmourne-EU70Not updated
49Stormcrusher  Frostmourne-EU70Not updated
53Maia Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU69Not updated
53Sedef Orden der DämmerungFrostmourne-EU69Not updated
53Apophis  Frostmourne-EU69Not updated
53Manaphy KaltmacherFrostmourne-EU69Not updated
53Hippo MagellanFrostmourne-EU69Not updated
58Muhanja AsurasFrostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Razz Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Maydan easyFrostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Sarine ResurrectionFrostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Cändy Frostmourne HordeFrostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Nenus  Frostmourne-EU68Not updated
58Zeina  Frostmourne-EU68Not updated
65Kätzchen MagellanFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Turtok MagellanFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Parida Casuals at WorkFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Rhayn Dämonen der NachtFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Thompsov Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Polin Reiter der dunklen MachtFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Halsey  Frostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Corvyn  Frostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Neischa  Frostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Fyrlefanz Der abgebrannte KreuzzugFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Martie  Frostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Menthu Casuals at WorkFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
65Aravis inPanicFrostmourne-EU67Not updated
78Inmoshami Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Siles InfernoFrostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Zoán  Frostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Lurâ SWAG MODE ENGAGEDFrostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Anduilos EnîgmaFrostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Linmar  Frostmourne-EU66Not updated
78Sarmora inPanicFrostmourne-EU66Not updated
85Leonii WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Stahl TaikorFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Bigfloppa ExpelledFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Pumpanickel Brothers in ArmsFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Irontje vortexFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Gorefang  Frostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Clinxo FOXFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Bullý  Frostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Zoryan OmenFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Lamia inPanicFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
85Lamora Casuals at WorkFrostmourne-EU65Not updated
96Enzalie  Frostmourne-EU64Not updated
96Kronox GambitFrostmourne-EU64Not updated
96Crano  Frostmourne-EU64Not updated
96Maiyo  Frostmourne-EU64Not updated
100Mutombo InfernoFrostmourne-EU63Not updated

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