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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Dwarfstar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU114Not updated
1Saaky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU114Not updated
3Vimtu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU111Not updated
4Sildor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU101Not updated
5Littletøe Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU87Not updated
6Rolnics Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU84Not updated
6Crystalèye Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU84Not updated
8Hátefull Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU83Not updated
9Coldgrave Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU81Not updated
9Partyzan Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU81Not updated
11Aról Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU78Not updated
11Maiia Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU78Not updated
11Longbeard Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU78Not updated
14Cute Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU77Not updated
15Patryko Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU76Not updated
16Hemme Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU74Not updated
17Zaytoven Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU73Not updated
18Frah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU72Not updated
18Kelami Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU72Not updated
18Zennie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU72Not updated
18Creomortis Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU72Not updated
22Sidé Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU71Not updated
22Kalimist Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU71Not updated
24Frumping Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU70Not updated
25Tommyw Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU69Not updated
25Githlum Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU69Not updated
27Spacenandy Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU68Not updated
28Lillienne Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU67Not updated
28Quendorsof Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU67Not updated
30Neogeo Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU66Not updated
30Sikor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU66Not updated
32Féster Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU64Not updated
32Mcmkiller Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU64Not updated
34Memrach Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU63Not updated
34Yeba Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU63Not updated
36Neske Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU62Not updated
36Huffo Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU62Not updated
36Lèto Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU62Not updated
36Assista Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU62Not updated
36Azulexi Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU62Not updated
41Cfel Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU61Not updated
42Sylvestrah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU60Not updated
42Yokke Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU60Not updated
42Irisa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU60Not updated
42Golthar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU60Not updated
46Atreiu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU59Not updated
46Brummyhair Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU59Not updated
46Saitheus Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU59Not updated
49Rozpruwaczka Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU58Not updated
49Sonipt Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU58Not updated
51Cass Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU56Not updated
51Rakhal Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU56Not updated
51Magemunk Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU56Not updated
54Prietty Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU55Not updated
54Sylvain Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU55Not updated
54Rohirim Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU55Not updated
57Kalleredface Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU54Not updated
57Redfield Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU54Not updated
57Lexikat Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU54Not updated
60Shadea Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU52Not updated
60Monorï Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU52Not updated
60Múffins Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU52Not updated
60Custos Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU52Not updated
64Ryuura Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU51Not updated
64Hav Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU51Not updated
64Haylex Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU51Not updated
64Níbbs Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU51Not updated
68Flanky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU50Not updated
68Hayzabono Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU50Not updated
68Djshockwavex Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU50Not updated
71Baeran Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU49Not updated
71Mewsa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU49Not updated
73Raggarvalle Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU48Not updated
73Elsa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU48Not updated
75Proklinjac Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU47Not updated
75Almostfinn Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU47Not updated
77Enira Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU46Not updated
78Painmaizter Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45Not updated
78Ovidie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45Not updated
78Aïmee Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45Not updated
78Freelancer Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45Not updated
78Venax Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45Not updated
83Chiwen Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44Not updated
83Inoptical Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44Not updated
85Fpt Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU43Not updated
85Neddey Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU43Not updated
85Carrelia Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU43Not updated
88Degvr Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42Not updated
88Yohanas Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42Not updated
88Boras Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42Not updated
88Shockforce Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42Not updated
88Zador Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42Not updated
93Quan Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
93Spoq Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
93Ixasu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
93Welshcake Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
93Vedien Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
93Ayugi Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41Not updated
99Lydus Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU40Not updated
99Deadly Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU40Not updated

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