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Frostmane-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Eskala Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU75Not updated
2Wtfbaby Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU70Not updated
3Amazonka Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU59Not updated
4Tulla Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU58
5Ketania Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU54Not updated
6Midzz Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU53
7Heatonn Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU50Not updated
7Mourné Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU50Not updated
9Crorix Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU49Not updated
10Fatcat Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU46Not updated
11Grond Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU45
12Miamaja Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU44Not updated
13Blacktiger Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU43
13Esetria Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU43Not updated
13Saraya Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU43Not updated
16Muur Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU42Not updated
16Antena Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU42Not updated
16Recombobula Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU42Not updated
19Aetheria Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU41
19Iradi Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU41Not updated
19Frígg Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU41Not updated
19Kororo Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU41Not updated
23Jënë Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU40
24Plinky Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU39
24Ulmir Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU39Not updated
26Shamba Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU38
27Warlang Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU37Not updated
27Jahar Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU37Not updated
27Shilindria Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU37Not updated
27Safsox Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU37Not updated
31Djqtpieyolo Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU36
31Messiér Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU36Not updated
31Ilquaz Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU36Not updated
34Andzelina Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU35Not updated
34Janney Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU35Not updated
34Ídun Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU35Not updated
37Illusìon Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU34Not updated
38Luqpi Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU33Not updated
38Ellefar Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU33
38Spegepølse Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU33Not updated
41Dersuuzala Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU31Not updated
41Zinyah Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU31
41Sondrestar Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU31Not updated
44Batota Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU29
44Stormscream Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU29Not updated
44Foby Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU29Not updated
44Stormshout Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU29Not updated
48Zallaw Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU28Not updated
48Stefmaister Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU28Not updated
50Paulmare Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU27Not updated
50Sensiflex Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU27
52Gily Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU26Not updated
53Shigemi Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU25Not updated
53Petny Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU25
53Freyá Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU25Not updated
56Nedreck Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU23Not updated
56Gilessa Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU23Not updated
58Bloodylee Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU21Not updated
58Gilissen Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU21Not updated
60Nelee Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU20
60Kãyla Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU20
60Venó Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU20Not updated
60Zulfer Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU20Not updated
60Prestitute Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU20Not updated
65Aqulasia Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU19Not updated
65Liöra Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU19Not updated
65Reservplinge Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU19Not updated
68Guldann Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU18Not updated
69Roadfury Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU17Not updated
70Touchitute Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU16
70Asmith Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU16Not updated
70Xjj Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU16Not updated
73Ssmexy Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU15
73Pjetny Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU15Not updated
73Zeara Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU15Not updated
76Yoshikazu Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU14
76Nodzz Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU14Not updated
78Burrat Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU12Not updated
78Sanarion Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU12Not updated
80Whispx Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU11Not updated
81Kyncho Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU10
82Xoxzo Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU7Not updated
83Mynon Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU6Not updated
84Nepsterr Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU5Not updated
84Imayer Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU5Not updated
86Caala Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU4Not updated
87Helaa Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU1Not updated
88Dragonmare Holy WarriorsFrostmane-EU0Not updated

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