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Frostmane-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Amame SolaceFrostmane-EU141
2Chezie TurboFrostmane-EU125
3Menthr TurboFrostmane-EU122
3Indes ContingentFrostmane-EU122Not updated
5Lullejh  Frostmane-EU120
6Daxster Somewhere I BelongFrostmane-EU119
6Eluen  Frostmane-EU119
8Dwarfstar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU114
8Hibye SecurityFrostmane-EU114
10Iremi SecurityFrostmane-EU112
11Saaky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU109
12Tarasin ImmersionFrostmane-EU108
12Rathyy Blood PressureFrostmane-EU108
12Nathaliaz Nineteen Forty FiveFrostmane-EU108
15Truth ImmersionFrostmane-EU107
15Ecology GoodGameFrostmane-EU107
15Vimtu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU107
15Tanietwo TurboFrostmane-EU107
19Janussan ImmersionFrostmane-EU103
20Thràin SecurityFrostmane-EU102
20Weylin ImmersionFrostmane-EU102
22Dêlay SecurityFrostmane-EU101
22Márta  Frostmane-EU101Not updated
24Sildor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU100
25Keba SecurityFrostmane-EU99
25Pandawhipped  Frostmane-EU99Not updated
27Rónya ImmersionFrostmane-EU98
27Shugg  Frostmane-EU98Not updated
29Redfern ImmersionFrostmane-EU97
30Zelynra ImmersionFrostmane-EU96
30Keoren ImmersionFrostmane-EU96
32Elfeeh SecurityFrostmane-EU95Not updated
33Savi SecurityFrostmane-EU94Not updated
33Qruzxd ImmersionFrostmane-EU94Not updated
33Furlust SecurityFrostmane-EU94
33Inzight Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU94
37Moonie DaemonicusFrostmane-EU93
37Profanta  Frostmane-EU93Not updated
39Mangi GoodGameFrostmane-EU92
39Fishbøne PoontahFrostmane-EU92
41Fjeenzystyle SecurityFrostmane-EU91
42Revennant ImmersionFrostmane-EU90
42Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU90
42Skedarr ImmersionFrostmane-EU90
45Drondark GoodGameFrostmane-EU89
45Yuliana GoodGameFrostmane-EU89Not updated
45Magrathea Non PhixionFrostmane-EU89
45Daijizaiten SecurityFrostmane-EU89
49Vistalól SecurityFrostmane-EU88Not updated
49Holmquist ImmersionFrostmane-EU88
49Makky ImmersionFrostmane-EU88
49Mirà ImmersionFrostmane-EU88
49Myzraèl RebellionFrostmane-EU88
49Avage IterumFrostmane-EU88
49Kjempefin  Frostmane-EU88Not updated
49Eiija  Frostmane-EU88Not updated
49Chaloo  Frostmane-EU88Not updated
58Zeeyx GoodGameFrostmane-EU87Not updated
58Blatrix Ashes to AshesFrostmane-EU87Not updated
60Metaz ImmersionFrostmane-EU86
60Krunky SecurityFrostmane-EU86
60Littletøe Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU86
60Macks IneptFrostmane-EU86
60Dewin IneptFrostmane-EU86
60Lanmeh SecurityFrostmane-EU86
60Ironrage StyleFrostmane-EU86
60Hydrat StyleFrostmane-EU86Not updated
60Geryana  Frostmane-EU86Not updated
69Córvus IneptFrostmane-EU85
69Alltima GoodGameFrostmane-EU85
69Neeka Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU85
69Elyva ImmersionFrostmane-EU85
69Galore GoodGameFrostmane-EU85Not updated
69Barkie O S S C OFrostmane-EU85Not updated
69Nyliee ImmersionFrostmane-EU85Not updated
76Mamzelle MercifulFrostmane-EU84
76Rajven DaemonicusFrostmane-EU84
76Reserv GoodGameFrostmane-EU84Not updated
76Therer  Frostmane-EU84Not updated
76Jerkeo  Frostmane-EU84Not updated
76Mudda Filthy GamingFrostmane-EU84Not updated
76Heero  Frostmane-EU84Not updated
76Jannas ImmersionFrostmane-EU84Not updated
84Dream  Frostmane-EU83Not updated
84Medemonn ValkyrieFrostmane-EU83
84Donashton ValkyrieFrostmane-EU83
84Velvetgeisha AnVFrostmane-EU83
84Salyn ImmersionFrostmane-EU83

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